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SMC Committee

Rhys Williams


Rhys Williams

back in Aotearoa, a desert fox in Abu Dabi last season...

m 027 4539627

Jack Cran

Vice President

Jack Cran

passion for the top tow and keeping snowsports alive in the Naki

m 027 4318137

Meg Williams


Meg Williams

Works at BDO

m 027 741 8145

Morgan Davies


Morgan Davies

website, enewsletter, funding, secretary

m 027 3466155

Todd Cations-Velvin

Snow Safety Services Convenor

Todd Cations-Velvin

Avalanche Monitoring program, Level 2

m 027 6634014

Safety Services Convenor

Jenni Fletcher

Safety (accident treatment/evac), experienced Medic

m 027 4449475

Rob Needs

Lodge Convenor

Rob Needs

Lodge bookings, and the new webcams and POS system, Outdoor Guru

m 027 2702932

Christian Padrutt


Christian Padrutt

Swiss so loves altitude; machinery maintenance; tbar mowing

m 027 6926366

Mario Padrutt

Lower Lifts

Mario Padrutt

Swiss so loves altitude; tbar, flying fox and learners lifts

m 027 2700115

Dean Raven

Upper Lifts

Dean Raven

all things top tow, new rope and maintenance his latest projects

m 022 6819469

Nicky Farquhar

Buildings, Maintenance

Nicky Farquhar

Lodges maintenance guru

m 021 02736938

Kent Needham

Ticketing Convenor

Kent Needham

POS systems, security systems, top electrician/tec

m 027 5368774

Sam Dixon

Racing & Training

Sam Dixon

Convening the Naki Pri/Int & Sec Schools Champs, and ski swap

m 0212203639

SMC Honours Board 


David Thatcher Trophy (Outstanding Service Award)  
Leanne and Murray Telfer 2018
Jenni & Brooke Fletcher 2017
Christian Padrutt & Mario Padrutt 2014
Justin Keenan 2013
Jenni & Brooke Fletcher 2009
Joyce Beale Silver Medal  
Justin Keenan 2009
Life Members Elected  

Jackie Cran and Dennis Cran(τ); Justin Keenan


Jenni & Brooke Fletcher


Brian Velvin 2014
Iain & Merlene Wilson 2014
Berta & Keith Anderson 2007
Senior Womens Ski Champion  
Christina Binsbergen 2011
Christina Binsbergen 2008

Senior Mens Ski Champion


Manuel Padrutt

Todd Cations-Velvin 2008

SMC Management Committee/Club Officers


POSITION                                                                                       YEAR
Rhys Williams 2012- 
Kev Rowlands 2010-2011
Chris Burr 2008-2009
Keith Plummer 2004-2007
Vice President  
Jack Cran 2012- 
Rhys Williams 2006-2011
Morgan Davies 2012-
Mark Braddock 2008-2012
Anny Luty 2005-2007
Meg Williams 2018-
Michelle Ellis 2014-2017

Dean Raven


Gerald Hood


Chris Burr



Chris Burr 2011-
Bob Stokes 1995-2010

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New Zealand

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