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Issue 16 - 26 Feb 2008
Issue 15 - 06 Nov 2007

ISSUE 17            THURSDAY 15 MAY 2008 ....

Welcome to winter 2008!

With some changeable autumn weather behind us, we look forward to the winter storm cycles to top up our snow cover and get us underway.

In this issue

corner Smart & Riflerange Rds
The Valley Mega Centre,
New Plymouth
ph 7599300


Lars Binsbergen
17 Curtis St. Okato
phone 06 7524424
Major Sponsor
of the SMC E-newsletter


Contact Us:
06-759 9943 bus
06-752 7697 a/h


Proud to be supporting the Stratford Mountain Club.
Buying or selling Real Estate, call
Clive Saleman AREINZ
06-759 5192 b/h
06-752 7140 a/h
027-290 6636 m

GOINGS ONí Around the Manganui Ski Area

Thursday 29 May 6pm, New Plymouth Yacht Club, Ngamotu Beach, New Plymouth.

Doors open to all from 6pm.

$10 for Sellers, gold coin donation on entry.

All proceeds from the evening go to the SMC Junior Ski Racing and Training program.

For further details contact:
Clive Saleman on 752 7140, m 027-290 6636.

This will also be the last chance to purchase your 2008 season pass at the normal rate. Payment can be made on the night. 

2008 Member Subscriptions

By now you should have received your yearly SMC Club Subs invoice for 2008, along with a mailout newsletter for March-April.
Not received them?
Please contact Jenni Fletcher on 7588879 or better still email her at  with your full contact details, and she will ensure your invoice is promptly sent out to you. 

Please support this invitation; 5% of total sales at the advertised evenings are kindly donated to SMC!!
This extends to all sales - including surf gear and other products.

Manganui Ski Area in Taranaki's LIVE! Magazine

Spotted the article in the Live Magazine by Richard Hobo?Hopefully this gets you and/or our local ski/board fraternity keen to get up the hill this winter.
With the cost of petrol approaching $2/l, perhaps it is time to consider skiing/riding your local more regularly! Oh and fill up the seats in your car!
Do try to get up to Manganui when it's on. As you are well aware, the nature of the Mt.Taranaki winter means the snow we get may only last a matter of days, and our operating days are more often than not sporadic.
Remember that Mt. Taranaki is one of the wettest places in the North Island (ie we do lose snow due to rain!).

Junior Ski Racing & Training NEW timing gear

SMC have been successful in securing funding for the purchase of new wireless timing equipment.  We will now be able to provide a similar standard of timing accuracy as that used at Ruapehu, for both training and local competitions. SMC acknowledges  the support of Pub Charity in making this acquisition possible.

Junior Ski Racing & Training NEW racing and training gates

We have also been successful in securing funding for the purchase of new flexible poles, slalom stubbie poles, gate keys and pole bags.

Word has it that one of our coaches is keen to get the training going for 2008, so weather and snow permitting, we hope to use the new kit for Junior Development.

SMC also acknowledges the support of NZ Community Trust in also making this purchase possible.

Flying Fox Goods Lift maintenance now complete

A big thanks to all involved in the successful complete overhaul of the Flying Fox. Special thanks to Mario Padrutt, Brooke Fletcher, and all the others that worked tirelessly on this to meet the Mid April deadline. We now can move forward knowing the fox should give us trouble free operation for years to come.

George W Mason Trust scholarship

SMC is actively seeking young adults who have a strong interest in safety services and ski field management to be this years recipient of the George W Mason Trust scholarship.
This is a fantastic opportunity for those with an interest in all aspects of ski field safety and management.
The successful applicant we be expected to be involved in all aspects of management as well as attending courses and workshops on the mountain or at other locations outside our region if required. Those wishing to apply should write or e mail the SMC secretary  as soon as possible
This is a great opportunity for those who have a desire to follow a career in an alpine environment.
Available to those 20yrs and under.

Mountain House Motor Lodge

Taranaki's Swiss Alpine Restaurant and Accommodation

Contact Us:
0800 Mountain
0800-66 86 82
06-765 6100
Pembroke Rd, Stratford

Contact Us:
06-759 4609
New Plymouth



The summer/autumn working bees are very important to the strength of the club, not only in getting the necessary maintenance work done by members, but also to build club spirit.


Date Organisers Contacts Working Bee
May 18 Dave Smithers
Ben Plummer
Field maintenance top tow, check Skidoo/Groomer
May 25 Clive Saleman
Mark Braddock


General, as per list in Lodge

June 01

(Queens Birthday Weekend) TBA Unofficial working bee, as per list in lodge
June 08

Clive Saleman
Rhys Williams

General, as per list in Lodge
June 15 Kevin Rowlands
Lars Binsbergen
Machinery, Lodge maintenance
June 22 Todd Cations-Velvin
Rhys Williams
 Staff and Volunteer Staff Training

We appreciate that those of you who did working bees last year had little chance to use your tickets; so SMC will honour the 07 working bee tickets (blue) through next season.
These can be exchanged for lift tickets or accommodation in the Manganui Lodge - and are valid till 31 Dec 08.  

Upcoming EventsÖ

SMC Working Bees 
see Working Bees and Schedule section.

Sales Evenings
Tuesday 20th and Tuesday 27th May 5pm-8pm
Cnr Smart & Riflerange Rds, The Valley Mega Centre.
5% of sales to SMC

SMC Junior Ski Racing and Training Ski Swap
Thursday 29 May 6pm, New Plymouth Yacht Club, Ngamotu Beach, New Plymouth.

NZ Mountain Safety Council Avalanche Awareness Course for Skiers and Snowboarders, Taranaki Area
Fri 19 July(evening)- Lecture/Seminar - Fitzroy Surf Club
Sat 20 July - Field Day - Manganui Ski Area


The cold snap of the last few days has certainly got a few excited about the upcoming season and we are all hopeful that the season ahead will be an improvement on the last one.
In terms of the work completed on the field this season the flying fox was a big one with $31,000 being spent on its overhaul. That included all machining and associated engineering and flying time. During the Lodge rebuild the fox saved us an estimated $20,000 in helicopter time so when you consider that and the fact we could spend $5,000 per year maintaining it and the fact it has been 15 -18 years since it was put in- then all in all its money well spent.

Kevin Rowlands Lars Binsbergen and Neville Christiansen modified our tractor mower this year with amazing results. There was very little damage to the field through its use and they managed to complete the mowing aided by good weather in about 3 weekends.

The engineering reports for the field were completed on Saturday May 3 and the items that needed attention were done on the Sunday. We have been given the all clear to operate by SGS M&I and we have advised DOC of our plans for the coming season.

There is still work to do on the mountain so please do a working bee we have some priority areas to deal with. The Track needs urgent attention in the head of the gorge after the rain of a week ago, it has wiped out our pathway so we need a team to clear some boulders and realign the track for winter passage because at present itís impassable.

The ski swap is set down for May 29 so if you are looking for gear to buy or sell this is the time. It also gives members the last chance to purchase their seasons passes at the discounted price itís also a good opportunity to catch up with other members.

Membership details are being handled by Jenny and Grace Fletcher so if you havenít received your account or details are incorrect please contact Jenni or Grace (ph7588879 or better still email to ) and they will sort for you. Please bear with us on this one as we are collating all details on to one data base so in a month or so it will be sorted Ė itís quite a big job and itís important everything is correct.

Keep an eye on the sky for more cold weather - the start so far is promising.
See you on the hill.

Chris Burr
President SMC


The SMC committee is currently working onÖ

  • Processing all subs/season passes.
  • Weatherstation replacement and relocation to Top Tow Shed Area (mid-mountain: 1420m).
  • Relocation of Canteen to DoC Public Shelter (back to its previous location).
  • Working Bees general activities.
  • Upgraded Eftpos, Till and Ticket printer installation.
  • Staff recruitment and training.
  • Ski Patrol gear - assessment of first aid, evacuation and rescue gear for upgrade/replacement.
  • Webcam/Modem replacement.

A History of Skiing...


April 30 2004
The first summer snowfall in the southern Kashmiri city of Jammu, India.


May 29 2007
Following one of the worst winters for Alpine ski resorts, summer snow fell across Europe, with 10cm in the Black Forest.

   history facts sourced from






SMC Webcam 07 May 2008























Henry Saleman, Hakuba, Japan January 08


NZ Mountain Safety Council Avalanche Awareness Course for Skiers and Snowboarders, Taranaki Area

Fri 19 July(evening)- Lecture/Seminar - Fitzroy Surf Club
Sat 20 July - Field Day - Manganui Ski Area

Offered subject to numbers, this course starts in the classroom and then moves out onto the mountain.

This Avalanche Awareness Course is for skiers and snowboarders, and provides a first step to gaining an appreciation of the avalanche phenomenon and what is needed to make decisions about personal safety when travelling in avalanche terrain. The course involves both a lecture and a field day and covers:

Mountain weather
Identification of avalanche terrain
Basic route finding and decision making
Companion rescue
Safety equipment (including use of transceivers)

To register and for further course details,
Contact Gayle Tricklebank

The latest ...

The first chance of snow to Central Plateau and the South Island may be as early as the end of April and the first half of May. June, July and August look to be good snowfall months, September less so, then more snow in October. It should be a long season with plenty of snow, over an earlier, colder and longer winter. Put a ring around the second week of June and midJuly for big snow events and September for drier weather.

2008 NZ Extreme Events Timetable

May: Wintry blast 20th for S Is.
June: heavy rain N Is. in first week. Snow event 19th
July: first week; N Is. rain and snow..18th: more snow..30th: much rain
Aug: 14th, much rain in N Is. In last week, heaviest rain of year for N Is.
Sept: heavy rain in far north 12th-17th
Oct: 14th-18th, rain and snow S Is.
Nov: late snow Ruapehu, floods in last week
Dec: heavy rain Auckland and Canterbury midmonth. More rains fill rivers on 28th.
2008 Cold
A cooler winter, with plenty of snow this year. In the S Is, a snow event each month will please skifield operators, but perhaps not road crews.
April: A sudden cold snap in the first week brings first
snow of the season at Ruapehu which may also reach the Ruahines
May: On 22nd a wintry blast will signal the start of a winter a week earlier than last year.
June 19th: a big snowfall for all ski-fields July 3rd: cold snap bringing snow, July 18th: snow - this may be one of the country's biggest snow events of the year.
July 30th: another snow and rain event.
Aug last week: Canterbury rain, sleet, snow and blizzard

2008 Heavy rain
June: first week, heavy rain and galeforce winds in the NI from Coromandel to Wellington.
July 3rd: Most NI places get rain, some snow, and some falls may be heavy enough to flood flatland.
Aug 14th-17th: much rain in NI, the SI west coast, the top of the SI and the southern hydrolakes
Aug 26th: heaviest rains of the year for the NI.

Welcome to the new online home for snow fans around the world. Itís a cosy kind of place with a roaring fire, state of the art entertainment and gluevine on tap. Come on in Ö is the new online portal thatís designed to promote snow resorts and the snow sport industry to a wider audience than ever before Ö

From a resort database of over 2,500, snow fans can now compare resorts side-by-side, against 50 different criteria including vertical drop, lift prices, average snow depth and longest run. They can also look at village facilities such as the number of restaurants or childcare centreís.     

Get FreshÖ

Media & Marketing Contacts

If you have a question regarding marketing or press related issues please contact:

SMC Newsletter/Promotional/IT
Justin Keenan

Contact Us:
ph 06-759 6448 b/h
ph 06 752 7034 a/h
PO Box 3271
New Plymouth

Want to Contribute?

After your visit to Manganui Ski Area, please send us a copy of your finished or any other unused work.  Manganui would appreciate any photos, articles, film/video or other media that you have for our own library and files. 

Julia Padrutt, 2006, at Manganui


Winter Activities with Kids

If you're a snowsports enthusiast, chances are you want your kids to love the snow as much as you do. Here are some ideas to get your child fired up about snowsports.

Gearing Up to Go
Kids are especially susceptible to cold, and a cold kid is a cranky kid. To keep toddlers warm, dry, and happy, you can't go wrong with an insulated snowsuit. As kids get bigger, we recommend dressing them in layers.
A base layer of non-cotton thermal underwear.
An insulating mid-layer such as a wool sweater or fleece jacket and pants.
An outer wind-proof, water-repellent shell. Waterproof-breathable fabrics like Gore-Texģ make the best outer layer.
If kids are simply playing in the snow, a warm hat will do for headwear. If they are starting to ski at the local hill [Manganui!], a helmet is strongly recommended.
Don't forget waterproof mittens (not gloves) and warm socks.

Getting Started
There's only one simple rule: make it fun. Your kids may be strapping on skis or sliding on plastic, but don't mistake this for skiing or boarding with your friends. Readjust your expectations: it's simply an opportunity for you to play in the snow with your kids and have fun.

Before heading out, have your children try on the gear inside. Let them get used to putting their skis on, feeling the weight on their feet and the effect it has on their balance. Most importantly, they can learn to stand up when they fall down.
With very young children, consider purchasing a sled. Find a gentle slope and introduce the exciting mix of gravity and snow-covered slopes. Even as the kids get older, keep the sled around. If they flake out halfway through the day, you can load them in with their gear and head home with minimal fuss.
Once you get them out there, have an attainable goal or destination in mind.
Bring lots of snacks, and a big Thermos full of hot chocolate.
Bring an extra pair of gloves, and a change of clothes for the ride home. 
Getting Bigger, Getting Better
The right age for kids to transition from playing to riding depends on the child. As a point of reference, many mountain resorts offer ski schools for kids three years and older. These programs will also rent the equipment your child needs to get started. Ski lessons are also a great way to build confidence. Schools have well-rehearsed classes and time-tested techniques for teaching kids and keeping them happy on the slopes. Your child learns with other kids who are at their level. Seeing other kids crashing and laughing ensures your little ones that they are not alone. And finally, while your tykes are in ski school, you can slip away and have a quick ski or board before heading back to the learners slopes.


Want to Advertise?

SMC is always open to and interested in advertising or sponsorship from companies, organizations and clubs for winter and summer opportunities. We appreciate any offers for potential sponsors and are always looking for other organisations, companies and clubs that might make a good fit for SMC and our guests.

If your company, organisation or club is interested in submitting a proposal please feel free to submit it to:

Subject: Advertising/ Sponsorship Proposals

If you would like to post a classified advert (buy/sell gear etc), please post it on the 'Garage Sale' page of our website.


First tricks for 2008
03 May, Manganui Lodge base area

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TNL Graphics

See you on the slopes - real soon!
SMC Management
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