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ISSUE 64        TUESDAY 20 MARCH 2013...

Welcome to Issue of 64 Manganui Notes, the e-newsletter of Manganui Ski Area and Stratford Mountain Club, and our first for 2013.

What an amazing summer in the Naki it has been, sunshine hours like I remember them when I was small; brilliant sunsets every night, not much in the way of wind, plenty of swimming in the forward to our last great summer like this - 'The Samurai Summer' of 2003 as it is often referred to; I am struggling to recall what the snow season was like following that magic summer...2003 (was it really that long ago?)...

In this issue...

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GOINGS ON’ Around the Manganui Ski Area


The SMC 2012 AGM

Wednesday 28th November at 7:30pm at the NP Boardriders Club, New Plmouth

Annual Report/Financial Statements:
Points in brief that Bruce Richards raised:
• Huge compliments to Dean Raven for an outstanding job with the accounts, it made Bruce’s life easy!
• Very few operating days this past year. Still positive for minimal days
• Cash Profit, ‘Book Loss’ due to depreciation on assets
• Depreciation of $44,057
• From a cash point of view, around 10,000 was made.
• Season passes were down on last year
• Canteen food and drink sales is up (sales takings calculated on purchased items)
• Bar was not run in 2012 due to a lack of paying customers in the lodge previously
• Subscriptions at $14,749
• Net return of $687 for the ski swap
• Security cost down from $1,490 to $541 thanks to Dean and Neville Christiansen completing the monthly inspections, therefore cutting down the number of inspections by Chubb
• No prepayment for insurance (Paid after the financial statement period) 
• Accounts payable $6,628 is up due to the following: Le Dejeuner Pies and The Honorariums
• Dean to close the TSB Lodge Rebuild account
• New Xero accounts system to help speed up the process and ensure ease of use with subscriptions.

AGM Presidents Report:
Thanks to the committee, Todd Cations-Velvin, Jenni and Brooke Fletcher, the paid staff and all those who volunteered their time throughout the season.

Individual acknowledgement to the following:
Thanks to: Lars Binsbergin, Mike Reaves and Nick Brown, who finished on the committee half way through the season.
Clive Saleman, who has been on the committee for a large number of years, thank you for your time in organising very successful Ski Swaps over the years and also all the Races on and off Manganui.

We had a very short season with 13 operating days on the T-Bar and a further 6ish days on the top tow. Pretty poor season all round, however the July snowfall fell in the school holidays and set the club up financially with large numbers attending the ski area all week.  September provided the T-Bar with 3 more operating days, however we were unable to make full financial gains from the days as the Secondary and Primary Schools were not held.

• Vegetation Report:  DOC required this for the first time in years. Waikato University won the contract with NZCT funding the project. ($5,232.00) Very minor issues were raised in the vegetation report, mainly the quad bike. We can mow earlier on in the season, the dryer the better.  Mowing to be conducted by a core group, not just anyone who wants a blatt.
 Insurance: Kept on getting bigger as the year progressed.
Committee was adamant to insure the lodge following last year’s AGM. Insurance went up before we signed on the deal (roughly $4,000) due to the central plateau going up during the year.
• Snow Safety Thanks to Todd for looking after this and saving the club approximately $17,000. Antoine helped out in the canteen and around the field for the 2 weeks that he was here and lost interest due to the lack of snow. Big thanks to both of these guys.
• Groomer: The groomer was fixed early on thanks to Christian and Mario, this was well used during the school holidays in moving snow around.
• T-Bar Towers Refurbishment Project: A huge thanks to Justin for completing this massive funding project, something that came to fruition in the last year. T-Bar Towers will be removed before Christmas, and reinstated in the first quarter of 2013. $92,000 has been received via TSB and TET. Thank You!
• Webcam: A work in progress, George Mason is looking at funding this and hopefully we can have some more views.
• Security System: Possibility of a new swipe card system within in the lodge to better run the membership base.
• Marketing: More lodge marketing; trying to ensure that we have more paying members.

Election of New Officers:
for 2013 we welcome the following to the committee:
Jnr Ski Racing and Training - Chana Perry
Social - Murray Symons

Subscriptions, Fees and Lift Passes Review:

• Remain status quo for the Insurance levy of $10.00  Moved: Rhys Williams, Seconded: Rob Needs,  All in favour: Carried

• Remain status quo on the cost of lift tickets, it discourages people following a bad season Jack Moved, Bruce 2nd, Carried Moved: Jack Cran, Seconded: Bruce Richards,  All in favour: Carried

• Remain Status quo with Season pass costs and working party benefits 

General Business
1. Insurance Premiums:  - An on-going issue for the committee to look at - We have a few options that we will look at during the 2013 season including an investigation into: first lost limit and only insuring the operational equipment. - Currently insured through Marsh up till the end of October 2013 at a cost of $19,063.00
2. Lodge Sprinkler System: This is being serviced monthly by Dean Raven and Neville Christiansen By completing this in house the club saves approximately $1000 per annum.

 When: 6pm, Thursday 23rd May
Where: NP Yacht Club, Ocean View Parade, New Plymouth
Entry: Gold Coin donation, $10 for sellers

Drinks and nibbles will be available.

All proceeds go to the SMC Junior Ski Racing and Training Squad.

we will be drawing a season be at the ski/board swap to be in the draw!!!

this is one of your last chances to purchase a season pass (discounted if you have done working bees).

A History of Stratford Mtn Club books will be available for sale


Update from Iain Wilson Energy Works:

To date we have grit blasted and inspected all the towers. We then repaired some original manufacturers weld defects and fitted new cable gland couplings to the top of the towers, new stainless steel junction boxes have been purchased and fitted.

Tower base typical - this is tower 4

 Tower 4 was condemned due to excessive internal corrosion, this is being re fabricated and will go to the galvanizers on Tuesday 19th March.  The ladders were inspected and straightened out.

access ladders and new tower 4

We have fabricated new lifting W's for the top of the towers, they will assist during maintenance and if we have a de-rail situation they also give a harness hook on point above the operator. The bull wheel has been stripped inspected , painted and rebuilt.

Top Bull Wheel refurbished

The remaining towers have been galvanized and painted and will be assembled in the next few weeks. We are currently looking at reinstatement on the mountain in mid April.





The autumn working bees are very important to the strength of the club, not only in getting the necessary maintenance work done by members, but also to build club spirit.
We will to publish every Thursday an email to members outlining the upcoming weekends' working bee activities and who to contact should you be willing. Your volunteer labour will be much appreciated!

Remember, a working bee qualifier is now applied to 'discounted' member season passes. Working bees are required to be completed by 31 May to qualify for the 'discounted' season pass rate, otherwise full price season pass rate applies. 1 member working bee still qualifies for 1 free nights accommodation at SMC Lodge, or 1 free days skiing, whichever you chose.

If you are keen in assisting in one of the scheduled working bees, please contact the weekend organisers as listed below. The working bee day is scheduled for Sundays, depending on availablilty/weather.

2013 Working Bee Schedule

Date (Sunday)


Contact numbers Working Bee tasks

March 24


Mario Padrutt Christian Padrutt

m 027 8251817
m 027 6926366

  • T-bar mowing trial
  • Machinery maintenance
  • General lower field clean up
  • POWERCO poles removal Mtn House area
March 31
(Easter Weekend)

Dave Smithers
Ben Plummer

m 027 2243506
m 027 4776271

  • Top Tow maintenance (safety fence maintenance, Meadows returns repairs, repair tow line ramp)
  • PowerCO poles removal Mtn House area
April 07

Justin Keenan
Christian Padrutt
Dean Raven

m 027 248 4085
m 027 6926366
m 022 6819469

  • Webcams set up and test
  • T-bar towers bases prep
  • T-bar mowing
  • PowerCO poles removal Mtn House area
  • Subs mail out (to be based in town)

April 14

Rhys Williams
Dave Smithers
Morgan Davies

m 027 4539627
m 027 2243506
m 027 3466155


  • Warwick Brown bldg (paint exterior block walls, and doors)
  • Top Tow/Access Tow maintenance
April 21

Murray Symons
Jack Cran

m 027 2243506
m 027 4318137

  • Warwick Brown bldg (paint exterior block walls, and doors)
  • Top Tow/Access Tow maintenance 
  • Lower field rail slides (remove/repair)
April 28

Nick Farquhar
Mario Padrutt

m 021 2736938
m 027 8251817

  • Manganui Lodge remedial work indoors
  • General lower field clean up
  • T-bar spring boxes out, Learners tow out
May 05

Murray Symons
Ben Plummer

m 027 223 2207
m 027 4776271

  • Top Tow maintenance (safety fence maintenance, Meadows returns repairs, repair tow line ramp)
May 12

Jenni Fletcher
Chana Perry
Nick Farquhar

m 027 4449475
m 027 4460196
m 021 2736938

  • Ski Patrol prep/maintenance
  • Tidy up Patrol Room
  • Ski racing gear tidy up
  • Warwick Brown bldg (paint exterior block walls, and doors)
May 19

Todd Cations-Velvin
Rhys Williams

m 027 6634014
m 027 4539627


  • Staff and Volunteer Staff Training (tbc)
May 26

Jenni Fletcher
Rob Needs

m 027 4449475
m 027 2702932

  • Set up POS system & stock ticket office/canteen
  • Canteen pre-season work (cleaning, organisation and stock-take, till & ticket pre-season prep)
June 03 (Queen's

Chana Perry
Justin Keenan

m 027 4460196
m 027 2484085

  • Outstanding work from above tasks
  • Webcam maintenance and test, operations computers/network set up and test

June 10



  • Contingency
June 17
  • Contingency

Participation in scheduled working bees gets you ability to purchase a discounted season pass, as well as a working bee ticket. This ticket be exchanged for a lift pass, or accommodation at the Manganui Lodge, should you already hold an SMC season pass [working bee ticket is valid till the opening day of the following season].

SMC acknowledges support given by NZ Community Trust, towards our Vegetation Report.


Wow, where has summer gone?  Time flies when the weather's good for sure.  I reckon a warm summer means a cold winter - that's my theory.

Good news - the towers have been removed off the mountain and inspected :) Bad news - Tower 4 needed urgent replacement :( But more good news - it has already been galvanised and painted, soon to be returned to its rightful home on the mountain :)  This definitely justifies proceeding with the inspection/correction project and we owe a massive thanks to the TSB Community Trust & TET for providing the funding.  This has enabled to club to help towards future-proofing the T-Bar for the next generation to enjoy.

The SMC working bee schedule has been posted on our web site.  By adding your name, you can contribute towards the maintenance of club facilities and take advantage of the discounted season pass.  We do understand this doesn't suit all our members, so to those who can't make working bees we appreciate payment of your subs to ensure the financial stability of SMC.

The committee's goal is to run an efficient and financially sound club so members and the public can enjoy the best our little ski-field has to offer. You can help any time by supporting the staff and /or volunteering when the field is open - just make contact with the ski field staff on the day. It all helps!

See you soon up the mountain.

Rhys Williams

Madwax is stocked at Kiwi Outdoors Centre and at Vertigo SH45



The SMC committee is working on:

  • Subs working bee organisation
  •  T-BAR TOWERS REPLACEMENT - towers galvanising, painting, ready for reinstallment
  • Lodge bookings - on line bookings/payment system investigation
  • Lodge entry/security system review
  • Webcams, test of existing  /new SMC cameras (in NP)
  • Weatherstation - Metservice service being booked in to get operational.
  • major funding applications - tbar tower pads, - ski matting for tbar lift line and get on get off, replacement learners lift





All Seasons Skiing and Snowboarding Australia

My name is Ian Hutchison and I am the CEO of all seasons Skiing and Snowboarding Australia.

Liberty Mountain Snowflex Centre Lynchburg Virginia USA (above & below)

We presently in the process of building the first of several 365 day a year skiing and snowboarding centres within each state capitol with the first being in Melbourne Australia.

What is Snowflex?

 Invented by Briton Engineering’s Brian Thomas, Snowflex is a synthetic material designed to simulate the slip and grip effects of snow. The most innovative surface on the market, Snowflex has a misting system that keeps it moist, maximizing speed and edge control. Snowflex retains its shape year-round, so riders can progressively sharpen their technique on its various contours. Unlike previous terrain technologies, Snowflex has multiple layers to cushion skiers and snowboarders if they should fall.

 Snowflex possesses these unique qualities:
Slip and grip: Maximum forward speed; extra edge control for turning; realism is lost without speed and edge control
Safety: Ultra cushioning for falls; no holes in surface layer to get caught in; no sharp edges/surface metal to cause abrasions or cuts.
Formability: Ability to create adventurous and interesting terrain and stunt formations
Authenticity: Creates the thrill of real snow

 Please visit the web site for details and videos of the Snowflex surface we are using at

These guys have contacted SMC to discuss the possibility that they can turn our resort into a 365 day a year skiing and snowboarding  facility us,ing our existing infrastructure and lifts!
According to them, this possibility is proving to be very profitable for other centres with the pinnacle valley resort at Merrijig Mount Buller (which is part of the Accor group of hotels) being the first regional centre that will have the Snowflex surface installed together with a chairlift, they will use their existing accommodation, restaurants and ski equipment hire...
We'll keep you posted on developments...if any...not many...if any...

Steep Revelstoke Gondola

Revel Snowghosts are this big...

Kicking Horse


Feature Article

 Canada Trip 'yarn'

Below is a yarn about Morgan Davie's recent Canada trip... (Morgan is uour current SMC Secretary)

“Gidday Mate”, Nah Bro, it became a familiar response throughout Canada. British Columbia and Alberta were teeming with Aussies! It seemed like everywhere you went there were more Australians than Canadians, it became apparent that I needed to ensure that people knew that I was a Kiwi, I soon learnt I was treated differently when I made it known. Very quickly I learnt all the Canadian jokes regarding the Aussies, all too crude to write here though!!

 Starting off in snob central Whistler, this was an incredible sight to see, pretty eye opening in regards to the shops and also the size of the two resorts. At this stage I was with the parents and we hung out on Blackcomb, there was more fall line and features and less snobby people than Whistler.

Blackcomb was awesome, although during our time there wasn’t any large dumps but just a few top ups, the snow is definitely wetter here though than the interior.

A few tips for saving the coin, buy your tickets in Squamish before Whistler at the Seven11, here you save around $15Canadian per ticket. Also for meals in town, hit up 495, everything is $4.95 and it’s bloody tasty!

 Having spent 6 days in Whistler with Mum and Dad, they were off home after their 3 weeks at Big White, Silver Star and Whistler and I was on a plane to Kelowna for a shuttle up to Revelstoke.

Revelstoke 'Lemmings Line'

For a resort that started in 08, this place is epic! This field had by far the best snow, trails and backcountry access. It was a happening place for the youth and middle aged.

With just one hostel in town I would recommend booking in advanced to ensure a bed. There was a great bunch of people to hang and socialise with on and off the mountain. Another positives is that Revy provides a shuttle service up to the hill(10mins).

Revelstoke again, looks steep!

Next was Kicking Horse, so many mixed reviews on Kicking horse at Revy, so it was good to see it for myself. They were lacking the snow at this stage, but you could see some decent features and terrain (T1 and T2). The downside to kicking is the Gondola that everyone funnels back too, so on a busy weekend you can be expected to wait in line similar to the express at Turoa.

Kicking Horse Slackcountry view

Kicking Horse has an awesome small hostel over the train tracks that was filled with people from all over the world, as was the Scottish owner. This place rocked, Fireball shots hostel dinners all together, and I can’t forget the Ice Cream cakes. I would recommend to any single traveler.

 Finally on my travels was Banff, this Calgary Hotspot had great skiing at Lake Louise although a 40 minute bus ride away, but it was well worth it with the 20cm + snow over night.

Lake Louise views

A good size field, with the majority of the crowds sticking to the main face, with the backside and the third face all being left to the more adventurous. To really escape the crowds a Louise all you had to do is ride the platter to the peak and drop over into the black and double black runs. With the fresh snow, over the back it was good knee deep powder.

View like that; has to be Lake Louise

Sunshine Village, I’m sorry if anyone has shares in this place, but it sucked and was boring and flat. The only rewarding part was the short trip from Banff and the blue sky day with the amazing Rocky Mountains surrounding the resort.

Only thing good about Sunshine Village...the view

Banff had great nightlife and another Samesun hostel like Revy, with a Bar ($3.50 pints) and $6 dinner special, this was awesome and another social place to hang out.

 In all I would definitely recommend Revelstoke, although don’t tell everyone... Please. Otherwise jokes about Kiwis will start to emerge. 20 days off work went way too fast, I guess I will have to teach a few more BOSIETs before my next trip, Japan??

yeah, i keen to join you if you want older company!

If you would like to post a classified advert (buy/sell gear etc), please post it on the SMC  'Garage Sale' page of our website.


Banff downtown, Alberta Canada

See you at the Working Bees!
SMC Management
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