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05 April 2016

kawerongo rorohiko o te Manganui papahuka retireti
(electronic newsletter of the Manganui Ski Field)


Welcome to Issue of 75 Manganui Notes, the eNewsletter of Manganui Ski Area and SMC...

As the days become shorter, we all start to think about the local hill at our doorsteps... so inside this issue catch up on what the committee have been up to, in preparation for what will hopefully be a great season ahead. 

But before then, have a read, sort your New Membership ID's and also make the most of the very warm sea temperature for April!

In this issue...

  • SKI SWAP - 26th MAY


Every second sunday for the months of April & May, we have scheduled working bees... 

3rd & 17th - April 
1st, 15th & 29th - May

The SAFETY TRAINING DAY is set for the 29th May, this is a great way to refresh your knowledge of the ski fields emergency equipment, in order to provide assistance during the ski season. Please come along and find out about Medivacs, CPR, Broken Bones, Trauma, etc...

Standard terms apply: 
- 2 attendances are required for discounted season passes
- A working bee ticket can be cashed in for Accommodation or as a Lift Pass

2016 Working Bee Schedule



Contact Numbers

Working Bee tasks

17 April

Rhys Williams

Kent Needham

Rob Needs

027 4539627

027 5368774

027 2702932

Top Tow maintenance

T-Bar Shoot

Repaint Warwick Brown Basement

T-bar mowing

1 May

Jack Cran

Rhys Williams

027 4318137

027 4539627

Webcams and IT

T-bar mowing

T-Bar Shoot

Top Tow/Access Tow maintenance 

15 May

Nick Farquhar

Rob Needs

Michelle Ellis

021 2736938

027 2702932

021 646110

T-bar mowing

Spring clean lodge

T-Bar Catcher Finished

T-bar spring boxes out,

29 May

Jenni Fletcher

Morgan Davies

Rhys Williams

027 4886645

027 3466155

027 4539627


Ski Patrol prep/maintenance

Tidy up Patrol Room

Learners Tow out

Top Tow Safety Fence maintenance

Canteen Preparation

6 June (Queen's 



Supported by the TSB Community Trust

The TSB Community Trust has recently provided the Stratford Mountain Club with a grant to allow for a fully intergrated Membership ID system, with full remote access to the field's assets.

What does this mean for Club Members, you might ask???

  • The Managanui Lodge will be 24/7 swipe card access.
  • Greater security of the members assets with the lodge, this is achieved through a Gallagher Cardax system on the lodge and other buildings on the field.
  • The Manganui Lodge will no longer be able to be left unintentionally unlocked (it happens frequently, leaving the SMC Committee to rectify the issue after the Chubb call out).
  • All Club Members will receive a New Membership ID Card in the coming months, this RFID card will allow access the lodge and other buildings that are deemed necessary by the committee. 
  • The ID Card will also prove as your Financial Membership/Season Pass, hence these will need to be swiped at the Canteen/Ticket Office to prove that you are a Paid Member to the operator.
  • If annual subscriptions are unpaid, access to the lodge and discount skiing will be deactivated until paid.

What do we need from you??

Passport sized photos

  • 35 x 45mm JPEG file sent through to:
  • Pleasename each file with first and last name for all family members
  • Please also include your current postal address
  • Please resize photos (Max 2MB)
  • They don't have to be a professional photo

Technically Challenged??

Please attend the Ski Swap and we will have a production line set up:

26th May at the New Plymouth Yacht club (details below)

Without your Membership Card, you will not gain entry to the Manganui Lodge or receive discounted skiing/season pass.





Yes!!! The start of autumn is here and winter is close behind – hopefully. Let’s hope the weather gurus are wrong and we get loads strong, cold systems with heaps of powder days.

The forecasters have been spot on with the intense rain bombs hitting our mountain over the last few months. These have caused damage in two areas, the road access track to the fox and the head of the gorge track.

We have just had the road access track re-metalled and the drains cleaned out, which should control any further damage and wash outs. The other issue at the head of the gorge affects all of us.

The track now redirects us down a steeper slope to the base of the gorge valley, with a 30m walk up the valley to the existing track on the ski field side. DOC has built this as a temporary fix until they can design and complete a permanent new access track. We will monitor and manage the track when the field is open with control measures so that it is safer to pass through. But we will require your help to pass through the area quickly, not loitering in that zone as it is an avalanche path. Also, keep away from the vertical bank when going past it.

As soon as you drive up to the mountain plateau carpark, you are entering an area full of hazards. Please take care and know your limits.

Now for some good news. We have been successful in a grant application for our club security upgrade which has been mentioned already in this newsletter.

Working bees are in full progress with our new format of every second week being an early success. Last week we had great turn out to help sort out all our pre-season jobs. Remember, working bee attendance get you discounts on your season pass.

We have cleaned out the lodge ski room and have taped up all the skis and around the nose of the snowboards that are not in lockers and left against the walls down stairs. We will find out in a year’s time if they have been used if the tape has been removed. At that time, those still taped up will be removed from the lodge to the city and photos placed on our web site for the owners to come collect. Any not collected will be sold at next year’s ski swap with the money raised going to the ski racing committee.

If you have been using a SMC locker over the last few years and it has been missed from your subs, please let us know if you want to keep it as it might be handed onto a new renter with your locker belongings turfed out.

Hope to see you up the hill when the snow arrives! Remember it doesn’t last long, so take advantage when we get it – make sure you get up there. A bad snow day must be better than any day at work.


Rhys Williams
SMC President


Your SMC committee is currently working on:   

- New Membership ID Card/Security System

- Working Bees

- Scope for major funding project - tbar drive and fox tower (pushed out to 2016)  

- POS system upgrade

- Security camera at Plateau car park - on-going 

- Manganui Lodge building wof   



Well we all have seen the Taranaki Daily News article today (Thursday 7th April), DOC's spokesperson has some daming comments made about the state of the track and lack of use for the ski season. This is news has been sensationalised by the paper and the SMC Committee are working with DOC to come up with solutions. Ultimately speaking there are no new hazards in the foot of the gorge, so it all comes down to management of the track,

Watch this space, the SMC Committee, through working bees will do everything it can, to achieve operations in 2016!!!


House exchange to Canada

Every 2 years, we go skiing in Canada for 2 months. We save up our holidays, and have arranged with our employers to take them, all in one go. We are fortunate to be set up to do house and car exchanges in Fernie, in British Columbia. This came about through people we met in Fernie, many years ago, who were non skiers, but keen golfers. Golf is relatively cheap in NZ and with about 20 golf courses within an hours drive of New Plymouth, makes it a very attractive destination, for them.

We like to leave on Christmas Day to optimise using the public holidays for skiing. We typically do a road trip to explore other resorts for a week or so, before meeting up with our house exchange friends, prior to their departure for NZ.

Staying in one place for most of the holiday makes it more affordable, by buying an early bird season pass, rather than day tickets, when you travel from resort to resort.

We have successfully done 5 house exchanges now, with 3 different couples. The secret is being straight up and honest and helping the other couple to have the best time in NZ, by sharing your local knowledge.

Small ski towns have close knit communities, so if you go the extra mile and leave a good impression, your reputation soon spreads. We already have our next house exchange organised for 2017/2018.

Below Left: The 2015 Buick Enclave, that we were lucky enough to get the use of. || Below Right: Iain at Whitewater.


A lush looking Top Tow, this tussock line has slow been increasing up the Top Tow.

Picture Credit: Rhys Williams

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