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Issue 31 - 23 April 2009
Issue 30 - 03 April 2009

Issue 29 - 04 March 2009

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ISSUE 32            THURSDAY 07 MAY 2009...

Welcome to the latest edition of the SMC/Manganui e-newsletter for 2009.

Your pre-and-in season news on Manganui Ski Area, its operators the Stratford Mountain Club, and other ski/ride culture news and events, with a local regional spin.

The weatherman has delivered, and winter has arrived, with a deep low likely to be stationed around NZ for the best part of a week! Looking at the forecasts Manganui can expect snow to 1200m over the next few days, with Ruapehu receiving snow to that level till at least Sunday. Interesting that they are forecasting NW snow at Ruapehu. Expect SW and W snow for Mt. Taranaki.
5 day forecast at the Manganui Lodge (1260m)

SMC has plenty of work to do to get running for the season, so if you can give us your man power for a Sunday working bee, it would be much appreciated.

The Annual Ski & Board Swap is happening on Thursday 28th May, at the NP Yacht Club. All proceeds go to the SMC Junior Ski Racing and Training Squad.

In this issue


Contact Us:
06-759 4609
New Plymouth

Get all your winter gear here.
New season Icebreaker now in store!

Kiwi Outdoors Centre
18 Ariki Street,  New Plymouth
Phone and Fax (06) 7584152





GOINGS ON’ Around the Manganui Ski Area

When: 6pm, Thursday 28th May
Where: NP Yacht Club, Ocean View Parade, New Plymouth
Entry: Gold Coin donation, $10 for sellers

Drinks and nibbles will be available.

All proceeds go to the SMC Junior Ski Racing and Training Squad.
This is also the last opportunity to purchase your SMC Manganui Season Pass.

Working bees are still going!

Still plenty to do so if you can make our working bees, we will appreciate your attendance. Hey, it is a good day out in the mountains to get you primed for the ski season ahead!
Progress has been happening, and the activities complete to date include the t-bar mowing, learners tow refurbishment, and the ramp extension on the top tow. Also full check and maintenance of the top tow safety systems is complete. Big thanks to Lars and Mike Anderson for that!

Monday 4th May. Bound to be snow accumulating now!

Manganui Lodge Security 

Just a friendly reminder that if you have a swipecard and are the last to leave the lodge, please check all external doors (3 plus the main extrance door) are shut and locked. The best way to do this is a quick walk around all the doors on the outside to check they are locked (upper doors at lounge, upper door at flying fox entrance, lower door onto ski area), before you swipe out of the lodge via the main access. We have had a few recent security call outs when doors have been unlocked or open.

If you don't have a swipecard and are a regular user, they are available to members for $20.
Contact if you would like one.

Safety Services Coordinator 2009 - more funding secured...

SMC have this month secured funding from Southern Trust for the permanent staff position for 2009.
SMC thanks Southern Trust, whose support we appreciate for 2009.
As well as Southern Trust, SMC also acknowledges Lion Foundation, and Pub Charity, for their generous granting of funds for the Safety Services Coordinator role for this season.

Annual Subs payment...

The invoice for your annual subs/season passes payment should be hitting current members letter boxes shortly.

Should you wish to pay via your own bank's on-line banking payment facility, our bank details are on the SMC Members Info page on  our website.

We offer:
• Virus Protection and Internet Security
• Independent Advice and Consulting
• Regular Cleaning and Maintenance
• Upgrades and installations
• Internet and email support
• Hardware & software troubleshooting

Phone: 06 753 7113
Cell: 027 312 2629









The late summer/autumn working bees are very important to the strength of the club, not only in getting the necessary maintenance work done by members, but also to build club spirit.

Our 2009 working bee schedule is now finalised as below, and apart from the odd break will be happening on most Sundays from early March ...organisers may be running the bee on Saturday or Sunday, so if you are keen please ring and confirm your participation.

Remember, your bee is worth 1 day skiing or 1 nights accommodation at the Manganui Lodge, whether you are a member or not!

Date (Weekend of) Organisers Contact numbers Working Bee
May 09-10

Karl Lapwood
Rob Needs


T-Bar/Flying Fox M&I inspection. Set up POS system & stock ticket office/canteen
May 16-17 Mario Padrutt
Christian Padrutt
T-Bar Maintenance, Put T's on T-Bar, Flying Fox maintenance, Machinery Maintenance, check Skidoo/Groomer
May 23-24 Todd Cations-Velvin
Rhys Williams


Staff and Volunteer Staff Training

May 30-31

TBA TBA Unofficial working bee, General, as per list in Lodge
June 06-07

Clive Saleman
Justin Keenan

General, as per list in Lodge
June 13-14 Kevin Rowlands
Lars Binsbergen
Machinery, Lodge maintenance
June 20-21 Clive Saleman
Mark Braddock
Jnr Ski racing gear check and test


Sunday 3rd May


No president's report this issue.




The SMC committee has a number of projects on the go.
These include…

  • Work Visa processing for Safety Services Coordinator
  • Top tow bull wheel containment
  • Warwick Brown building upgrade - DoC consent, quotes and funding applications
  • Top Tow get back trail maintenance
  • Top Tow ramp set-up (complete)
  • Painting of Top Tow Shed (complete)
  • emergency base stn radio at $5hut, purchase and install
  • Metservice Weatherstation maintenance (complete)
  • Stratford Plateau Carpark improvement - feedback on Opus proposal
  • webcam upgrade, and new webcam purchase feasibility (on-going; replacement cam arriving from shortly!) 
  • mobile tower purchase (for Lodges external maintenance access)
  • water pump replacement (complete)
  • Manganui Lodge Fire/Security bi-annual check.
  • bumper stickers purchase

Monday 4th May

Friday 29 May 7:30pm (the evening after the SMC Ski and Board Swap!!), CityLife Church, 62C Poplar Grove, Whalers Gate, New Plymouth

The Banff Film Festival has continued to be well supported and has become a regular annual event for many Taranaki people.
This year NZAC - Taranaki Section are again bringing this popular event to New Plymouth.

The exclusive ticket outlet for this years event is Kiwi Outdoors Centre, 18 Ariki St New Plymouth.
Tickets are available on the night but it is strongly advised to pre-purchase.

Prices (to be confirmed):
$20 Adult
$15 Children (15yrs and under)
$15 NZAC members (current membership card required)

for further info please contact
K. Dwyer
Secretary NZAC Taranaki section
42A Rata Street
ph 06 278 4004


18 Ariki Street,  New Plymouth
Phone and Fax (06) 7584152

605 Surf Highway 45 Oakura
Phone (06) 752 7363

Time to snuggle into winter with...
A Winter Cocktail/Drink...

Winter Breeze (alcoholic)
1oz Creme de Cacao
1oz Vanilla schnapps
1oz Irish Crream
Fill with Milk
Pour the 3 shots of liquor, Vanilla Schnapps, Creme de Cacao, and Irish Cream, into the glass. Fill the rest of the glass with milk. Stir the milk  and liquors in the glass and serve.



Stratford Plateau Car Park Upgrade Project - Opus International Consultants

You may have seen on our website homepage the news about requests for comments on the intended Stratford Plateau Car Park Upgrade Project by Opus International Consultants.

This project is planned for 2010, along with the Dawson Falls Centre Car Park Upgrade, and is a continuation of the upgrades to Egmont National Parks Hi Altitude Car Parks (North Egmont Visitors Centre Car Park upgrade was completed this year).

Extracts from the report are below...

This project is focussed on the redevelopment of two key road end destinations - Dawson Falls and Stratford Plateau.

The overall objective of the project is to: Improve the functionality, layout, environmental performance, aesthetic amenity, and visitor opportunities and experience for two of Egmont National Park's primary visitor amenity areas through:

  • Better separation of vehicle and pedestrian movements
  • Consolidated car parking and rectification of degraded areas
  • Increased access and opportunities for short stop travellers and those with barrier-free needs
  • Upgrade of sewage and wastewater management systems to meet or exceed contemporary standards
  • Enhanced visitor orientation and interpretive signage
  • Improved landscaping and layout to encourage positive visitor behaviours and experiences.

Site Assessment Stratford Plateau:

The analysis involves the Road end comprising of a main car park (covering approx 1Ha), lower carparks and toilets. This site is unique in that it has an annual rainfall of 8 metres and experiences heavy snowfall. The first impression is one of a harsh mountain environment with stunted alpine vegetation. Visually it is dominated by a large expanse of compacted gravel. Visitors to the Plateau have easy access to alpine herb fields and the Manganui Gorge. The site provides access to the Manganui Ski Area with is a 30 minute walk from the car park.

  1. Car Parking: The main carpark consists of 1Ha expanse of gravel with three further gravelled parking areas 200m below the car park area.
  2. Capacity: During peak days up to 600 cars and 2000 people use the facility. Outside the snow season the car park is under utilised.
  3. Current Vehicle Issues: Due to the large amount of gravel, boy racers see this area for doughnut manouvres.
  4. Landscape Issues: Currently the carparks consist of a vast expanse of shingle, fretted at the margins.
  5. Constraints: This site experiences a very high annual rainfall and strong winds. All plant material will be exposed to lenghy periods of snow cover, frost and high wind exposure.

Some of SMC's concerns with the proposal are:

  • the decreased size of the car park, given that on a big snow day up to 600 cars and 2000 people use the car parks at present
  • security of cars and the chance of break-in during the day and especially if parking overnight (security cameras)
  • the lack of a turning circle at the entrance, to allow traffic to turn around easily and head down if the top car park is full
  • the placement of trees and car parks, with regard to grading of the car park in the winter
  • an assurance that some of the lower car parks are still available for use at busy times

SMC have been asked for comments on the intended proposal.

If indeed you do have any thoughts or comments on the proposal, please feel free to email them to Kevin Rowlands, who is the focal point. Kevin will require any comments by May 10 so he can collate them for submission by May 15.

SMC committee has discussed the proposal for the Stratford Plateau car park at length, and you can be rest assured most of your concerns will have been raised. Any comments you do have will be greatly appreciated and considered in our consolidated response to Opus Consultants.     

If you would like to post a classified advert (buy/sell gear etc), please post it on the SMC  'Garage Sale' page of our website.


Sunday 3rd May.

See you on the snow, not long now!
SMC Management
© copyright 2007 - Stratford Mountain Club