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Issue 42 - 05 February 2010

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ISSUE 43            THURSDAY 25 MARCH 2010...

Welcome to the latest edition of Manganui Notes, the e-newsletter of Manganui Ski Area and Stratford Mountain Club.

Winter is not long away now, and the SMC committee is busy organising and gearing up for the upcoming ski season.

Just in case you missed it, further down you'll find our new initiative on working bee qualifiers for discounted SMC members' season pass rates - or put more simply, working bees are now required to be completed in order for SMC members to purchase season passes at the discounted rate. Our new policy still gives members the choice of not to attend - it will just cost more to acquire that season pass should not complete working bees.

Also, the late Brett Manning's movie Rough Cuts, is showing at Arthouse Cinema's Mayfair theatre on Friday 9th April.

In the snippets of interest section, the Surf Film Festival looks to have a great lineup of movies.

Our feature article is a photo essay on the recent family trip to Canada by yours truly. 

In this issue...


Mt Taranaki from the access track, Friday 19th March.

Contact Us:
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Get all your winter gear here.
New season Icebreaker now in store!

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UK blanketed in snow, Early Jan 2010

GOINGS ON’ Around the Manganui Ski Area

Brett Manning movie Rough Cuts, showing at Arthouse Cinema's Mayfair theatre

Nicki Manning is happy for the movie created by her late husband Brett, 'Rough Cuts', to be viewed on the big screen.
Arthouse Cinema is to present this movie at the Mayfair Theatre, Friday April 9th at 8pm (doors open 7:30pm), the night before their surfing film festival gets into full swing.
Viewing time is 1hr20min.
Seating is limited to 90 people. First in, first seated!

Apparently this movie is well worth a look, as a take on the local surf/ski and Naki lifestyle.
As Nicki pointed out its not commercial in any way; its Brett's cut of the coast and the mountain.
Brett was a valued member of SMC and a great friend to many.
Arthouse cinema are gratefully charging just a gold coin donation, with all proceeds going to Nicola.

DoC Public Shelter external works

Below are some pics of the external work being done on the DoC Public Shelter. The roof has been reclad, and the decking and railings outside are being extensively refurbished. Should be a nicer outdoor area completed ready for the ski season.
Manganui Ski Area Canteen is run out of this building.
Note that the public shelter is open to all mountain visitors.

the new roof

the workers redoing the decking

Warwick Brown building re-roof/re-clad project update

The latest we can tell you is that we have received $20,000 from NZ Community Trust.
Combined with those received from TSB Community Trust and Taranaki Electricity Trust, this project is now funded to the tune of $60,000.

So we have the funds in place to proceed, and combined with volunteer labour we will be able to complete the revised scope (he re-roof/re-clad, excluding helipad earthworks).

Lars and a team of volunteer helpers have been busy staining the cladding battens and board, and have delivered it all to the worksite ready to go.
Next is the scaffolding to be mobilised to the site, then the roofing and builders teams can hit the ground running.

Cladding materials in place ready for action

SMC thanks

  • TSB Community Trust
  • Taranaki Electricity Trust
  • NZ Community Trust

for their contribution towards this important refurbishment/upgrade project.



2010 SMC Membership Rates

There is a one-off entry fee to be paid on joining SMC, in addition to the annual subs.
Seasons passes are optional but represent outstanding value for money, especially if purchased at the ‘discounted’ rate. All season passes are now due by 31 May 2010.

Note for 2010:

  • annual subs increase by 10% (the last adjustment was 2005).
    season passes increase
    discounted and full price season passes are now due by 31 May
    a working bee qualifier is now applied to 'discounted' season passes. Working bees are required to be completed by 31 May to qualify for the 'discounted' season pass rate, otherwise full price season pass rate applies.
    1 member working bee still qualifies for 1 free nights accommodation at SMC Lodge, or 1 free days skiing, whichever you chose.
  • all other rates (joining fees, day lift passes) remain the same as 2009.

before 31 May *working bee qualifer*
before 31 May, no working bees attended
*qualifier = 2 full working bees
*qualifier = 2 full working bees
*qualifier = 1 full working bee
*qualifier = 1 full working bee

 Associate    $17


So as you can see from above, working bees are now required to be completed in order to qualify for discounted season passes.

the SMC committee has now finalised the job lists and a full working bee schedule based on those jobs - see below in the working bees section.

We also intend emailing out each Thursday, 1 page emails detailing the working bee scheduled for the upcoming Sunday; what the jobs are, what is involved, who to contact if you are keen.

We are also keen to pole our members on whether they would be keen to do the working bees, what skills they currently have or what they would prefer doing on the hill.

Remember that for the working bee qualifiers, you still receive a working bee ticket, each ticket being valid for 1 nights accommodation at the Manganui Lodge, or 1 days skiing.

Working bees are 6hrs duration, and commence at 10am on the mountain, giving attendees time to get up to the area.

Note that below is a list of jobs with project organisers, and not a roster as such. If you wish to be involved in an upcoming weekends working bee, then please contact the person associated with the project. Their contact details are listed below.

Date (Weekend of)


Contact numbers Working Bee
March 06-07

Christian Padrutt Mario Padrutt


  • Top Tow maintenance
  • Machinery maintenance
March 13-14

Mario Padrutt Christian Padrutt


  • general lower field clean up
March 20-21

Kevin Rowlands Rhys Williams


  • T-bar mowing trial,
    Gorge track maintenance (drains/road alignment, grit dump)
    Lodge Lockers (prep/maintenance)
March 27-28

Todd Cations-Velvin
Rob Needs


  • Lodge inside maintenance (IT cabling tidy up

April 03-04

Dave Smithers
Kev Rowlands
Mike Reeve
Mario Padrutt



  • T-bar mowing
  • Warwick Brown bldg project (reclad material cartage/scaffolding cartage to field (via goods lift), scrub/oil soffits)
  • Top Tow maintenance (safety fence maintenance, towers & pulleys maintenance, Meadows returns repairs,
    Access lift pre-season maintenance, benching towline past old tow shed area, build level ride over roll-over) )
  • Gorge track maintenance (drains/road alignment, grit dump)
  • Lower field erosion
  • T-bar tower maintenance
April 10-11

Kev Rowlands
Dave Smithers
Mike Reeve
Justin Keenan


  • Warwick Brown bldg project (reclad material cartage/scaffolding cartage to field (via goods lift), repaint basement walls and doors, re-roof/re-clad)
  • T-bar mowing
  • T-bar tower maintenance
  • Lower field erosion
  • Top Tow maintenance (safety fence maintenance, towers & pulleys maintenance, Meadows returns repairs,
    Access lift pre-season maintenance, benching towline past old tow shed area, build level ride over roll-over)
  • Lodge inside maintenance
April 17-18

Kev Rowlands
Mike Reeve
Mark Braddock
Dave Smithers


  • Warwick Brown bldg project (re-roof/re-clad, repaint basement walls and doors)
  • General lower field clean up
  • Gorge track maintenance (drains/road alignment, grit dump)
  • Top Tow maintenance (safety fence maintenance, towers & pulleys maintenance, Meadows returns repairs, repair tow line ramp, benching towline past old tow shed area, build level ride over roll-over)
April 24-25

Kev Rowlands
Mike Reeve
Mario Padrutt
Christian Padrutt



  • Warwick Brown bldg project (re-roof/re-clad).
  • Lodge (reinstate garden against walls)
  • Learners tow out, service T-bar
May 01-02

Kev Rowlands
Lars Binsbergen
Todd Cations-Velvin
Karl Lapwood


  • Warwick Brown bldg project (re-roof/re-clad)
  • Ski Patrol prep/maintenance
  • Canteen pre-season work (organisation and stock-take, till & ticket pre-season prep)
  • Lodge Entertainment centre stock/organisation (fix cupboard locks etc, fix pool table etc).
May 08-09

Kev Rowlands
Lars Binsbergen
Rob Needs


  • Warwick Brown bldg project (re-roof/re-clad)
  • Set up POS system & stock ticket office/canteen
May 15-16 Mario Padrutt
Christian Padrutt


  • T-Bar Maintenance (spring box repairs, T's on T-Bar)
  • Flying Fox maintenance.
May 22-23 Todd Cations-Velvin
Mark Braddock


  • Staff and Volunteer Staff Training

May 29-30

Brendon Edwards
Rhys Williams


  • Lower field rail slides (remove/repair)
  • outstanding work from above tasks
  • Lodge appliances (TV fix to work properly etc)
June 05-06

Lars Binsbergen
Justin Keenan


  • Lodge (window latch repairs, prep/paint reveals on Lodge windows)
  • outstanding work from above tasks
June 12-13 Dave Smithers
Brooke Fletcher
Lars Binsbergen


  • Replacement of top tow rope (stretch and splice)
  • Lodge maintenance (entertainment centre repairs)
June 19-20 Brendon Edwards
Mark Braddock
Justin Keenan


  • Jnr Ski racing gear check and test



Already the mornings and evenings are drawing in and the water temperature has dropped. Winter is on the way!!
Working bees are well on the way and thanks to the committee and club members a number of necessary projects to enable the tees and ropes to turn are progressing.

We hope to make a start on the Warwick Brown re-clad and re-roof later this week, so if you have expertise in these areas please make yourself known to any committee member. Working bee days will be weather dependant so Saturdays or Sundays and even weekdays are possibilities.
Remember to qualify for the discount season pass this season you have to complete two full day productive working bees.
If you do not have building expertise there is a large range of other tasks to complete, so please get in touch with a committee member to let them know what days you have available and they in turn will give you some direction as to what requires doing on those days.
Unfortunately Brad won’t be back on the mountain this season, so we are in the process of finalising a well qualified replacement. We will of course have local input into the day to day operation with local employment, and we hope to see your happy faces on the slopes this season.
In the mean time don’t forget to get in touch with a committee member to assist in the preparation of the ski field for this coming season.

Hope to see you on the hill soon.

Kev Rowlands


The SMC committee has and or is working on a number of projects.
These include…

  • Lockers maintenance.
  • Warwick Brown building re-roof/re-clad project - getting underway
  • Top Tow maintenance - on going, top tow get on ramp repairs, more pulleys etc
  • Lower lifts maintenance
  • Junior ski racing and training strategies/events for thiscoming season
  • Manganui Lodge fire and security annual checks
  • General machinery maintenance/servicing
  • Warwick Brown re-roof planning/materials
  • funding applications for Safety Services Coordinator

We have kicked off a Manganui Ski Area facebook page. Become a fan, and feel free to post your own discusions, images, posts etc



Taranaki's answer to the Wanaka Film Festival?
Make sure you support this festival and keep it coming back.
Something we would maybe like to see as special to taranaki.

Arthouse cinema are calling for volunteers, - they need people whom are over age, one for each screening, to help theatre manager Francois keep order. You can contact Francois on

Attendance is first in first served as some of these movies do not have permission to screen in NZ outside of the surf film festival, so it might be the only time you get a chance to see them on the big screen.

'Sea of Darkness' is the Cinema Director's pick.

Stopping for a pic, in the fog of Big White

Buffs, balaclavas, skull caps ('Tooks' as the Canadians called them) were mandatory for comfort. No sunglasses and bare heads here!


A Boot Dryer, a real luxury but an excellent thing to have.

Tessa and Theo spotted an NZ flag at Silverstar

Must have been lunchtime

For more on Big White and SilverStar see their websites.

Both mountains are serviced by Kelowna International Airport, and are roughly 2.5hrs driving apart, with Kelowna Airport in the middle. Air NZ flies direct to Vancouver 2 days a week. Air Canada flies to Kelowna from there, a 45min flight.

Both mountains have a variety of accommodation options, great family activities; tube park, mini ski-doos, ice skating/hockey, kids evenings, climbing walls etc. Plenty to do after skiing. Oh and both have night skiing as well. Big White Tues-Sat and SilverStar Fri-Sat. Silverstar also has a huge nordic (cross-country) ski centre.

Feature Article

An SMC family trip to Canada

The Keenan Family ventured to British Columbia's Big White and SilverStar, in the Okanagan district. We were in the mountains from 07 Feb to 27 Feb, with 10 days at each resort...

Sun rise from our pad at the Grizzly Lodge at Big White, just below the Village Centre, at 1700m.

The Big White grooming report. It was a pretty big mountain; long runs and easy greens down from the top of every lift, so great for the family to be able to ski top to bottom together.

We had plenty of foggy days at Big White (big white out the locals call it); however if you stuck to the trees or the outside of trails, the contrast was better.

Big White's snow ghosts. At least we could see them on this day!

One of the better days at Big White - sun out and fresh snow.

SilverStars trail map/grooming report. Pretty important to consult this, as blacks that were not groomed were typically big moguls, and the blues could be fresh snow on top of harder chowder. But they had winch groomers, so could still groom some pretty steep stuff here. Both mountains were on the same pass, so we had season passes for our duration. Could still be there skiing now, if I could figure how to pay for it!

Skiing back for lunch to the main village/lodging. SilverStar Village was mid-mountain 1600m, and with a big Nordic centre there, it had a great feel about it - lots of mountain goats around, in thin skis, big poles and tight thermals!

The SilverStar grandeur. We had a week of sunny skies here - you can tell cause the snow falls off the lower elevation trees after a few days of no snow.

Then the snow returned for the last 3 days of our stay. The kids loved the bumpy tree trails created by and for the kids and ski school kids. Not easy for adults! Theo is heading into Walnut Trail. They had a Toilet Trail as well...

All in all memorable trip, even if the kids have forgotten it already. We were treated to mild temps and great skiing, and friendly atmospheres (especially with BC hosting the winter olympics, and Canada doing there best ever).  So all-in-all an enjoyable family adventure. Now to pay off that credit card!

If you would like to post a classified advert (buy/sell gear etc), please post it on the SMC  'Garage Sale' page of our website.


t-bar slopes - the tussock meadow, Friday 19th March

Hope you are all having a great summer.
SMC Management
© copyright 2007-2010 - Stratford Mountain Club