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Issue 2 - 11 April 2007
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ISSUE 11            WEDNESDAY 15 AUGUST 2007 ....

Tuesday 7th August was a rare '07 powder day on the Top Tow. A southwesterly dumped 50cm of snow to an elevation of 1400m, filling up the top tow and enabling get on at the ramp.
Apparently it was an epic day. Wednesday 8th sounded just as good; windblown powder giving fresh tracks on every run.
Once again the t-bar received a dusting but not enough to operate. Then we had some rain and very warm temps (3.0deg recorded at the top of the top tow!). Our fustrations continue for t-bar skiing this season.
On Tuesday the 14th the Top Tow was once again in action. 10cm of fresh was the order of the afternoon. Visibility was coming and going.

In this issue

Lars Binsbergen
17 Curtis St. Okato
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Proud to be supporting the Stratford Mountain Club.
Buying or selling Real Estate, call Clive Saleman AREINZ
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Mountain House Motor Lodge

Taranaki's Swiss Alpine Restaurant and Accommodation

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GOINGS ONí Around the Manganui Ski Area

Taranaki Secondary Schools Ski/Board Champs
&  the Taranaki Primary & Intermediate Schools Ski Champs
(yes - still awaiting favourable conditions to run this!!)

The Secondary schools hold their Championships on the first suitable day of next term and the Primary and Intermediate schools follow on the next suitable day (a suitable day means adequate snow cover and fair weather).
The events are held at the Manganui Ski area on Mt Taranaki. Please refer to the events section on our website for the latest info as it comes to hand. We will work towards having resources available from the website such as entry forms and whatever we can do to assist you all. information will also be posted on the Snowphone 7591119 around the scheduled days.

The SMC Junior Ski Racing & Training Ski Coach Christina Binsbergen will attend to set the race course, and we will have a Ski Patrol on hand for any first aid requirements.

Please feel free to contact Clive Saleman if you have any queries
Clive Saleman
Stratford Mountain Club Racing Coordinator
mob 0272906636

Ray Priest at Oakura School is coordinating the Primary and Intermediate Champs.
Also contact  Mr. Richard (Titch) Turner at NPBHS for further details on Sec Schools Champs.


Results of the 50th Christiana Derby held on the Te Heuheu Valley T-Bar on Saturday 4 August;
3rd Fastest Junior Team - Aorangi Ski Club / Stratford Mountain Club consisting of Tai Juneau, Jackson Braddock-Pajo and Ingrid Lindeman.

Tai, Ingrid and Jackson

Fastest Junior Individual - Tai Juneau.
While I was reading through the NZ Ski Annuals in the lodge I noted that in the 1st year in 1957 the results were as follows:
Mens Open, Ruapehu Ski Club,1; Stratford Mountain Club, 2; Stratford Mountain Club, 3.
Mens Open, Rangatira Ski Club,1; Stratford Mountain Club, 2; Christiana Ski Club, 3.
Mark Braddock Snowpack Summary as Monday 13 August

Contact Us:
06-759 4609
New Plymouth


SMC Junior Ski Racers competed in the Mount Ruapehu Rossignol Junior Race Series at Turoa on Saturday 4 August 2007.

Tara Luty (12) took out the gold medal in the 11-12 Girls event while Finnley Binsbergen (9) won bronze competing and Finn Luty (10) placed 4th in the 9-10 Boys event.
In the 6-8 Boys event Lenny Binsbergen (4) also won bronze. Congratulations in your first race series!


Recent Top Tow Images...
8th August

Mark Braddock aka 'Runamok'

Rhys Williams

Warren Willetts


For the top tow skiers the news has been positive-some good skiing and boarding in the valleys with the get on point being the roll over and on the odd occasion the ramp. The snow falls have been coming but the cycles have been very short, generally followed by spells of warm weather and the loss of precious snow followed by snowfalls giving enough to replace what was lost-  I have a feeling its going to be one of those years.

From the management side of our operation- given the excellent season we had last year, we decided that for the current season we would employee three Managers, Todd Velvin, Lars Binsbergen and Brooke Fletcher. Their brief was to manage all aspects of our ski area operation, safety services, avalanche awareness and advisory and to ensure compliance with all aspects of our SASP. This document allows us to operate as a ski area and is a bench mark of industry standards.

Last season satisfactory progress was made in relation to our ski area operations, our goal this season was to lift our professionalism to another level by providing robust staff uniforms, access to training for a wider section of the club, we have at least four people attending the level one avalanche course at Ruapehu in late August. We also decided a degree of autonomy would be advantageous as it would allow our managers to manage the field as required giving due consideration to our concession agreement with the Department of Conservation and our SASP.

For the operational days we have had to date, the concept of our manager(s) system has been relatively sucessful, with positive comment from many members and had the snow  been more forthcoming, the benefits of our new improved management regime would have been more evident. I guess there is always next year!

Running a commercial ski area under the umbrella of a club structure is a big job, considering we all give our time to ensure that this is possible - however we are bound by law and it is enshrined in our concession agreement that we are obliged to carry out all aspects of our operation to industry standards, and in accordance with our SASP.

 We have made good progress over the last two seasons but it is a constantly evolving process, it isnít a cheap exercise and in the future, unfortunately itís going to cost us all a little more. But with the continual improvement in our management structure and the more members that participate in safety training programs, like the avalanche level 1, the easier the transition will be for the club in the future. 
Chris Burr    

Upcoming EventsÖ

Taranaki Secondary Schools Ski/Board Champs
&  the Taranaki Primary & Intermediate Schools Ski Champs
dates to be advised
Saturday, 25 August 2007 Rossignol Junior Ski Race Series
location: Whakapapa
Great prizes for everyone; an awesome event for kids
to get into ski racing

...check out our website events page for more event info


The SMC committee is currently working onÖ

  • 2008 working bees strategy and coordination planning
  • summer/working bee social events
  • 10 year plan preparation for issue
  • Staff training - Level 1 avalanche course (Tukino)
  • Rossignol Junior Ski Race Series (Whakapapa) participation
  • weatherstation antenna and wind direction vane replacement
  • broadband connection for webcam

Recent ImagesÖ

Ingrid Lindeman, Jackson Braddock-Pajo and Tai Juneau, with their 3rd Fastest Junior Team Medal from the Christiana Derby

Some Pics sent from our CSA affiliate field - Mt. Cheeseman,
12th August


The Rossignol Junior Race Series - Whakapapa 25th August

The Rossignol Junior Ski Race Series is aimed at 6 Ė 16yrs who would like to give ski racing a go.

Athletes who hold a SRNZ National Points license (K1-J2 who are part of a Competitive Race Programme) are not eligible to enter.

The races will be Dual Slalom.

This Series is designed for developing skiers.
Come and have some fun! 
Dates:  25 Aug 2007 - 26 Aug 2007
26 August is a contingency day 
Location:  Whakapapa 
Category:  Kids 

To register your interest please contact
SMC Junior Ski Racing & Training Coordinator Clive Saleman 7527140
or Coach Christina Binsbergen 7524424.

email snow alerts from Metservice...
click below and follow the "click to register!" link.
You can register for as many fields as you like. newsletter 14 August
Taranaki Region

The passed week has been mostly dominated by westerly winds with cool temperatures for the first few days. These first few days brought snow down to 1300m on the mountain. The end of the week has seen cool temperatures return with scattered snow showers down to 1400m with moderate southwesterly winds.

20-30cm of snow has fallen this week down to 1300m. Larger pockets of new snow exists on easterly and northeasterly aspects. This has bonded well to the old snow surface. Below the new snow the snow pack isothermic and well bonded.

No avalanches observed.

The danger rating has been at moderate for most of the week with the new snow and moderate winds loading leeward aspects. The currant danger rating is at LOW.

Large pockets of wind drift snow exist on easterly and northeasterly aspects and care will be needed around these aspects, especially as conditions warm up. A thin rime crust has formed on the new snow.

Snow Report from 11/08/07

check out below - Manganui Ski Area gets a mention - even if they refer to us as Stratford!

Welcome to the latest review of snow conditions together with the prospects for the week ahead.

The second week of August is usually the optimum time of year for many Southern Hemisphere ski fields. Most resorts in Australia and New Zealand are at a modest altitude and they are closer to the Equator than many northern resorts which means that the spring thaw tends to arrive just before the spring equinox compared with Northern Hemisphere resorts where snow tends to continue to accumulate into early April. For less snow-sure Antipodean resorts, a typical winter season would normally end in about 4 weeks time but since some New Zealand club fields have barely got going, let's hope that September is better than average. Turoa and Whakapapa are obvious exceptions and conditions there should continue to improve for another 6 or 8 weeks - often at their best just as most Kiwi ski areas are closing for the season.

New Zealand

A low pressure system crossed Aotearoa through early last week and a few resorts benefited much more than most. The big winners were Stratford, Rainbow and Ruapehu resorts with up to 50cm of fresh snow making for classic mid-week conditions once the clouds lifted. I was lucky enough to be at Rainbow when the lifts opened on Tuesday at noon following a morning of avalanche work. Everyone waited patiently and the afternoon was one to remember. I don't think I can ever recall so few people tracking our so much off-piste terrain in such little time - I guess we were all a bit frustrated by the long wait and had 3 hrs of studying the steeps to figure out what lines looked best. Located near the top of the South Island, Rainbow benefits from localised snowfalls that miss other fields. Although on this occasion Statford, on the slopes of Taranaki, caught the same line of heavy and thundery snow showers. Ski seasons at Rainbow tend to have little correlation with other South Island areas and some seasons this can really work in its favour with much more snow at Rainbow than at more well known resorts further south.

Last week, the same disturbed westerly flow also brought a welcome dump to Temple Basin at the the head of Arthurs Pass too, but not much snow got over the main divide so there were only modest falls at other resorts, say 5-15 cm. The predicted Southerly flick that followed the low was less snowy than we had hoped with just light falls at most South Island resort which leaves a couple of smaller Canterbury club fields still struggling to open. Meanwhile, as is so often the case, Ruapehu fared rather better from the Southerly and the upper field depths are fast approaching 2m  - the  best in NZ, as usual. Southern Lakes areas have decent bases but mostly just had light snow last week. Right now, all NZ resorts are affected by very strong Westerly winds ahead of another front. Weather-wise, it is a real mixed bag now with 2000m freezing levels and very blustery showers of rain and snow at resort elevations. The good news is that as the front moves through Saturday 12/08, temperatures will fall and many resorts can expect a significant snowfall at altitude. This will be followed by further snow to low levels in Otago and Southland as the front clears away and winds swing light Southerly on Sunday 13/08. The present westerly airstream is packing a lot of moisture and although it is presently quite mild, favoured locations along the main divide, especially from Arthur's Pass south, should see some very heavy snowfalls - obvious candidates are Temple Basin, Ohau and Treble Cone with lesser falls east of these and huge snowfalls for the higher mountains from about Franz to Milford. Early next week, cooler and settled conditions should make for great conditions before another NW builds from Wednesday onwards ahead of another front.


For once, it's not such a great forecast for Australian resorts. In a season that has been increasingly dominated by a mobile westerly flow, it should come as no surprise that the weather arriving in New Zealand this weekend left Australian shores a day ago. Just as strong WNW winds and mild temperatures are affecting NZ resorts right, the same has been happening in places like Thredbo for two or three days and at most Australian resorts, the gales are only just abating. Where temperatures stayed cold (above about 2000m), the 120km/h winds briefly moved the snow about and resulted in deep pockets of fresh stuff. At lower elevations, and let's be honest, that's almost everywhere, something of a thaw took place instead. Piste conditions have remained ok even if lift access has been limited. On Friday, freezing levels were briefly way above the tops. Colder air will sweep in on Friday Night 11/08 and lighter west or SW winds should bring light snow showers tomorrow and Sunday 13/08 and a fair weather window on Monday before the wind again strengthens from the NW. It should not be nearly as strong or as mild as last week. At this stage, there is just the hint of a frontal trough bringing another period of snow before next weekend, more especially to the high country of Tasmania and Victoria. Fingers crossed.

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After your visit to Manganui Ski Area, please send us a copy of your finished or any other unused work.  Manganui would appreciate any photos, articles, film/video or other media that you have for our own library and files. 


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SMC is always open to and interested in advertising or sponsorship from companies, organizations and clubs for winter and summer opportunities. We appreciate any offers for potential sponsors and are always looking for other organisations, companies and clubs that might make a good fit for SMC and our guests.

If your company, organisation or club is interested in submitting a proposal please feel free to submit it to:

Subject: Advertising/ Sponsorship Proposals


That world famous ski destination - Dubai

this from an expat Kiwi in Doha - Ross Drew

A few of us went over to Dubai for the weekend.
Itís a much nicer place that Doha. It's quite a modern city and pretty relaxed. We went to the Emirates mall which is one of the bigger ones around. They have the ski slope at one end of the mall. It is pretty impressive.

The ski slope is quite large and its not much smaller than the T-bar run at Manganui . There is a fast and slow slope plus a kids section at the bottom. It is pretty reasonable price too.(NZD 60 for 2 hrs with suit, ski and lift) There is quite a bend in the building and the fast slope is quite steep. There is a quad chair that goes half way then there is another quad that does the next section. You can ski from the mid point or the top. Itís a
bit odd going for a ski when its 45 C outside.

Its pretty impressive simulated skiing but I think "the open slopes" are nicer. I suppose you donít have to worry about the snow or weather when you want to go skiing in Dubai. Itís a big building and the top must be as high or higher than New Plymouth's Genesis House. 

It is very well setup and has good ski rental place with brand new gear. They even have ski shops selling all the gear which seems a bit odd when its 45 outside and sand every where. 

You are not allow in if you are a learner but they run lessons also. The slow run would be a green/blue run and the first bit at the top is quite steep but has a few flat bits in it as you go along. The fast one would nearly be a black run. It is a constant slope all the way down with about a 80 degree bend halve way down. Too fast for me. 

Its 150 QR (approx $NZ 60) for everything for 2 hours which is quite good. That includes the ski suit as not many people here have winter clothes!

If you would like to post a classified advert (buy/sell gear etc), please post it on the 'Garage Sale' page of our website.


Waterfall on the access track, showing how the erosion on the track occurs. The run-off from outlet gully. Our own Milford Sound, August 4

Title image supplied by
TNL Graphics

See you on the snow,
SMC Management
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