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ISSUE 26            FRIDAY 26 SEPTEMBER 2008 ....

With news last week that Turoa will be open right through to 16 November this year, and Boxing Day to early new years skiing at Whakapapa (with Whakapapa closing as scheduled on 27 October), it goes without saying that Spring Skiing will be great this spring in the North Island.

The soft Spring snow is calling! Still plenty of great spring skiing to be had on the Top Tow at Manganui!.

We have a great cover up there and have been open during the week once more, getting going before lunchtime most days.

Remember as always, be sure to get up there and get it while it's on!

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Rent Your Skis Local and avoid the Ruapehu cues!

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GOINGS ON’ Around the Manganui Ski Area

Still some great Top Tow Skiing to be had!!! 

Top Tow day pass rates

just a reminder of our Top Tow rates...we are now at the stage when only the Top Tow is operating for skiing, and there are no half day rates for just top tow skiing...

  • PUBLIC - Top Tow only - $30 
  • 2008 SMC MEMBERS -Top Tow only - $20 
  • 2008 Season Pass holders - your skiing is of course FREE!

Getting to the Top Tow from the lower field...using the T-bar for access... 

If you are heading up to the top tow for skiing/riding, and the t-bar is going at 1/2 speed, jump on carrying your gear and let the tow pull you up the t-bar slope (commonly known as 'moon-hopping').

If the lift is not going, see if the t-bar shed green door is unlocked. If so, in there you will find a procedure for running the t-bar. Follow this to get the lift running and grab a T and let it take you up.
At the top please push the yellow emergency stop button, located left of the get off, to  to stop the lift, and then reset it by pulling it out and pressing in the red button on the side. The resetting is important so that the next people to start the lift can get it going.
So the t-bar is only in operation when people require it to get up to the top tow.

Avalanche.Net.Nz Synopsis
for week ending 23 September 2008

Taranaki Region
The week started with clear skies on the mountain and light winds out of the south west. Light snow showers fell on the mountain over Thursday and Friday down to 1400m with moderate south west winds. Day time temperatures stayed warm during this period. For the weekend and Monday skies have been mainly clear with moderate north westerly winds and warm day time temperatures and cool nights. Tuesday saw a return to showers on the mountain with moderate north westerly winds.

A spring time snow pack exists at present on the mountain. Several strong ice crusts exist within the top 1m of the pack with a strong ice crust on shady aspects above 1900m. The snowpack is generally well bonded. Rain has started to penetrate the upper snow below 1800m.

A small wet sluff has been seen on a steep easterly aspect below 1900m near the ski field. This has happened with the wet snow that arrived on Thursday and Friday.

The avalanche advisory is MODERATE.

Spring time conditions exist on the mountain at present and care is needed as snow conditions will vary, firm in the morning and softening during the day. Use care around steep northerly aspects in the afternoon as solar radiation takes its toll on the snow pack. Always carry the correct equipment when heading on to the mountain which includes transceiver, probe and shovel. Crampons and ice axe will also be required for safe travel high on the mountain with the strong ice crust on shady aspects above 1900m. The avalanche advisory is at MODERATE.

A History of Skiing...

October 13 1975
Snow fell across the Netherlands. The earliest autumn snow ever seen there in the 20th century.

October 21 1995
A late snowfall penetrated far into central Australia, even falling to 200m above sea level in Flinders Ranges.

   history facts sourced from


51st Christiana Derby 2008

The 51st Christiana Derby was held on Saturday 16th August with Clive Saleman finishing 30th out of 44, Henry Saleman 9th & Jackson Braddock-Pajo 11th competing for the Aorangi Ski Club in the Mens open team finishing 4th overall in the teams division. In the Masters division also competing for Aorangi was Mark Braddock finishing 13th out of 37. 

Congratulations to Henry Saleman who took the fastest time in the Snowboarding race.

Next year the SMC would like to enter teams.
Watch our website for details.

pics thanks Runamok

Erik van den Heuvel & Rhys Williams, Ruapehu Summit
Saturday 20 September 08

..."Great trip up on Saturday 20th Sept, light winds, some fresh snow from Fridays storm and warm temps. It took 1 hour to get to the top and had a glass of bubbly handed to me at the top for carrying up a ladies pair of skis from half way. Only took a few minutes to get back down to the lifts. Well worth it." 


With October fast approaching we are coming to the end of any further prospects of t bar skiing. The top tow however is still excellent with great boarding and skiing all over the mountain. It’s about this time that extra portable tows would be of benefit to enable access to higher levels which would mean great skiing to the north and the south. It would also mean an extra height advantage when summit runs were on.

September is the end of our financial year with the AGM set down for November, so all those aspiring candidates wanting to put themselves forward for committee positions should contact the secretary or watch out for the nomination schedules. We are always in need of keen people and the more we can get the greater the input of ideas.
We managed to get some racing done on the top tow on August the 31. Thanks to Christina Binsbergen course setter, Clive Saleman and Mark Braddock who assisted and recorded the times and checked to ensure no one missed gates and Lars who did an outstanding job babysitting their 3 month old baby so Christina could ski. The new timing gear purchased this year was a revelation - easy to set up and use, it is very compact and certainly makes life easy for the race officials. More races will be held on the top tow while there is snow if there is sufficient people around to warrant running an event.

The ski field over the winter period is generally a very busy place with members of the public making the most of the snow. Unfortunately they tend to bring onto the mountain an assortment of real estate signs and sledges, a small minority after making the effort to transport them to the mountain seem unable to take them home-so it’s generally left to us to remove them. On occasions they blow into the tussock on the ski field perimeter so if you see rubbish in these areas can you help us by picking them up and removing them from the mountain to the rubbish bin at the bottom or by putting them in the lodge for removal at a future time. Your help in this regard is appreciated.

See you on the top tow.

Chris Burr  


The SMC committee is currently working on…

  • More lockers source and install
  • Ski/snowboard storage racks investigation for summer install
  • access tow maintenance
  • Plateau Car Park security - discussions with Stratford Police and Stratford District Council.
  • Ski Area Safety Plan audit on Top Tow
  • Lower field tidy up





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After your visit to Manganui Ski Area, please send us a copy of your finished or any other unused work.  Manganui would appreciate any photos, articles, film/video or other media that you have for our own library and files. 


Skiers to get high on mountain club's tow plan ... 

Mt Taranaki could become the mecca for New Zealand's extreme skiers.

The ski field's top tow already has a challenging reputation but locals want to go even further up the slopes.
The Stratford Mountain Club's five-year plan includes using portable tows in spring to open up more runs at higher altitude which would extend the season.

The plan is expected to be completed by the end of November and the club would like to have one tow in operation for the 2009 season. It is hoped the project would attract more enthusiasts to the mountain to take advantage of the challenging runs on offer. President Chris Burr said there was always plenty of good snow left in the spring, outside the area the club was licensed to operate in."There are moves afoot to put in and apply for consent to put other little portable tows, maybe further around the north side of the field, out in spring time and then bring them in once the snow has gone," Mr Burr said. The use of the tows would open up an additional 500m of intermediate and advanced runs not usually accessible in the winter months."There is a lot of good skiing on the upper slopes and it is reasonably challenging."

Mr Burr said opening up the slopes would entice skiers who usually headed for Mt Ruapehu to the mountain."The person that we would probably attract is the person who likes a bit of adventure and a bit of a challenge and is prepared to work a little bit harder for it," he said. Using the tows to get skiers higher up on the mountain would be a bonus for the region. "It is a great asset that we've got here and it is worth promoting," Mr Burr said.

Finding funding for the project and gaining approval from the Department of Conservation (DOC) and other mountain users would be the next step."It is all dependant on money and it is all dependant on having the right equipment to do the job."
The cost of the tows was not known but Mr Burr said the club could look at buying parts and building them themselves to keep costs down.

Mr Burr said ultimately the club would like to put up some permanent tows but that would require a lengthly resource consent process.
DOC Taranaki area manager Phil Mohi said the club had not contacted the department with any plans yet.
Mr Mohi said he could not comment on the proposal until he had seen exactly what the club wanted to do and where.

By LEIGHTON KEITH - Taranaki Daily News, Tuesday, 16 September 2008

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The snow is receding from the Plateau Area, but still plenty on the Top Tow slopes!

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See you on the Top Tow slopes!
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