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28 July 2015

kawerongo rorohiko o te Manganui papahuka retireti


Welcome to Issue of 73 Manganui Notes, the eNewsletter of Manganui Ski Area and SMC...

We now have a new website and with it a new way of delivering the eNewletter. We will bcc an email to all members, from our email address, with a link to this page on our website. Also, we'll post a link for the latest issue on our Facebook page as we have done to date. This will advise SMC members, plus all those who follow us on Facebook (currently over 2000!)

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el Nino, what will it bring? Patience, that the season will kick into life in the North Island! 

It has already well and truly down south, with fantastic snow bases and winter conditions. Ruapehu's base is building nicely, like our local. A late start to the N.I season once more, but truly underway now...Winter is here!...In this issue...

  • GOINGS ON' - Opening Day Thursday 25 June, New T-bar catcher in action, Ski/Board Buy/Sell/Swap review, Opening Period 10-14 July
  • SNIPPETS OF INTEREST/ADVERTORIALS - Taranaki Ski Hire, Mt Mangaweka Heli Park
  • FEATURE ARTICLE - PQ and his Snowmaking Vision for Manganui
  • PHOTO OF THE ISSUE - Samuel snowball throw


Opening Day Thursday 25 June 

click the above Update Blog for a quick review of our Opening Day for 2015. 

New T-bar catcher in action 

The new tbar catcher how we all like to see it - covered in white! 

the catcher doing its job on Opening Day; another T retracting and safely on its journey around the top bull wheel.
Big thanks to Timberco for providing timber towards the working bee project.

Ski/Board Buy/Sell/Swap review

Numbers were lower this year than previous years. But there was a good steady flow of people through and lots of new faces! All of the tables were full of goods for sale, and some stuff went within minutes. Having the EFTPOS machine for taking door entry payments and subs payments was excellent - and it is clear that this evening is also the time that members pay their subs. 
Also we signed up some new members on the night, which is great! 
I'd like to pass on my thanks to all the volunteers who helped out on the night but especially those committee members who assisted with collecting subs and signing up new members, and a special mention to Clive Saleman (whose birthday it was on the night!) for preparation, set up and ensuring again that the night went smoothly, and also his family who helped out during the night. He never lets us down! 

Chana Perry 

 Opening Period 10-14 July

click the above Update Blog for a quick review of our opening period 10-14 July


Morgan Davies, SMC Secretary, loads on the tbar for another run, July 19.


the below events have yet to be held, snow and weather permitting we are optimistic we can host them this school term...

The TSSSA Taranaki Secondary Schools Ski & Snowboarding Championship

 Click here to view event info on our website

Taranaki Primary & Intermediate Schools Ski & Snowboarding Championship

Click here to view event info on our website 


Welcome ...

Hi SMC members and to the new families that have just joined our mountain club.

Lucky for there's no excuse for saying that we did not get a chance to get up the hill. Loads of snow days over the last 3 weeks have delivered continuous open days with all lifts operating, and some opportunities during the school holidays.

We were so close to getting the school ski and board champs going, but unfortunately this didn't happen due to the high winds stripping the great cover a few days before Term 3 started. Disappointed, but we are ready to go when conditions are right.

On Saturday 11th of July we had one of our biggest days in years!!  It was full-on so a big thanks to all who helped out to make the ski field run as efficiently as possible.

Once again, a huge thank you to David from Timber Co for supporting our club by providing timber materials, which have now been used to build our new T catcher at the top of the T-Bar. The small team of builders did a fine job rebuilding it. 

Make the most of the next snow falls and lets hope this will be a cracker of a season!!


Rhys Williams  
President SMC




Your SMC committee is currently working on:
- new staff uniforms (2) 
- scope for major funding project - tbar drive and fox tower
- lodge maintenance, canteen maintenance
- t-bar general in season mainenance
- POS system general upgrades
- security camera at Plateau car park
- Manganui Lodge building Wof
- platter lift investigation, to replace the learners tow

All Committee meeting minutes are posted on our website; check out our
tag on our website, to see what we are up to...

click here to view our latest Committee Meeting Minutes, on our website


Off Field Ski & Snowboard/Boot Hire: Taranaki Ski Hire, 
Pembroke Road, Stratford (on the way to the ski area)  ph 027 526 6447.

Kiwi Outdoors has sold their rental business, and it has been taken over by Taranaki Ski Hire. They are located just as you hit the city limits travelling towards the ski area on Pembroke Road, in Stratford.

Taranaki Ski Hire's Boots and Snowboards

and their fleet of Skis

Mt. Mangaweka Heli Park  

fancy some heli-skiing 4hrs drive away from New Plymouth? This is it! Get a group of 6, shell out some cash, and you're shredding fresh tracks in the North Island!

p.s. SMC Snow Safety Services Convenor Todd Cations-Velvin is a current heli-guide for this operation...

Mt Mangaweka Heli Park operates from Teone Farm, 1691 Kawhatau Valley Road, RD7, Mangaweka.

The Ruahine State Forest Park is over 94,000 hectares of varied terrain. Mt Mangaweka Heli Park operates from Te-One Farm, 20km from SH1 and our Department of Conservation concession allows access to approximately 25000 hectares of terrain including the Hikurangi, Whanahuia, Ruahine and Mokai Patea Ranges. 
The terrain is easily accessible with good snow coverage during the winter season.


Mt Mangaweka Heli Park looks forward to guiding you from the summit of Mt Mangaweka for a 1000ft vertical descent each run. This exhilarating and unique experience will leave you captivated for years to come.

RATE – 10 runs (approx). 
$1450 per person* 
$1400 per person* for Mt Ruapehu Season and Life pass holders. 
*A minimum of 6 persons apply to fly. 

Fully qualified guides. 1:3/4 ratio. 
All safety equipment. 
A minimum of 4 hours round trip, condition dependent.


An injury free day is a perfect day and Mt Mangaweka Heli Park takes all necessary steps to ensure your safety. We operate in terrain that demands planning and preparation. Mt Mangaweka Heli Park will always reserve the right to postpone or withdraw a planned expedition should there be any unmanageable risk to any participant. 

Guides. Every expedition will be accompanied by a minimum of 2 guides. The head guide holds Avalanche Safety Management Stage 2 training and qualification recognised by the Mountain Council of Safety and subsequent guides hold at least a qualification of Avalanche Safety Management Stage 1. 

Ability. For an enjoyable and safe day you need to be an Intermediate to Advanced skier or snowboarder. Should you think that your skill level might not quite make the cut, contact Mt Mangaweka Heli Park to discuss alternative options.

Waiver. You will need to complete a Waiver before you leave base. They are available on arrival at the Mt Mangaweka Heli Park/ Teone Farm. 

Helicopter: Mt Mangaweka Heli Park operation in conjunction with Rangitikei Helicopters Ltd flying a McDonnell Douglas 520 Notar Helicopter. Simon Werthmuller from Rangitikei Helicopters Ltd is our pilot. 

Pilots. Simon has extensive local knowledge and experience flying in the Ruahine State Forest Park. 

Snow report and weather:
 Mt Mangaweka Heli Park follows weather forecasts closely. Our guides are trained in avalanche hazard evaluation and snow conditions. We only fly when the conditions are safe and the intended terrain is assessed before we leave base. 

Equipment: You will need to bring all your ski and snowboarding equipment (soft and hardware). All safety equipment is provided.


P: 06 382 5517 OR 021 026 71982  


PQ and his Snowmaking Vision for Manganui 

Peter Quinn has been talking of the possibility of snowmaking on Manganui Ski Area for some time.

He has installed a data-logger at the ski area, that will log temperature/humidity/dewpoint values for the next 5 seasons. Part of a feasibility to see if Manganui has consistent conditions suitable for snow making.
So what is required? 
The basic plan is a system of 6-7 snow guns, which would produce snow whales that could be groomed and pushed around to where they are required.  Obviously groomers need snow to run on, so the groomer would be starting on a base of snow and creating a base from there.

The cost? Lots! However these days 2nd hand systems are abundant.
The challenges? - plenty!

- DoC consent for large storage lake, and reticulation of the snow making pipe system
- Cost
- on mountain Staff to run the snowmaking system 


the site here PQ proposes would be suitable for a snow making lake - below the Manganui Lodge

Another view of the flat swampy area below the Manganui Lodge; that is the Lodge roof in the centre of the picture

...quite large, about 2/3 the size of a rugby field


Samuel Needham, Opening Day 2015. 
image courtesy of Charlotte Curd, Fairfax Media

more snow is on the way; here's hoping we get going again shortly, and can host those Naki Schools Ski/Board Champs as well!

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