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ISSUE 57          FRIDAY 09 SEPTEMBER 2011...

Welcome to Issue of 57 Manganui Notes, the e-newsletter of Manganui Ski Area and Stratford Mountain Club.

This issue has got to be one of the most memorable to compile in a long time, what with the Polar Vortex visiting the province in a big way, and then the ski area receving in excess of 1m of snow the following Wednesday to Friday, it set the ski area up for an unprecedented run of opening days into late August and early September, with most of those the entire ski area accessable.

Lots of pictures in this issue, so enjoy the ride...

So, that memorable 'perfect storm' - with snow falling in New Plymouth and Coastal Taranaki, was well worth waiting for. There we were worrying if winter would ever come in June!

12am 15 August isobar map; that memorable high stretching from Antarctica to the equator, allowing the polar vortex to breach and send that antarctic air cap our way

I had the pleasure of heading to Manganui for a powder day on Tuesday the 16th August; the day after all the snowfall. The drive to and from the ski area from New Plymouth alone was one of many highlights; snow all the way from Tariki to the ski area; extending all the way to the central north island! and driving home it was still there!

Keith Seddon at the top of the top tow, Tuesday 16 August. Check out the snow, all the way to Ruapehu!

In this issue...

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GOINGS ON’ Around the Manganui Ski Area

Snow Safety Services Coordinator's Report 

The last work period was  clearly characterized by the storm of the century.
I spent these exciting days up here at the lodge with some SMC clubmembers, so it was not boring.
We digged, we de iced, we experienced a couple of days in a dark and cold lodge, we witnessed how the road clearing contractors crew got out of their comfortzone due to the heavy snowfalls… exciting times! After heavy snowfalls, up to one meter on the skifield infront of the lodge, the moist Southeasterly helped to change the whole skifield to an icerink. During these times the final Gorge track shoveling had to happen, which appeared to be a bit of a high alpine undertaking.

Bezi in de-icing mode - Saturday 20 August

Meanwhile slides of medium dimensions happened on the skifield. E.g. a guy who climbed up in his skiboots hanging off his skipole, that was rammed in the ice and he was tangling below it unable to get up…   Without the help of some people with crampons he would have to wait for a couple of days, till the sun softened this bulletproof surface into something skiable.
Vibrations here at the lodge are still great, weather and snowwise we are really gifted this season and I am thankful to experience such a snowy season here in the southern hemisphere.
Thanks to the motivated clubmembers who came up to dig out the Top Tow. After the heavy snowfalls it was rimed and buried massively. The reward for the shoveling is obvious – we are having great skiing on the TT in the moment and hopefully with these amounts of snow till late springtime!
The SMC AIR MASTER was a great freestyle event, 54 participants around event organizing team (Mike Reeve, Morgan and Thornton Davies) had a great time and thanks to the sponsors loads of prizes could be handed to happy winners. The lodge was filled with a lot of young fellows at the pricegiving, who hopefully represent the future of the club.
Back home its slowly getting autumn, so time to prepare for the next winter ;-)

Ski You next time!

Powerco Pembroke 11kV upgrade - update 

Powerco recently held a celebration afternoon tea, as a thanks for all the effort to date in the first stage of the upgrade to Upper Pembroke Road 11kV power supply.
Powerco, their contractors Central Directional Drilling, Tenix and Asplundh, SMC, Mountain House Motel, Ngati Ruanui and DoC we all represented, and it was a good convivial gathering in a most splendid setting that is Ngati Ruanui's Mountain House, managed by and Lynn Poulford

below is Neil Holdem's speech to the group gathered to commemorate the first stage completion...

Thank you all for coming along this afternoon to mark the completion of stage one of our project to upgrade the power supply to the eastern slopes of Mt Taranaki.
This project could not have occurred without the support of a number of key organisation and people.
In particular I would like to acknowledge Ngati Ruanui, the local iwi and our hosts at this palatial facility, the Stratford Mountain House, members of the Stratford Mountain Club, The Department of Conservation and also the contractors who have worked in challenging conditions to deliver this project on time: Central Directional Drilling, Tenix and Asplundh.
I am not going to bore you with too much detail and many of you will know the background. The 11,000 volt supply up the road and through the bush to the communications hut up the road from here is old and nearing the end of its expected useful life. Combined with alpine conditions there have been far more power cuts up here than Powerco expects for a line of this type.
So we chose to do something about it and have commenced a project that over the next few years will see the line from the park boundary completely rebuilt in one form or another. This first stage represents an investment of more than $300,000, and with just six customers generating total revenue of less than $10,000 per annum,  I am sure everyone in this room will appreciate that this project was not based on commercial considerations but more so Powerco’s commitment to Taranaki, on our recognition of the importance of Mt Taranaki to our region’s identity and the importance of facilities like the Stratford Mountain House and Maunganui Skifield to our region’s economy.
Powerco are committed to ensuring these well known and important community icons continue to be enjoyed by people from both Taranaki and outside the region.
I know there have been problems with supply recently, but our engineers are confident the work that has been completed in will significantly improve network performance.
So thank you all for being part of this project to date.

Neil Holdem
Coorporate Affairs Manager

Thanks to Powerco for all their efforts to date; their committment to the completion of this project going forward. SMC is fully supportive of Powerco in all they have done for us this winter.

SMC Club Ski/Board Champs, this Saturday 10 September!!!

The SMC Club Ski/Board champs are on this Saturday 10 September (weather/snow permitting) on the top tow. Member? then come up and get a run through the gates! The prize? your name on the club honours board!

Top Tow junior skiers/boarders - parental supervision required

We are requesting that junior skiers/boarders riding the top tow be supervised by their parents at all times. Even if the snow is great and forgiving, the terrain can be hazardous in places, with exposure to bluffs and drop offs a serious hazard to be managed.
Also, we think it a good idea that parents assess the conditions first before making a call to take their kids up to the top tow slopes.
If unsure, please discuss with someone up there who looks familiar with the top tow and its slopes - we are all there to look after each other and enjoy the slopes in a safe manner!

Microwave donation - thank you!

Thanks to Claire White who kindly donated a surplus microwave. We will locate it at the top tow shed, as the one there is past it.
Now, if any one has an old microwave they would like to donate for the Lodge and canteen, they would be much appreciated! On busy days the Lodge microwave is a popular appliance, so 2 would be ideal...

supporting SMC junior ski racing and training


Race Coordinator Christina Binsbergen congratulates Poppy Mitchell. Poppy went on to place 7th at the North Island Primary Schools Girls Ski Champs

The Spot Prizes, kindly donated by Kiwi Outdoors, Cheapskates, Taranaki Hardcore and Vertigo



Finally after a 2 year absence, we were able to stage the Pri/Int and Secondary Schools ski/board champs this season. The Sec Schools were up first, On Tuesday the 23rd August, followed the next day by the Pri/Intermediate Schools.
We had fabulous weather and great t-bar snow for those 2 days, which made it all the more enjoyable.
These events have always been about participation, so it was great to see lots of kids and young adults giving the racing a crack.

Big thanks must go to the organisers Ray Priest for the Pri/Int Schools, and Titch Turner for the Sec Schools.
Also to Christina Binsbergen, Clive Saleman, John Neeson, and all the other helpers that helped out on the 2 days of competition.

Taranaki Primary and Intermediate Schools Ski/Board Champs - Wednesday 24th August

We had close to 50 competitors over 6 categories.

Of note was our sole Primary Snowboard competitor, who only had to complete the course to take out the title! And also no girls in both snowboarding categories. We know you are out there; be sure to turn up next time! (we know there are plenty of you in Taranaki!)

correction, Julia was 2nd!

Timi Te Ua went on to win the North Island Intermediate Boys Snowboard title! with Charlie George placing =15th.

Click here for the Primary Boys and Girls Ski results
Click here for the Intermediate Boys and Girls Ski results
Click here for the Primary/Intermediate Boys Board results

Taranaki Secondary Schools Ski/Board Champs - Tuesday 23rd August

Skiing Results:

Jnr Girls Ski:
Meyer Neeson, SHGC, 35.42, 38.20, 73.62, 1
Megan Williams, SHGC, 42.97, 42.42, 85.39, 2
Rebecca Busing, SHGC, 42.88, 44.78, 87.66, 3
Jnr Boys Ski:
Finnley Binsbergen, Coastal, 33.91, 35.65, 69.56, 1
Harry Nichol, NPBHS, 35.49, 39.04, 74.53, 2
Truman Edwards, FDMC, 36.51, 38.19, 74.70, 3
Senior Girls Ski:
Jordelle Simkin, NPGHS, 35.09, 37.96, 73.05, 1
Lucy Brankin, NPGHS, 38.30, 39.71, 78.01, 2
Shauna Quin, SHGC, 42.23, 42.01, 84.24, 3
Senior Boys Ski:
Tai Juneau, Spotswood, 31.23, 33.06, 64.29, 1
Tobias Looker, FDMC, 33.69, 35.17, 68.86, 2
Jackson Braddock, NPBHS, 33.90, 36.35, 70.25, 3

Click here for the full results

Snowboarding Results:

Jnr Boys Board:
Khaiya Raven, Spotswood, 45.05, 41.97, 87.02, 1
Jacob Kelly, NPBHS, 47.12, 45.80, 92.92, 2
Wade Sutton, FDMC, 47.57, 46.48, 94.05, 3
Jnr Girls Board:
Tayla Willets, Spotswood, 46.06, 44.65, 90.71, 1
Ariarna Hickey, Coastal, 54.03, 53.26, 107.29, 2
Georgia Ferris, SHGC, 52.38, 58.94, 111.32, 3
Snr Boys Board:
BJ Monk, FDMC, 45.30, 43.65, 88.95, 1
Cameron Brewster, Spotswood, 46.57, 43.86, 90.43, 2
Hayden Brooks, NPBHS, 46.41, 45.22, 91.63, 3
Snr Girls Board:
Renee Cadenhead, SHGC, 53.82, 51.65, 105.47, 1
Georgia Kettlewell, SHGC, 57.84, 55.93, 113.77, 2

Click here for the full results

pictures thanks to Jane Dove Juneau and Rhys Williams

SMC acknowledges support given by NZ Community Trust, towards Safety Services Coordinator wages for this season.


no report this issue

Madwax is stocked at Kiwi Outdoors Centre and at Vertigo SH45


The SMC committee has and or is working on a number of projects.
These include…

  • General ski area operations and support 
  • Lodge Bookings 
  • Groomer maintenance (new tracks ordered)
  • Learners Lift maintenance

Dennis Cran skis fresh lines, Tuesday 16 August - a fresh pow day at Manganui!

Jackie Cran starts the ride on the top tow, Tuesday 16 August

Rhys helping with the dig-out of the track, Saturday 20 August

The new ski-doo nicely parked outside the Lodge - thanks Pub Charity!

27 August, another great Saturday at Manganui

The TET Rescue helicopter on Saturday evening 27 August, the first sucessful heli-evac of an injured skier from Manganui Ski Area witht the new rescue helicopter.


ski area action!

These pics were taken over a few memorable days on our local...

getting sorted for another ride, Tuesday 16 August

past SMC Treasurer Dirk Schmit, taking a break at the Top Tow, Tuesday 16 August

Keith Seddon out on the big schuss, Tuesday 16 August. Snow all the way to Hawera and Kapuni

Riming on the t-bar, Saturday 20 August

Top Tow terrain, Saturday 27 August, everything was skiing superb.

Top Tow, Saturday 27 August

The epic cover on the t-bar, Saturday 27 August. As good as it ever gets for Manganui.

Saturday 27 August; The end of a great day's skiing; the lodge full of members having a chat about the day. Great to see!

pics thanks Mike Reeve and Rhys Williams


Feature Article

SMC Big Air Session - Sunday 4th September

What does one stunning day, 54 stoked competitors, and an epic snowfall all have in common? An Inaugural Stratford Mountain Club Big Air Session/Airmaster competition, with 4 days from conception to completion the event was a winner that can be drawn on to achieve a great yearly event for the Club.

A huge thanks must got out to the sponsors; with an awesome range of spot prizes from T-shirts to hats and beanies, to gloves from Vertigo and an HD GoPro Camera from Kiwi Outdoors.

We hope to see Mr McCay the winner of the GoPro and his mates on the hill hitting kickers and filming the deeds. Please support the companies listed below as they made this event a success!!

Without a Groomer for the current season due to damage caused by individuals last year, it came down too slave labour and a labour of love for the construction of the kicker. We can only build on the kickers size and landing for next year with hopefully a fixed groomer.

 Thanks to Thornton Davies for his tireless effort on Friday and Saturday with the construction of the jump.

The following people received prizes for:
Best Crash - Ben Winther, Junior Boys - Jacques Piebenga, Junior Girls - Georga Farris, Senior Girls - Lauren Luttrell, Senior Boys - Connor Anderson
Our sponsor for the event were:
Kiwi Outdoors
Liquorland Fitzroy
Seasons Cheapskates
Taranaki Hardcore
Velocity Skate Boards
Once again thanks to the sponsors and Mike Reeves from the SMC Committee for his support.
Morgan Davies

Morgan and Thornton divving out the goodies

If you would like to post a classified advert (buy/sell gear etc), please post it on the SMC  'Garage Sale' page of our website.


Top Tow snowboarder, Tuesday 16 August
pic thanks Mike Reeve

Winter has been a great one for SMC! Some road and power issues, which were understandable given the quantity of snow we received, but great snow and lots of operating days all the same!
SMC Management
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