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12 November 2015

kawerongo rorohiko o te Manganui papahuka retireti
(electronic newsletter of the Manganui Ski Field)


Welcome to Issue of 74 Manganui Notes, the eNewsletter of Manganui Ski Area and SMC...

So it's a wrap, on another decent snow season here at Manganui (and Ruapehu and South Island if you managed to get there too).

It's also a wrap for this editors' stint as SMC Newsletter editor...the enthusiasm and time available has deminished from when I first stepped into the e-newsletter role back in 2006 , so some 74 issues later, it is time to pass on to an-other!

The SMC Committee has great capability and balance right now, it has motivated and passionate people sitting at the Committee table. Long may it continue and I am sure it will. SMC's future is in good hands.

We are still working through email notification of this e-newsletter; the last tweak required on this new website project, and in time it will be resolved.For now we will post a link to this blog e-newsletter on Facebook, and it will be prominent on the website homepage as well.

We've had some image gallery issues as well, and are working on a fix for those. The new website and webcams combo upgrade has been a great improvement. A big 'nga mihi' goes out to the George Mason Trust for their contribution to the new webcams! 

el Nino, what did it bring? A great season in the North Island once it roared into life in the July School Holidays!   

Now it's summer time, time for the local water sports, golf courses, bike rides, MTB...whatever wets your whistle in the summer...

In this issue...

  • GOINGS ON' -  2015 AGM Wed 2nd Dec NP Boardriders Beach St Fitzroy NP; Working Bees earlier start in 2016; 2015 Season review...
  • JUNIOR SKI RACING AND TRAINING - Pri/Int and Sec Ski/Board Champs review
  • SNIPPETS OF INTEREST/ADVERTORIALS - ski helmet with goggle
  • FEATURE ARTICLE - summer job in Hokkaido (better be quick you ski instructors!)
  • PHOTO OF THE ISSUE - the world's biggest sun dial


2015 AGM Wed 2nd Dec 7pm NP Boardriders Beach St Fitzroy NP

we need your attendance! In the last few years we have struggled for a quorum. We understand that a no show from our members means a show of confidence in how the committee is going, but to get some issues through we need that quorum! If you can spare the time it would be great to have your attendance. The Boardriders bar will be open from 7pm; so come and have a beer and listen to our 2015 financial year review (it's all good!)


New Plymouth Surfriders Club 1 Beach Street



SMC draft 2015 accounts.pdf

Honorary Surgeons
Honorary Solicitor

Upper Lifts
Racing & Training

6. GENERAL BUSINESS Committee Restructure

  • General: 
    - reduction of the committee down to a more manageable 12 (currently 14)

want to join the SMC Committee?
We Need YOU!  
download the nomination form below - be in quick; nominations close 18 November.
(If no written nominations received, then positions are able to be voted on 'from the floor')


Working Bees earlier start in 2016

At the final committee meeting for 2015 the committee decided it will be better to get the working bees underway in mid-Feb, when the weather is warmer and the days are longer.  So Sunday Feb 14 is when they will kick off for 2016. We have plenty of projects lined up, and we will issue a working bee schedule in the new year.
Some of these projects include:
- Manganui Lodge new 2nd oven install, new 2nd fridge install, removal of pantry for more cubby storage,  
- lining of all Manganui Lodge entrance walls with ply, for durability especially carrying ski/board gear 

Participation in working bees gets you ability to purchase a discounted season pass, as well as a working bee ticket. This ticket be exchanged for a lift pass, or accommodation at the Manganui Lodge, should you already hold an SMC season pass [working bee ticket is valid till the opening day of the following season].

Working bees are required to be completed by 31 May to qualify for the 'discounted' season pass rate, otherwise full price season pass rate applies. 1 member working bee still qualifies for 1 free nights accommodation at SMC Lodge, or 1 free days skiing, whichever you chose.

 2015 Season Review

Well, this season was another, similar to 2014 (and 2013 for that matter!) where if your timing was right, or if you committed to getting to the mountain after a promising snowfall, you were in luck! We had some great t-bar and top tow days, with plenty of days available mid week and even weekends. We were fortunate that the field was managed by a variety of part-timers, with usual Mountain Manager Brooke off on sick leave for some of the operational days. Thanks to those who stepped up to fill the void temporarily. We had wonderful canteen staff from Cristina Davies to Leanne Telfer (in fact the Telfers were a great help this season!). And lots of happy days were had. 
The Manganui Lodge was well utilised especially by families, and with that in mind we are going to upgrade the kitchen facilities so they can cater better for a crowd of families (new 2nd oven, new 2nd fridge, removal of pantry and addition of more storage cubbys). We have installed a 2nd microwave, so with these improvements hopefully meal times are more efficient and less waiting.

The Naki Pri/Int and Sec Schools ski/board champs were once again able to be hosted at Manganui, and 2 great days with lots of participants and some great action (and a day off school!). All the trophies were given out, and with these now being held at the respective winners schools, they will be easier to manage for the following champs.

With money in the bank, your committe has committed to spending some on vital t-bar components that require replacing - t-bar spring box rope clamps. 2/3 of these have been replaced, and this is an opportunity to replace the last 20 or so that we have jumped on.

With another surplus SMC is in a good financial position to weather some future lean seasons, which we have been lucky lately that we have not had to endure. However you only have to remember back to 2007 and 2010 seasons, to be reminded we are really at the mercy of nature here.

Also our next major project as the last part of the lower lifts refurbishment; the t-bar drive refurbishment and the fox tower replacement; has been delayed this summer, but will be continued into 2016 with a view to summer of 2016-2017 as the likely project timeframe.

With this delay, we have another project being fundraised and scoped; Manganui Lodge and Warwick Brown security and access upgrade. 

10-14 July - School Holidays Opening Period

Sunday 19 July - windgroomed

Thursday 25 June - Opening Day   

ah the sites you see...the award of the year for brightest outfit (and hairyest legs!) at Manganui this season!


Taranaki Primary/Intermediate Ski/Board Champs, Tuesday 11 August 

Images - TSSSA Seconday Schools Ski/Board Champs, Wednesay 12 August

Results - TSSSA Seconday Schools Ski/Board Champs, Wednesay 12 August

click the above webpage links for the articles on the events we were able to hold this season


Wow where did 2015 go?
For me Mt Taranaki delivered for 6 days in July when it counted. I hope it worked out good for you as well.
This season from late June to the start of October saw the T-bar and top tow open over weekends and school holidays and as always, a great achievement getting the school ski and board champs done with new champs crowned.
Operating revenue was from mostly non-member ski pass and cafe takings but the majority of our income comes from you, the club members, and I'd like to thank you all for your continued financial support. The end result is a little bit more money in the bank to help fund this summer's working bee projects and have a bit available for insurance if we have a bad operating season.
I would also like to thank our SMC committee members, paid staff and volunteers for their efforts during the season - a great job done by all!! It has been a challenge running the club from overseas but it works, there is no I in TEAM.
We are holding the SMC Annual General Meeting on 2 December, check out our FB page and website for full details. All members are welcome to attend. Committee members are elected via a nomination process. If you would like to enquire about becoming a committee member, please contact our Club Secretary, Morgan Davies.
Thank you all again for ensuring the continued operation of our awesome asset - Taranaki's only ski field!!!


Rhys Williams   
President SMC




Your SMC committee is currently working on: 
- new staff uniforms (2)  
- scope for major funding project - tbar drive and fox tower (pushed out to 2016)
- security and access system upgrade, scope and funding applications
- POS system general upgrades 
- security camera at Plateau car park - on-going
- Manganui Lodge building wof  
- new printer/scanner for operations room
- scope for learners tow replacement

All Committee meeting minutes are posted on our website; check out our 
tag on our website, to see what we are up to...


anyone interested in a ski-goggle helmet demo?

we do get bombarded here at skitaranaki with Chinese manufacturers of all things ski industry related; from maintenance fittings to lift systems and snow is a sample...


Ski helmet with goggle/AU-S01/Aurora


Dear Sir,
Thank you for your time to read this email.This is Irene from Aurora, the helmet supplier.
We are writting to introduce our new model AU-S01 ski helmet with goggle and CE EN 1077 certification. Please check the helmet picture and contact us if you are interested in it.
If you need a sample for evaluation,we can send to you within 24 hours.
Waiting for your positive reply.



Club Med Hokkaido calling...   

 and here is another one of our interesting items from SMC inward correspondence...

Dear Taranaki,

I hope that this email finds you well.

We are happy to inform you that we have commenced our recruitment drive for both ski and snowboard instructors for our wonderful resort in Hokkaido Japan for this year. Please find attached an invitation letter and also a flyer that we would be appreciates you posting on your job board. Also, we have also attached a booklet to tell you a bit more about our resort in Japan.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any additional questions or concerns.

We are looking forward to receiving some excellent applications from you.

Kind Regards, 

Ingrid Bauer

Human Resources Coordinator

Level 6, 227 Elizabeth Street 
Sydney, NSW 2000 Australia


The world's biggest sun dial? late afternoon view you are sometimes blessed with as you depart after another memorable session at Manganui Ski Area.
pic thanks Rhys Williams

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