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Previous Issues:
Issue 1 - 28 March 2007

ISSUE 2            WEDNESDAY 11 APRIL 2007 ....

Well, the current climate is still mild but winter is around the corner. Cold weather is predicted on Friday, with snow possible to 1000m on Mt. Taranaki; 800m on Ruapehu by Friday evening, clearing Saturday morning. There's nothing like a dusting on the mountain to get everyone keen to get sliding again.

This time next year we are more than likely to have just lost daylight saving; Summer will seem longer but the transition from autumn to winter will seem fast for sure!

In this issue:

Contact Us:
06-759 9943 bus
06-752 7697 a/h


Contact Us:
06-757 9880
New Plymouth


Proud to be supporting the Stratford Mountain Club.

Buying or selling Real Estate, call Clive Saleman AREINZ

06-758 7113 b/h
06-752 7140 a/h
027-290 6636 m


GOINGS ON’ Around the Manganui Ski Area Manganui WebCam now operational

The webcam is now up and running for 2007. This is provided by
We have had it sent off, tested and reinstalled, so it should provide good service for this coming season.

To view the WebCam check out:

The NEW SMC Website

Still on target for launch this Sunday. Look out for it at Your feedback is most welcome. Note that anybody interested in Manganui Ski Area news can subscribe to this e-newsletter by simply registering as a user on the new website. It is not intended to be restricted to members only so please pass it on to friends/family and get them to register! If you have received this e-newsletter then you will automatically be registered on the new site.

2007 Subs/Season Passes

Invoices for 2007 Subs and Season Passes are due to be mailed out this Friday. If you have not received by Friday April 20th please contact:
Dirk Schmidt-Rittershaus on 752 7488

SMC Junior Ski Racing and Training Ski Swap

The SMC Ski Swap is set for Thursday 17th May 6pm at the New Plymouth Yacht Club, Ngamotu Beach New Plymouth. $10 for Sellers. This year we are asking for a gold coin donation from all who attend. All proceeds from the evening go to the SMC Junior Ski Racing and Training program, its main fundraiser for the season.

For further details contact:
Clive Saleman on 752 7140, m 027-290 6636.

This will also be the last chance to purchase your season passes at the normal rate. Payment can be made on the night.

Swipe Card System

Lodge swipe cards are available for $20 to SMC members. Please contact:
Rhys Williams on 753 9627


Another 10 aluminium full length lockers are being mobilised for the 2007 season. Currently all other lockers are taken. If you would like to go on the waiting list for a locker contact:
Rhys Williams on 753 9627

Lodge Security

Please remember to ensure the lodge is locked properly on leaving. The alarm can be activated with unlocked doors. So ‘hand checking’ each door is locked is essential before setting the alarm.

NZ Alpine Club–Taranaki Branch presents Norman Hardie QSO, author, mountaineer

(Taranaki Alpine Club have asked to pass this on)
May 10th 7:30pm RNZ Blind Foundation Rooms -131 Vivian St, New Plymouth, $5
Deputy leader of the party and one of the 4 summit team of first ascent of Kangchenjunga.
Norman will speak about the Kangenchenjunga and Silver Hut expeditions, and will be promoting his latest book “On My Own Two Feet”.

Avalanche Awareness Course

This is the NZ Mountain Safety Council Avalanche Awareness course. Offered subject to numbers, this course starts in the classroom and then moves out onto the mountain.

Avalanche Awareness courses are for skiers, snowboarders and climbers, and provide a first step to gaining an appreciation of the avalanche phenomenon and what is needed to make decisions about personal safety when travelling in avalanche terrain. The Avalanche Awareness course involves both a lecture and a field day and covers:

  • Mountain weather
  • Identification of avalanche terrain
  • Basic route finding and decision making
  • Companion rescue
  • Safety equipment (including use of transceivers)

The course is to be held  locally, with Todd Cations-Velvin the instructor. SMC are keen to have as many members as we can doing the course (actually a requirement of our Ski Area Safety Plan).

For an expression of interest in the next course and further course details, contact Todd Cations-Velvin on 021-704 014, e-mail

Mountain House Motor Lodge

Taranaki's Swiss Alpine Restaurant and Accommodation

Contact Us:
0800 Mountain
0800-66 86 82
06-765 6100
Pembroke Rd, Stratford






Our annual maintenance schedule is now well underway.

If you are keen in assisting in one of the scheduled working bees contact the organisers below or just turn up on the day.




Working Bee

March 4 Mark Braddock Ben- Plummer Butt 7527039 7527050 As per list in lodge
March 18 Phil Powell Brett Manning 7527039 7527050 As per list in lodge
March 25 Karl Lapwood Rhys Williams    
April 1 Chris Burr 7578668  
April 15 Dirk Schmidt-Rittershaus Lars Binsbergen 7527488 7524424 Lodge inside maintenance as per list
April 22 Brooke Fletcher Chris Burr 7588879 7578668 General lower field clean up and Top Tow fences and come back trails
April 29 Mario Padrutt Mitchell Dyer 7550236 7513927 Put T’s on T-Bar, learners tow out, service T-Bar, check Skidoo/Groomer
May 6 Todd Velvin   Warwick Brown Building & Ski Patrol
May 13 Chris Burr Dave Smithers 7578668 7527728 Set up & stock Canteen gorge track, drains and general work


Schedule repeats until work completed    

Participation in one of the scheduled working bees gets you a working bee ticket. This can be exchanged for a lift pass, or accommodation at the Manganui Lodge, should you already hold an SMC season pass [working bee ticket is valid till the opening day of the following season].




The working bees on the Mountain are in full swing every Sunday until the snow arrives its warm and there is general work still to be completed.

We need a crew to define the track at the head of the gorge where last seasons avalanche destroyed everything in its path you will need shovels and a bar to complete this job and there is plenty of material to form a good walking track. You could also take the opportunity to store gravel around the track to use during the winter.

There is also returfing on the T-bar line and on the field to complete over the next few weekends while we still have warmth, timbers have been placed near the eroded areas, they need pegging and planting this slows the run off of water and allows the tussock or grasses to take over.

These are two urgent jobs although there is plenty to do on the top tow and around the lodge staining the outside timber work and generally removing rubbish.

There is a free days skiing (or free nights accommodation at the Manganui Lodge if a season pass holder) for those that attend working bees and as we progress closer to winter we are going to need as much help as possible. The sooner we get the work completed the easier it is going into winter. See you there.

Chris Burr

Upcoming Events…

Sunday 15 April 07- Working Bee
Thursday 17 May 07 - SMC Ski Swap



The SMC committee is dealing with lots of issues at present. Below are just a few issues we are working on…

  • Updating the SMC 10 year plan
  • Reviewing SMC Ski Area Safety Plan audit (Peak Risk), and acting on recommendations for the next audit (due this winter)
  • funding applications for new junior ski racing gates and timing system
  • researching the skidoo replacement
  • Warwick Brown cladding upgrade
  • Getting POS ticketing system running for 2007

Images of 2006…

Snowy access road

Jeremy ('Cowboy'), T-bar

Descent from Mt. Taranaki summit, East Ridge


So what does the 2007 season hold? From

The first half of winter should be the worst, with heavy rain and snow for the SI in second week of June.

The first week of July brings another cold wintry blast. The end of winter in August will be considerably drier. September to October will be the cloudiest period which will mean a warmer spring. In the southern hydro lakes there will be adequate storage levels over winter months.

The worst of SI weather will be about mid June. October will be a bad rain month for the NI, and the top and west of the SI. Severe December weather just before New Years Eve will close year 2007 with some drama.

Stickers customise your snowboard   !!

Now you can customize your own snowboard with the great collection of unique and original stickers created by talented artists.

E-adhesive’s Custom Snowboard Stickers are resistant to extreme temperatures, humidity, scratches and bumps due to the strong glue and special plastification on them.


  • carving/freeride/freestyle
  • length of board from 145cm to 172cm in 1cm increments
  • All custom Snowboard stickers are printed out with a three centimetre margin.

Check out the latest tests and watch the pose of the sticker.

These guys also do stickers for Skateboards and Lap Tops.

Venture Taranaki considers Manganui Air Access Proposal

Venture Taranaki is investigating the idea proposed by local entrepreneur Bruce Litchfield of fixed wing plane access to Mt. Taranaki. Mr Litchfields’ vision is to improve access for all mountain users by creating an airstrip on what is presently the T-bar slope at Manganui Ski Area.

”This is a fundamental shift in mountain accessability, providing light airplane access to the mountain, eliminating the hazards caused by the Manganui Gorge Track to ski area and public users.”

His bold plan involves a relocation of the intermediate slope further down the mountain, relocation of the Manganui Lodge, and land re-alignment on the existing tussock meadow.

Mr Litchfield, an amateur pilot himself, went on to say “This will provide the local tourism industry with a much needed boost. The access could be used year round to deliver the increased numbers of tourists higher up the mountain in relative comfort, with the flight from New Plymouth airport taking only 15 minutes.”

His vision is inspired by the current airstrip at Courchevel 1850, France.

Source NZPA, 01 April 07

Media & Marketing Contacts

If you have a question regarding marketing or press related issues please contact:

SMC Media/Website
Justin Keenan

Contact Us:
ph 06-759 6448 b/h
ph 06 752 7034 a/h
PO Box 3271
New Plymouth

Send Us Your Work

After your visit to Manganui Ski Area, please send us a copy of your finished or any other unused work.  Manganui would appreciate any photos, articles, film/video or other media that you have for our own library and files. 


Is Global Warming Really Happening? Yes.
But it's probably not as simple as that.

Some studies of climate trends over long periods indicate that warming of planet earth follows a cycle.    In this cycle average temperatures around the rise gradually for a few decades then dip back down.    However over the past few centuries the dip has never gone back to what it was before the last rising temperature period began and most recently the rise seems to have accelerated.    
Records of temperature variability show that the last decade of the last century is very likely to have been the warmest during the last 1,000 years. In addition, the IPCC (2001) shows that natural factors alone cannot explain the amount of warming we have experienced during the last century.   A recent study examining the earth's energy imbalance (amount of heat absorbed by the sun versus heat emitted by the planet) proves that human-generated gases (primarily CO2) are the major cause of recent observed warming of 0.7°C (Hansen, 2005). Researchers claim that even if we stopped all greenhouse gas emissions, we have already committed ourselves to another 0.6°C warming (Hansen, 2005).
This is most likely the fastest global temperature increase since the last ice age. Global atmospheric CO2 concentrations are at 3 81 parts per million (ppm), the highest concentration since at least 650,000 years ago. If we continue with business as usual we can expect a further increase to at least 500 ppm within 40 years, which is essentially equal to a doubling of pre-industrial concentrations.
Most experts believe that we have been going through a natural warming cycle for the past 5,000 years.    However t T emperatures have accelerated far more quickly over the past century than previous - a general rise of One Degree Celsius.    This increase has been doubled in the Alps where temperatures have risen two degrees over the past century.
The warming does not mean that all parts of the planet will get warmer straight away uniformly .    Instead complex oceanic and climate patterns established over thousands of years will change which may and lead to some areas getting colder initially as warming currents that have kept them warmer than is normal for their latitude are diverted. In fact, modeled climate projects that demonstrate global warming also show near-term cooling in some areas as a result of altered air and ocean circulation patterns due to warming elsewhere. As you look farther out in projected time even these areas begin to warm.

Where's the Evidence?

There's hard evidence that the world's glaciers are melting away completely (you can go and look for yourself on that one).    In many cases structures erected on the top of ice fields 50, 30 or even 10 years ago are now left tens of metres/dozens of feet above the current ice level.
Sea levels are rising, species are being affected, and humans are impacted. Examples of these can be found around the world from the residents of Tuvalu having to move to higher ground because of sea-level rise to the extinction of golden toads in Costa Rica because of rising temperatures to the death of more than 30,000 in Europe due to heatwaves.
Scientific measurements of average global temperature show that the past decade has been the warmest ever and that the polar ice is melting away.   
Is Global Warming Cause By Mankind's Activities?
There is an international scientific consensus that most of the warming observed over the last 50 years is attributable to human activities (IPCC, 2001; ACIA 2004). While natural climatic variability plays a significant role in global climate by affecting ocean currents and global climatic patterns, scientists have attributed the majority of recent warming with human activities such as burning fossil fuels and land use changes. Consequently, while we are sure that most of the warming during the last century is because of human activities, we do not know exactly how much is attributed to natural variability.
It is well accepted that greenhouse gas emissions lead to surface heating of the earth and that current trends can not be explained by only natural variability.

Will Global Warming End Winter Sports?

The reason that many scientists prefer the term "climate change" to "global warming" is that rising temperatures, initially at least, may not mean the end of winter sports, at least, not everywhere.
The short term effects may include alterations in the world's complex weather patterns (partly predictable, but most likely subject to the rules of chaos theory ).    Predicted results can include heavier precipitation including snow in some areas, the end of winter sports in others and possibly the triggering of colder weather conditions in Northern Europe ( with especially in countries like Iceland, Scotland and Greenland currently getting warmer ) as predicted rather dramatically in the film, The Day After Tomorrow (although probably not quite as quickly as that) because of a potential shutdown of the thermohaline circulation pattern .
Most studies on climate change predict dire consequences for the main winter sports areas by the latter half of this century (a safe way off! ) with overall consequences for the whole planet looking very bad indeed by the next century.

Are Winter Sports Being Affected Already?

This is difficult to prove as resorts and regions will always have good and bad seasons and every winter a resort and region has its worst ever year for snow cover whilst still others break records for snowfall.    Whilst it is tempting to say global warming is the cause of a resort in Arizona not being able to open until March 2006, the latest in its 70 year history, it may be due a deluge in a coming winter is nearly impossible to attribute one single climate event to global warming . Some longer term trends of the past decade or two can be identified and are more difficult to attribute to a "bad season" however: Melting glaciers in Europe and North America have led to a shortening of summer skiing or the end of it all together.
Ski areas in Scotland rarely get a total of more than 40 days skiing per year, compared to a norm of up to four times that 160? days before the 1980s.
The world's highest ski centre, 5300m up in the Bolivian Andes, established in the 1930s, is likely to have to close by 2010 as more than 80% of the glacier it sits on has melted with the remainder disappearing fast.
Ski resorts around the world are spending ever greater amounts on ever more sophisticated and energy efficient snow making systems.

Where Should I Stand?

Many Some people either deny that global warming is happening or believe that it is but there's nothing they can do about it.    Sometimes they reach this decision after they have looked at the issues and the evidence and made that decision, other times not.
Probably most people now believe global warming is a reality, but feel so daunted by the complexities of the issues involved and/or so pessimistic that doing anything will actually change things around, that they find it easier to forget about it.    The huge complexities of the cause and affect of trying to do the right thing for the environment doesn't help.
Most of these people will try to "do the right thing" when given the choice but are unlikely to make personal sacrifices in terms of using more fuel efficient vehicles and heating or cooling systems or reducing their consumerist urges, to help slow global warming unless this is made the better option by governments, product manufacturers and media image makers.
Others people become zealous believers that global warming is here, that it's mankind's fault and that we should go back to a (methane free) horse and cart existence in order to save the world.

If It Is Happening, And If We Are Causing It, Should We Do Anything and If So, What?

If you do weigh up the arguments and decide that global warming is happening, that it is at least largely caused by mankind's activities, it's worth trying to do SOMETHING - albeit possibly a futile gesture too late ; whilst at the same time not wishing to sacrifice your 21 st century lifestyle, particularly the skiing and boarding.
Seek out practical information on how to lead a more environmentally friendly lifestyle on the ski slopes.
Encourage ski resorts to continue to work for the highest environmental standards, which they nearly all know is in their interests anyway of course.

source - Save Our Snow
Dedicated to providing impartial information on how global warming is affecting our planet's snowfall, ski resorts, glaciers and polar areas, as well as what the ski resorts are doing ...and what you can do. 

Now, for a real balanced opinion, go to:

Advertising/Sponsorship with SMC

SMC is always open to and interested in advertising or sponsorship from companies, organizations and clubs for winter and summer opportunities. We appreciate any offers for potential sponsors and are always looking for other organisations, companies and clubs that might make a good fit for SMC and our guests.

If your company, organisation or club is interested in submitting a proposal please feel free to submit it to:

Subject: Advertising/Sponsorship Proposals

If you would like to post a classified advert (buy/sell gear etc), please post it on the 'Garage Sale' page of our website (available mid April).


Tony Munroe, Walters Slalom, Top Tow, 2006

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