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Swipe Card Policy

04 June 2016


As a member of the Stratford Mountain Club (SMC), your new ID Card incorporates your Membership and Season Pass status; it also features your access to the SMC facilities. The facilities will be locked 24/7 (even during operations), therefore you will need your ID Card on you when at the ski area.

Adult SMC members are assigned to Zone 4 and Children, Zone 5; further zones have been determined for the likes of: life members, Top Tow operators and active volunteers. If clarification is required, the Canteen Operator can scan your ID Card and notify you of your Access Zone. Furthermore, clarification or request for increased privileges can be made to the request will be processed at the committee’s discretion.

1 Access All Areas (Lodge 24/7, Warwick Brown, Top Tow & Groomer Room)
2 Lodge 24/7, Warwick Brown, Top Tow
3 Lodge 24/7, Warwick Brown


24/7 Access to the lodge (Disarm and Arm the building)



Day use of the lodge entry only (The lodge will need to be unlocked prior to access)

As a member of the Stratford Mountain Club, you accept the follow conditions:

  • The ID Card is assigned to you, and must not be shared.
  • You respect the operations, procedures and facilities that are property of SMC.
  • You take responsibility in securing the lodge and the assets.
  • Your ID Card is carried on you at all times.
  • Your ID Card will automatically deactivate on the 31st May of the following year, unless subscriptions are paid.
  • Your ID Card is to be scanned by the Canteen Operator, to determine you current Membership/Season Pass status.

The SMC Committee has the right to deactivate your ID Card, if breaches occur.


Entry:  Doors can be unlocked via a single ID Card swipe over the reader.
Exit: Doors are exited via the green push button at the door.
Disarming:  As per entry, a single ID Card swipe will disarm the buildings and unlock the door.
Arming: All windows and doors are to be closed, non-essential mains switched off. 
Double swipe your ID Card against any door reader to arm all buildings.
Top Tow: If someone opens the Top Tow (outside of T-Bar operating days) and leaves early, they must ensure that there is a handover to another Zone 1 or 2 member who is trained and experienced. Furthermore they must adhere to all reporting requirements as detailed in the logbook. The Top Tow front door is still padlocked, however the engine room door requires a Zone 1 or 2 swipe card.

In event of an emergency or alarm issues, please contact Morgan 027 3466155 or

Rob 027 2702932 where remote access will be made to rectify the issue.

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