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Issue 43 - 25 March 2010
Issue 42 - 05 February 2010

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ISSUE 44           TUESDAY 20 APRIL 2010...

Welcome to the latest edition of Manganui Notes, the e-newsletter of Manganui Ski Area and Stratford Mountain Club.

Winter is not long away now, and the SMC committee is busy organising and gearing up for the upcoming ski season.

The Annual Ski Swap is on Thursday 27 May at the New Plymouth Yacht Club, more details below.

In the snippets of interest section, The Banff Movie Tour is heading your way, and the Curl Magazine's Winter Issue is promoted.

Also some pics from Andy Cullen who recently did a summit of the mountain via east ridge (virtually straight up from the ski area).

Our feature article is a brief article on the future of the ski industry...


In this issue...


We have kicked off a Manganui Ski Area facebook page. Become a fan, and feel free to write on our wall, add images, posts, discussions etc.

Contact Us:
06-759 4609
New Plymouth

Get all your winter gear here.
New season Icebreaker now in store!

Kiwi Outdoors Centre
18 Ariki Street,  New Plymouth
Phone and Fax (06) 7584152

4 Mustang Dve Bell Block
New Plymouth
phone and fax (06)755 0005

GOINGS ON’ Around the Manganui Ski Area

When: 6pm, Thursday 27th May
Where: NP Yacht Club, Ocean View Parade, New Plymouth
Entry: Gold Coin donation, $10 for sellers

Drinks and nibbles will be available.

All proceeds go to the SMC Junior Ski Racing and Training Squad.

Warwick Brown building re-roof/re-clad project update

The scaffolding is still up, and Bruce Neale, of Bruce the Builder, and his team, have now completed their phase of the project. Progress is just about complete, with the new roof on, and all the cladding completed...

The board is going up; battens to follow. Sunday April 11 (note - lots of progress since this pic taken!)

All that is left is a bit of tidy up work, sanding soffits, staining (George's Goo) and painting of decks handrails doors etc, which we will want to hit while the scaffolding is still up. Also we need to remove all building rubbish, contained in big bags.
All these will be upcoming working bee activities.

Looking from Manganui Lodge out to the new roof and board and batten cladding, Sunday 18 April

A big thanks to Bruce the Builder and his team, Mike Reeve of Central Roofing, Lars and Kev, for the progress so far, and of course a big thanks to
TSB Community Trust
Taranaki Electricity Trust
NZ Community Trust
for funding the major cost.

Brett Manning movie Rough Cuts - review

Rough Cuts, the late Brett Manning's compilation of video footage of local surf and snow action, was a great showcase last night. Big offshore coastal swells, driving up the ski field access road with fresh snow everywhere, or skiing/boarding the top tow; footage hit all the right sounds and images for locals, and showed again what a special place this province is we live in (in case we needed reminding). Thanks to all who attended, also to Nicki Manning and Arthouse Cinema.

George W Mason Trust scholarship

SMC is actively seeking young adults who have a strong interest in safety services and ski field management to be this years recipient of the George W Mason Trust scholarship.
This is a fantastic opportunity for those with an interest in all aspects of ski field safety and management.
The successful applicant we be expected to be involved in all aspects of management as well as attending courses and workshops on the mountain or at other locations outside our region if required. Those wishing to apply should write or e mail the SMC secretary  as soon as possible
This is a great opportunity for those who have a desire to follow a career in an alpine environment.
Available to those 20yrs and under.
Please contact if you are interested in applying for this scholarship.

SMC thanks

TSB Community Trust
Taranaki Electricity Trust
NZ Community Trust

for their contribution towards the Warwick Brown Building  refurbishment/upgrade project.



Working bees of late are being well attended, with plenty up the hill contributing to pre-season maintenance.
It is all looking pretty good up there.
Still a bit to do so, your help would be much appreciated.

As described on the previous e-newsletter issue 43, working bees are now required to be completed in order to qualify for discounted season passes.

Putting the learners tow out, Sunday April 11

See below for our full working bee schedule.You should also be receiving in your inbox each Thursday, 1 page emails detailing the working bee scheduled for the upcoming Saturday and/or Sunday; what the jobs are, what is involved, who to contact if you are keen.

Remember that for the working bee qualifiers, you still receive a working bee ticket, each ticket being valid for 1 nights accommodation at the Manganui Lodge, or 1 days skiing.

Iain Wilson, making final adjustments after pulley battery is installed (removed for maintenance), Sunday April 11

Working bees are 6hrs duration, and commence at 10am on the mountain, giving attendees time to get up to the area.

Note that below is a list of jobs with project organisers, and not a roster as such. If you wish to be involved in an upcoming weekends working bee, then please contact the person associated with the project. Their contact details are listed below.

  • Warwick Brown bldg project (re-roof/re-clad, repaint basement walls and doors)
  • General lower field clean up
  • Gorge track maintenance (drains/road alignment, grit dump)
  • Top Tow maintenance (safety fence maintenance, towers & pulleys maintenance, Meadows returns repairs, repair tow line ramp, benching towline past old tow shed area, build level ride over roll-over)
    • Date (Weekend of)


      Contact numbers Working Bee
      April 24-25

      Kev Rowlands
      Mike Reeve
      Mario Padrutt
      Christian Padrutt



      • Warwick Brown bldg project (re-roof/re-clad).
      • Lodge (reinstate garden against walls)
      • Learners tow out, service T-bar
      May 01-02

      Kev Rowlands
      Lars Binsbergen
      Todd Cations-Velvin
      Karl Lapwood


      • Warwick Brown bldg project (re-roof/re-clad)
      • Ski Patrol prep/maintenance
      • Canteen pre-season work (organisation and stock-take, till & ticket pre-season prep)
      • Lodge Entertainment centre stock/organisation (fix cupboard locks etc, fix pool table etc).
      May 08-09

      Kev Rowlands
      Lars Binsbergen
      Rob Needs


      • Warwick Brown bldg project (re-roof/re-clad)
      • Set up POS system & stock ticket office/canteen
      May 15-16 Mario Padrutt
      Christian Padrutt


      • T-Bar Maintenance (spring box repairs, T's on T-Bar)
      • Flying Fox maintenance.
      May 22-23 Todd Cations-Velvin
      Mark Braddock


      • Staff and Volunteer Staff Training

      May 29-30

      Brendon Edwards
      Rhys Williams


      • Lower field rail slides (remove/repair)
      • outstanding work from above tasks
      • Lodge appliances (TV fix to work properly etc)
      June 05-06

      Lars Binsbergen
      Justin Keenan


      • Lodge (window latch repairs, prep/paint reveals on Lodge windows)
      • outstanding work from above tasks
      June 12-13 Dave Smithers
      Brooke Fletcher
      Lars Binsbergen


      • Replacement of top tow rope (stretch and splice)
      • Lodge maintenance (entertainment centre repairs)
      June 19-20 Brendon Edwards
      Mark Braddock
      Justin Keenan


      • Jnr Ski racing gear check and test



      No report this issue.
      SMC member Andy Cullen just happened to climb Mt Taranaki via east ridge a couple of Sundays' ago, then completed a working bee while in the vacinity!
      Some pictures from his climb, straight up east ridge (to the north of the ski area)...

      Dawn over the central Plateau

      High above the ski area. The t-bar terrain is visible below and to the right, as are the 3 lodges. Ruapehu is in the distance.
      The river you can see is the Manganui River, apparently the largest trout-carrying stream in Taranaki , (one of 20 recognised trout streams that radiate out from Mt Taranaki and the Pouakais).

      The moonscape of Rangitoto Flat, the top of Fantham's Peak, in the early morning sun. Syme Hut is just visible on the right of the flat.

      Looking from the summit across to Shark's Tooth, and beyond to the Central Plateau


      The SMC committee has and or is working on a number of projects.
      These include…

      • Warwick Brown building re-roof/re-clad project
      • Top Tow maintenance - on going, top tow get on ramp repairs, more pulleys etc
      • Lower lifts maintenance
      • Junior ski racing and training strategies/events for thiscoming season
      • Safety Services pre season stocktake
      • Manganui Lodge building WOF
      • General machinery maintenance/servicing
      • interviews/selection of Safety Services Coordinator candidates
      • funding applications for Safety Services Coordinator wages




























      Banff Movie Tour of New Zealand 2010 - New Plymouth

      Location: Citywest Church, 62C Poplar Grove, Westown, New Plymouth
      Date: 21 May 2010, 7:30pm
      (the Friday before the Ski Swap!)

      The Banff Film Festival has continued to be well supported and has become a regular annual event for many Taranaki people.
      This year NZAC - Taranaki Section are again bringing this popular event to New Plymouth.

      The exclusive ticket outlet for this years event is Kiwi Outdoors Centre, 18 Ariki St New Plymouth.
      Tickets are available on the night but it is strongly advised to pre-purchase.

      $20 Adult
      $15 Children (15yrs and under)
      $15 NZAC members (current membership card required)


        1. Introduction – 2 mins
       Highlights of the ‘Best of Banff’

        2. World Record Waterfall Descent – 3 mins – Kayaking
       In this short but unforgettable film, Tyler Bradt sets the new world-record waterfall descent at 60m.

        3. Revolution One – 10 mins – Unicycle
       Follow world champion unicyclists Kris Holm and Dan Heaton as they take a look into the history,  people and places that have defined the rapidly emerging sport of off-road unicycling.

        4. First Ascent – Alone on the Wall – 23 mins – Rock Climbing
       After gaining international climbing renown for his landmark free-solo of “Moonlight Buttress”  in Zion National Park, Utah, 24-year-old Alex Honnold moves on to his next big challenge: the  first free-solo of the “Regular Northwest Face” route on Yosemite’s Half Dome.

        5. Take a Seat – 46 mins – Cycling
       Dominic Gill’s mission to cycle the 32,000 kilometres from the northern coast of Alaska to the  southern tip of South America, on a tandem bike, picking up random strangers on the way. A  gripping tale of two years and two continents, full of extraordinary characters and incidents.

        6. Ultimate Skiing Showdown – 4 mins – Nordic Skiing
       The final sprint showdown between the fastest skiers on Earth in juxtaposition with a stunt  performer showing some of the sickest moves on Nordic skis. A lot of fun!
        7. Kranked–Revolve – 11 mins – Mountain Biking
       The coolest human-powered adrenaline tool ever invented – the mountain bike?  “Revolve” blasts  in cinematic glory from the French Alps to the lush coast of B.C.,  incorporating dirt jump, trail,  freeride, slopestyle and downhill.

        8. Ten-A Cameramans Tale – 36 mins –Free Skiing/Snowboarding
       This snowboard/ski freeride documentary gives an insight into the world of freeriding through  the lens of cameraman Guido Perrini. Featuring some of the world's best  freeriders in locations  from Alaska and Canada to Chile and Russia, the film delves into the passion, joys and dangers  that are an everyday part of freeriding.

        9. Mont Blanc–Speed Flying – 9 mins – Skiing/Parapenting
       Six speed riders fly from the upper slopes of Mont Blanc down to Chamonix in one continious 10- minute shot.

      10. Hunlen – 12 mins – Waterfall Ice Climbing
       What happens if you show up to climb one of the biggest frozen waterfalls in Canada – but it isn’t  completely frozen? Will Gadd and EJ Plimley battle to do the first ascent  of B.C.’s remote Hunlen  Falls. Falling ice, crashing water, fear, big fun!

      11. Project Megawoosh – 4 mins – Water Slide
       Bruno Kammerl, a German engineer, works to perfect the world’s tallest human water slide.


      Curl’s Winter Bumper Issue due out June 21st!
      Curl is Australasia’s largest Women’s surf and lifestyle magazine and in this issue we cover all things Surf, Ski and Board.

       Check it out for great coverage of the Women’s Championship Tour in Taranaki, surfer profiles, wetsuit guide, snow team rider profiles, Japan and Canada snow trips, snow buyers guides in winter outerwear, boards and goggles plus competitions and giveaways and much much more!

      ?Also if you subscribe online now all new subscribers will receive either a Ripcurl Cap or Billabong stickers until stocks last. 
      Subscribe here:

      Feature Article

      Skiers want more...less...and a change

      The general global trend is for skier visits to increase...
      In China, projections are for massive growth. New resorts are in the process of construction in eastern Europe, central Asia, South America and the USA, and facilities are being expanded almost everywhere.

      Consumers are demanding different types of skiing experiences, and resorts are reacting by expanding their offerings.
      Technology has played a role in consumers' demands. For example, increased uphill capacity means more downhill in a day. The result is that a guest can ski more of the resort in a single day.
      Advances in equipment have also enabled people to ski better. Consequently, there is more demand for intermediate and advanced skiing/riding, with more off-piste adventure-type skiing, as well as - the once unheard of - lift serviced backcountry skiing.
      (Just what Manganui offers on a good day!)

      Of course, the ever-growing number of snowboarders want, and perhaps need, additional terrain parks. These have to be better than the terrain parks at the resort down the road, and they require large acreages.
      Although there's nothing new about the need for a reliable snowpack to operate a ski area, snowmaking facilities are more common, and are no longer found only at lower elevation ski areas.

      But skiers/boarders aren't just demanding more. In some important ways, they want less. Concerns over global climate change and carbon emissions have resulted in efforts to use less energy and cleaner energy sources.
      People everywhere want a balance between recreation and conservation

      Meeting the public's demands bring challenges worldwide. The ski industry can, and has met these challenges head on.
      The goal is to meet the test by demonstrating that developed recreation will complement the natural environment.

      Here at Manganui, our 'landlord' the Dept of Conservation, rigorously monitor the effects of human and machine wear and tear on the unique tussock meadow that the t-bar slopes reside on (and indeed the whole ski area and it's access).
      Dedicated SMC enthusiasts have over the years maintained the erosion effects on this part of our area. Every activity the club does in this area has to consider and minimise any undue wear on the terra firma.

      Some skiers and boarders are of the opinion that the industry needs to get back to the simple stuff. Thats what got us here today. You can't buy the culture, the community of skiing. It has to be remembered that big resort skiing couldn't exist without its smaller brother club fields. It is NZ skiings history, and we have to preserve it.

      In NZ we are fortunate in that with our club fields, we have areas that do the simple stuff. In some cases by necessity than design! And here on Mt. Taranaki, we have a neat small local ski area that we have to preserve, for the region to cherish, and those who wish to travel to us to experience.


      source: Andy Spielman, Winter Sports technology International
      italic comments by webmaster

      If you would like to post a classified advert (buy/sell gear etc), please post it on the SMC  'Garage Sale' page of our website.


      Mt Taranaki's shadow over south-western Taranaki, Sunday 11 April.
      pics thanks Andy Cullen

      Not long till the snow comes now.
      SMC Management
      © copyright 2007-2010 - Stratford Mountain Club