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Manganui Snow Report/Webcam

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Issue 47 - 22 June 2010
Issue 46 - 04 June 2010
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ISSUE 48           WEDNESDAY 20 JULY 2010...

Welcome to another edition of Manganui Notes, the e-newsletter of Manganui Ski Area and Stratford Mountain Club.

We finally got going once more on Saturday 10 July, after a long period without snow. 5-15cm cover and fine frosty days meant for 4 days we were able to provide riding on the t-bar and learners tow.

We now await our next snowfall to be operational once more.

It seems this season is a north island season of lower snowfall, with the snow we have received falling mostly above 1600-1800m, with rain below that level. In contast the south island has good bases though they have had great weather cold nights perfect for snowmaking; Canterbury is expecting good snowfalls shortly.

In this issue...

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GOINGS ON’ Around the Manganui Ski Area

Manganui Ski Field pics, from the Taranaki Daily News 13 July...


Monday 13 July
pic thanks Rose Stoddart

Click here to view the pictures from 13 July at Taranaki Daily News Picture Gallery

Avalanche Advisory for Egmont National Park
The advisory for Mt. Taranaki is now running (from 01 July). consult this for up to date weather, snowpack and travel status for the whole mountain...

at 19 July 2010 2026
Weather: Scattered showers throughout the day with the freezing level sitting at around 1600m. The winds are out of the north west and moderate.
Snowpack: The snow pack is well consolidated at present. Variable conditions will exist on the mountain. As the freezing level lowers surface conditions will become firm. Watch for wind slab on leeward aspects.
Avalanche Occurrences: No avalanches observed
Travel Advisory: Backcountry travel is generally safe at present but always use care when venturing above the snowline. Crampons and ice axe are needed for safe travel on the mountain. Use caution around leeward aspects late in the day. The avalanche advisory is at LOW. This forecast is valid for the next 24hrs.

Safety Services Coordinator report

Dear Club Members,

Since our first operating day on June 9th, we have managed to spin the bullwheel of the T-Bar nine days to date this season.  We have also had the top tow running several days, and everything is ready to go up there.  All we need now is a dumping of snow and we’ll be away.

As I am sure some of you are aware, during the five operating days over the school holidays the field was experiencing power cuts.  This issue seems to be resolved, and we should be powered up and ready for our next snowfall.

The Backcountry Avalanche Advisory has been at LOW so far this season.  The snowpack is well consolidated and supportive.  Variable conditions exist on the mountain and safe travel will require the use of crampons and ice axe.  Anyone venturing into the backcountry should be sure to check the Avalanche Advisory (, and always remember that taking an avalanche education course is an essential step before heading into backcountry avalanche terrain.

I look forward to seeing you all up at the mountain this season…think snow!!!


Nick Fountain
Manganui Ski Field Snow Safety/Mountain Manager
Cell: 0272800860


-An Upper Mountain (Top Tow) Emergency Response Clinic/Refresher will be held at the Top Tow area on a date TBD weather and snow conditions dependent.  This is an opportunity for frequent user’s of the top tow to become familiar with our emergency/accident response procedures and equipment.  Anyone interested should contact the Snow Safety/Mountain Manager Nick Fountain at 0272800860.

-There will be an NZMSC Avalanche Awareness Course held from the 14-15 of August on the mountain.     This is a two day course involving a lecture and field outing.  This course is a basic introduction to avalanche awareness.  Full course details can be found at .  Anyone interested in registering for this course should contact Gayle Tricklebank, Taranaki MSC Branch, 067535021

supporting SMC junior ski racing and training


Racing and Training Programme

 the Junior Ski Race Training will be conducted by our club coach Christina Binsbergen at the Manganui Ski Area when the snow arrives. It is open to all junior members and all are welcome. The emphasis is on participation and having fun. Listen to the Snow Phone on 7591119 and check our Snow Report/Webcam page for details.
We wait for suitable cover to hold the Taranaki Secondary Schools Ski and Snowboard Championships.

We have a busy season ahead of us; refer to the latest events calendars on SMC Junior Ski Racing and Training Page.

Update from Finlay Neeson

below is an update from Finlay Neeson, age grade NZ ski champion, and new NZ ski team member, racing under Stratford Mountain Club for this season (Finlay previously raced for SMC when aged 7-9, and then moved to Turoa Sports Club and Ruapehu Sports, to further his racing career)...

I trained in Europe this last NZ summer. Based in the Benni Raich Training Centre in Pitztal, Austria. I was pretty happy with my results there racing and placing in the top 10 in most races of my age group. I improved my Slalom FIS ranking while in Europe which I felt was a real achievement, I was a bit unlucky with my GS races, had a couple of concussions that put me out of racing.

I'd also like to thank Christina Binsbergen for phoning Austria and helping out with organising of race insurance, our German was not up to scratch. Turned out one of the boys needed it!

I thought Europe would be an impossible task coming from NZ, but interestingly enough, it was actually better than I thought. The races were harder from an athlete numbers point of view but I now feel ski racing in Europe and getting results is achievable. I enjoyed the change of environment from Canada and will definitely base myself in Europe from now on.

Alpine Ski Racing in Austria is what rugby is to New Zealand. I was surrounded with support and enthusiasm for my sport, on the tv, on the mountain and in the bars!

Last month I was selected for the New Zealand Mens Ski Team. I have now joined Ben Griffin, Tim Cafe, Andrew Wylie, Jamie Prebble, Nick Prebble  and Harrison Steedman. Ben and I are the only North Island athletes and we get a fair bit of cheek for it. I am lucky to be coached by Nils Coberger, brother of Olympic silver medallist Annelise Coberger.

I am also proud to have selected to race for the Stratford Mountain Club within the NZ Mens Team.

My aim for this year is to defend my National Title in Slalom and Giant Slalom and to improve my 2nd ranking in Super G to take that title in 2010. I placed 3rd in the open mens title in Slalom last year and I aim to improve on this as well in 2010.

I am working 6 sessions a week in the gym presently and training 4 days on and 1 day off at Coronet Peak. We train at the T Bar in Rocky Gully. If you happen to be there then let me know and tap me on the shoulder, I'm always keen to have a run with anyone after training, especially if you have some potential ski racing kids with you!

congratulations Finlay on your NZ Mens Team selection. SMC wishes you all the best for your training and competition for 2010.

Click here to view 13 July Taranaki Daily News' Big moves for young ski racer article on Finlay

For further information please contact
Racing and Training Coordinator
The SMC Junior Ski Racing and Training Team
Mark Braddock
7527035, m 027 6898149



No report this issue

Madwax is stocked at Kiwi Outdoors Centre and at Vertigo SH45


The SMC committee has and or is working on a number of projects.
These include…

  • Warwick Brown building final costs assessment.
  • Manganui Lodge building WOF
  • funding applications for new ski-doo
  • Primo Wireless partnership strategy (upgrade of broadband/phone lines)

Funding applications update

It has been a busy last 2 years as far as funding for our Ski Area operations goes.
Last year we received funding for 3oo4 months of our Safety Services Coordinators wages, as well as a total of $60,000 for the Warwick Brown Building Upgrade project, which is just about complete.
We had to revise our scope/budget from our original plan, and dropped the helipad earth works and storage upgrade we originally intended; however the re-roof and re-clad was completed and this project is all but complete.
This year we are seeking funds for our Safety Services Coordinator wages once more (our only full-time staff position), as well us for the Warwick Brown Building new fire/security system, and also for a replacement Ski-Doo. As well we are seeking funds for Safety Services gear upgrades.
While funding grants are much appreciated and saught after, it is not a given that we will be successful with all applications. With ever increasing operational and compliance costs, the funding received is crucial to us keeping us in the black, and also to maintain and progress our various systems.
We'll keep you posted on outcomes.

Justin Keenan, funding officer



Avalanche Awareness for Climbers, Trampers, Skiers & Snow Boarders

Friday 14th August (evening) and 15th August 2010 (Field Day - Manganui Ski Area), availability subject to numbers...

The avalanche awareness programme provides essential introductory for who need the basic knowledge required to help them make decisions about their personal safety when in avalanche terrain. Aimed at skiiers, snowboarders, climbers and trampers.

The course provides foundation knowledge only and MSC recommends that course participants travel in the backcountry with experienced leaders until they have gained sufficient understanding of avalanche phenomena to make sound judgements for themselves.

The course covers a wide range of topics on avalanche safety including:
• Mountain weather
• Decision making
• Avalanche terrain
• Route selection
• Companion rescue
• Safety equipment

Lectures are held in the evening, lasting around two hours. Lecture attendance is a prerequisite for attendance at the field-days.

Field day
Field days are focused on practical work and last a full day.
Description: The course is aimed at those with little avalanche knowledge. This course will suit those who intend to travel on alpine terrain and are looking for entry-level instruction.

Pre-requisites: Solid movement skills on snow.

Learning outcomes: Participants are expected to complete this programme with a general awareness of:
• The avalanche phenomenon
• Issues related to decision making
• Terrain factors
• Practical techniques for companion rescue

Assessment: The course does not have a formal assessment but participants will receive a ‘certificate of attendance’.

Instructor qualifications:  Registered Avalanche Awareness Instructor.

Terrain: The course is to be taught on non-technical terrain (rope protection not required for safety) at any time of year above the bushline, but does not include any glaciated slopes. Factors to be considered include slope angle (< 30 degrees) and avalanche danger. This includes exposure from above as well as on the specific terrain feature. These factors must be documented on the MSC Snow Stability Form.

Contact: Gayle Tricklebank
Mail: PO Box 616, New Plymouth 4340
Phone: +64 6 753 5021
click here to email enquiry

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We have a link from the Taranaki Daily News online website homepage direct to our Manganui Ski Area snow report/webcam page.
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Lilly Stoddart enjoying her walk up to the ski area, Monday 13 July
pic thanks Rose Stoddart

Snow is here! We want more!
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