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Previous Issues:
Issue 1 - 28 March 2007
Issue 2 - 11 April 2007
Issue 3 - 25 April 2007

Kiwi Outdoors Centre
18 Ariki Street,  New Plymouth
Phone and Fax (06) 7584152

ISSUE 4            WEDNESDAY 09 MAY 2007 ....

Manganui Ski Area is getting primed ready for action. The air is getting colder and the nights shorter, winter will soon be upon us, hopefully!

Check out the Kiwi Outdoors Centre MASSIVE 3 DAY  SKI HARDWARE AND CLOTHING SALE - this Friday to Sunday 11-13 May.
More details in SNIPPETS OF INTEREST below...

And don't forget the SMC Junior Ski Racing and Training Ski Swap, set for Thursday 17th May 6pm at the New Plymouth Yacht Club.

In this issue:

Lars Binsbergen
17 Curtis St. Okato
phone 06 7524424
Major Sponsor
of the SMC E-newsletter

Contact Us:
06-757 9880
New Plymouth

Contact Us:
06-759 9943 bus
06-752 7697 a/h

GOINGS ON’ Around the Manganui Ski Area

2007 SMC Subs & Season Passes

For those of you who are SMC members, the cut-off date for payment of regular priced season passes is Thursday May 17th. After that date the season passes price is doubled. Check out our Club Membership page for more info. Not a member? Then check out the Club Membership page to see what benefits await you...

Your Subs can be sent to our PO Box 3271 New Plymouth OR you can pay them on the night of the SMC Junior Racing and Training Ski Swap, Thursday 17th May 6pm, at the New Plymouth Yacht Club.


SMC Junior Ski Racing and Training Ski Swap

The SMC Ski Swap is set for Thursday 17th May 6pm at the New Plymouth Yacht Club, Ngamotu Beach New Plymouth. Please note that this year we have shifted the event to a Thursday to avoid clashes with other codes.

$10 for Sellers. Gold coin donation at the door. All proceeds from the evening go to the SMC Junior Ski Racing and Training program, its main fundraiser for the season.

For further details contact:
Clive Saleman on 752 7140, m 027-290 6636.


The 2007 Taranaki Surf 'n Snow Classic

to be held in conjunction with the Oakura Boardriders Club on the following dates...

Saturday 21 July
Saturday 28 July
Saturday 4 August

format is 1 day boarding (boardercross) and 1 day surfing with a contingency day.

more details to follow


Manganui Gorge access track fencing

DoC are progressing well with the reinstatement of the safety fencing at the head of the gorge (part of the Round the Mountain Track), that was ripped out by the big avalanche that came down in July last year.
It is all looking good and has been installed in sections so that the entire fencing won't be ripped out by another avalanche, as was the case last year. 


The Manganui Ski Area brochure

Our printing is done and we are now in the process of getting these out to various outlets. Look for them at the Information Centre at Puke Ariki, and also at the ski area ticket office.
For a view of what they look like click here (note large file size -3Meg!)

Proud to be supporting the Stratford Mountain Club.
Buying or selling Real Estate, call Clive Saleman AREINZ
06-758 7113 b/h
06-752 7140 a/h
027-290 6636 m

Mountain House Motor Lodge

Taranaki's Swiss Alpine Restaurant and Accommodation

Contact Us:
0800 Mountain
0800-66 86 82
06-765 6100
Pembroke Rd, Stratford





Thanks to all who have participated so far in the Working bees. Sunday just gone saw a huge team on the field doing varied tasks such as mowing the T-bar, repairing erosion hot spots on the T-bar, working on top tow fencing and wash-out, Manganui Lodge roof cleats, maintenance on flying fox, to name a few.
Thanks again.

If you are keen in assisting in one of the scheduled working bees contact the organisers below or just turn up on the day.




Working Bee

March 4 Mark Braddock Ben- Plummer Butt 7527039 7527050 As per list in lodge
March 18 Phil Powell Brett Manning 7527039 7527050 As per list in lodge
March 25 Karl Lapwood Rhys Williams    
April 1 Chris Burr 7578668  
April 15 Dirk Schmidt-Rittershaus Lars Binsbergen 7527488 7524424 Lodge inside maintenance as per list
April 22 Brooke Fletcher Chris Burr 7588879 7578668 General lower field clean up and Top Tow fences and come back trails
April 29 Mario Padrutt Mitchell Dyer 7550236 7513927 Put T’s on T-Bar, learners tow out, service T-Bar, check Skidoo/Groomer
May 6 Todd Velvin   Warwick Brown Building & Ski Patrol
May 13 Chris Burr Dave Smithers 7578668 7527728 Set up & stock Canteen gorge track, drains and general work


Schedule repeats until work completed    

Remember that the voluntary work doesn't go unrewarded! A working bee gets you a working bee ticket, that can be exchanged for a lift pass, or accommodation at the Manganui Lodge, should you already hold an SMC season pass.


As the “Indian Summer” continues we break from tradition this year to hold our annual ski swap on Thursday the 17th of May at the New Plymouth Yacht Club perhaps a gentle reminder that winter is just around the corner, it is also the last day to purchase your season pass, so get along sell or purchase gear pay your subs and get your great value season pass.

Work on the mountain has been progressing most weekends in perfect weather and the various work teams have achieved a lot over the summer with repairing and returfing the field to realigning the track at the head of the gorge to t bar maintenance. The wire ropes on the t bar and flying fox were x rayed over the weekend and Mario’s team of helpers also managed to get the t bar greased and with a couple of minor repairs to do we should be hanging the Ts within the next 2 weeks and we will be ready for the first fall of snow.
There is still plenty of work to do so make the most of the great weather and spend a great day on the mountain.

Thanks to the generosity of George Mason the club now has erected on the outside of the lodge a new “ SMC “ sign. Its size and position leaves it no doubt to all that they have arrived at the Manganui Lodge.

Remember this new e-newsletter is your newsletter so contributions are most welcome - email them to - we want photos articles and stories.
See you at the ski swap.  

Upcoming Events…

Friday to Sunday 11-13 May
the Kiwi Outdoors Centre

Sunday 13 May - Working Bee

Thursday 17 May - SMC Ski Swap


The SMC committee is dealing with lots of issues at present. Below are just a few issues we are working on…

  • Processing Subs and Season Passes
  • Organisation for the SMC Ski Swap
  • Recruiting Staff for the 2007 Season
  • Staff Contracts for 2007
  • Sourcing new Ski Area Staff uniforms
  • Updating the SMC 10-year plan

Images of 2006…

Karl Quinn, Top Tow 'the face', June 20

Manganui Monster, field closed, July 10

Top Tow, getting ready for action



We’re bringing you a specialist team
from Ski and Camp in Wellington, to give you great selection and service.
Boot fitting and foot bed moulding service available

11th, 12th, 13th MAY 2007

Columbia & Convert Jackets & Pants

50% OFF
Smith Goggles

UP TO 25% OFF . . .
Dynastar Skis
Volkl Skis
Fischer Skis
Nordica Boots and Skis
Rossignol Boots and Skis
Technica Boots

Kiwi Outdoors Centre
18 Ariki Street,  New Plymouth
Phone and Fax (06) 7584152

Forecast is for extremes...

TARANAKI'S weather will get warmer and wetter, and - good news for surfers - the coastline will see bigger and more regular swells.

That's the regional forecast contained in a special report just prepared by an intergovernmental panel on climate change (IPCC), which anticipates the future impacts of climate change around the world.

A summary of the report and its forecasts for what might happen in Taranaki has now been prepared by the Taranaki Regional Council, and was tabled at a monthly committee meeting on Friday.

The summary points out that climate change is already affecting New Zealand. Over the past 50 years the country's average temperature has risen 0.4 Celsius. Frosts have decreased by an average of 10-20 days per year, the sea level has risen 7cm, a quarter of New Zealand's alpine ice mass has vanished, and beech forests are showing increased seed production.

"What is becoming increasingly clear is that there is an overall trend of warming - which also means an increasingly energetic atmosphere and more frequent and more intense weather extremes," says TRC director of environmental quality Gary Bedford in the report.

While New Zealand's isolation will make it less vulnerable to climate change than other countries and continents, there are still a range of consequences the country can expect. These will include longer drought periods in northern and eastern areas, threats to low-lying coastal areas because of rising sea levels, storm surges, coastal erosion, flooding, and loss of ecological diversity.

In Taranaki there will be a mixture of positives and negatives, says the TRC report. The region is expected to become marginally wetter overall. The greatest pressure on the region may come from an increasing frequency of extreme weather. On the other hand, more frequent flushing and higher flows in rivers and streams will help in water quality and availability.

Farm productivity is expected to increase by up to 20% over the next two decades because of warmer weather, longer growing seasons, and increased carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. This may mean an increase in fungal diseases, and pastoral species such as paspalum and kikuyu may become a bigger problem in pasture.

In horticulture, increased vegetative growth may adversely affect fruit quality and yield. But shorter time to maturity for species such as corn may actually reduce overall water demand where irrigation is necessary. Warmer weather may allow an increase in cropping in the region.

On the Taranaki coast, more regular and more vigorous swells are expected. But Taranaki is not highly vulnerable in this regard, because there are few low-lying centres of population.

The TRC summary warns that oil and gas production and electricity transmission utilities will have to take into account the possibility of more severe weather.

source - ROB MAETZIG - Taranaki Daily News, Monday, 30 April 2007

















Media & Marketing Contacts

If you have a question regarding marketing or press related issues please contact:

SMC Media/Website
Justin Keenan

Contact Us:
ph 06-759 6448 b/h
ph 06 752 7034 a/h
PO Box 3271
New Plymouth

Send Us Your Work

After your visit to Manganui Ski Area, please send us a copy of your finished or any other unused work.  Manganui would appreciate any photos, articles, film/video or other media that you have for our own library and files. 

FEATURE ARTICLE Whistler Blackcomb record breaking lift will revolutionize resort experience...

Those of you who have been to Whistler-Blackcomb will know what I am talking about ...after a few days there I searched for a word to describe the place; "Behemoth" was the best I could find. It is truely massive terrain.

A likely comparision would be to imagine standing at the Manganui Lodge, looking up and seeing lift accessed skiing all the way to summit of Mt. Taranaki (say 3 high speed express lifts after each other, then a T-bar at the top for good measure!)
That is approximately how much vertical you have - well over 5000 ft!

Vertical 1609 metres/5280 feet
Whistler Village Elevation 675 metres/2,214 feet
Creekside Base Elevation  653 metres/2140 feet 
Number of Lifts 38
Hourly Lift Capacity 61,407 skiers per hour

They are improving the place even more to gear up for 2010 Winter Olympics, where they will be hosting the bulk of the alpine skiing events.

Last year they installed a new 4seater detachable quad at Whistler (the Symphony Express) and have recently announced construction to commence on a new gondola linking the Whistler and Blackcomb Mountains...

WHISTLER, BC, April 17, 2007 – Whistler Blackcomb, a mountain resort already renowned for daring innovation, has announced its boldest move yet with the construction of the Peak to Peak Gondola, for completion December 2008. The two mountains will be united by a gondola that will set world records for length and height while providing an unmatched experience for winter and summer resort guests.

The Peak to Peak Gondola will travel 4.4 kilometres in just 11 minutes, transporting winter and summer guests from Whistler’s Roundhouse Lodge to the Rendezvous Lodge on Blackcomb Mountain, giving them unprecedented access to both mountains’ expansive and unique high alpine terrain and spectacular vistas.

“The Peak to Peak Gondola will create a dramatically enhanced experience that no other mountain resort in North America, possibly the world, can offer,” says Dave Brownlie, Whistler Blackcomb’s Chief Operating Officer. “This link will effectively double, or more, the options for accessing the highest quality and greatest variety of terrain on any one day, from anywhere on the mountains. We are going to completely revolutionize our guests’ experience.”

Skiers and riders will have the opportunity to easily take advantage of 8,171 acres of terrain encompassed by both incredible mountains, via the world's longest continuous lift system. Moving freely between the high alpine areas of both mountains skiers and riders will spend more of their day in the best weather and snow conditions. The adventure for summer visitors will include spectacular views of glaciers and peaks as well as access to an expanded hiking trail network on both mountains.

“This lift is the catalyst for a sustainable economic future benefiting both Whistler Blackcomb and the entire resort community,” says Brownlie. “It will solidify Whistler’s position as the undeniable leader of mountain resorts in North America, while increasing our appeal as a top destination in the world.”

With 28 sky cabins each holding up to 28 people, total capacity will be 4,100 passengers per hour.

Construction will commence in May 2007, with the lift being manufactured and installed by the Doppelmayr/Garaventa Group (Doppelmayr) of Austria The Doppelmayr 3S tri cable gondola will span 4.4 kilometres (2.73 miles) in total distance from Whistler Mountain to Blackcomb Mountain with the world’s longest unsupported (free) span of 3.024 kilometres (1.88 miles) between the two towers furthest apart. The highest vertical point is over Fitzsimmons Creek at 415 metres (1,361 feet) – the world’s greatest distance above a valley floor.


  1. Longest unsupported span for a lift of its kind in the world at 3.024 kilometres.
  2. Highest lift of its kind in the world at 415 metres / 1,361 feet (above Fitzsimmons Creek).
  3. Longest continuous lift system.
  4. Most expensive lift ever built in North America.


LIFT MANUFACTURER Doppelmayr/Garaventa Group, Austria
GONDOLA TYPE Doppelmayr 3S
TOTAL DISTANCE 4.4 kilometres / 2.73 miles
LENGTH OF FREE SPAN 3.024 kilometres / 1.88 miles (between two towers furthest apart)
HIGHEST POINT 415 metres / 1,361 feet over Fitzsimmons Creek
NUMBER OF TOWERS 4 (two on Blackcomb and two on Whistler)
HEIGHT OF TOWERS 35-65 metres / 115-213 feet
STATIONARY TRACK ROPES 56mm diameter for the two ropes that the cabins ride upon
LENGTH OF TRACK ROPES 4,600 metres HAUL ROPE 48mm diameter for the rope that pulls the cabins along track ropes


CROSSING TIME 11 minutes SPEED 7.5 metres / 24.6 feet per second
DEPARTURE FREQUENCY One cabin every 49 seconds
CABIN CAPACITY 28 passenger
TOTAL CAPACITY 4,100 people per hour (2,050 per hour one

Advertising/Sponsorship with SMC

SMC is always open to and interested in advertising or sponsorship from companies, organizations and clubs for winter and summer opportunities. We appreciate any offers for potential sponsors and are always looking for other organisations, companies and clubs that might make a good fit for SMC and our guests.

If your company, organisation or club is interested in submitting a proposal please feel free to submit it to:

Subject: Advertising/Sponsorship Proposals

If you would like to post a classified advert (buy/sell gear etc), please post it on the 'Garage Sale' page of our website.


over in the curtis valley; the start of a run down to the access track, 2006 - photo by Mike Reeve

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