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ISSUE 67        SUNDAY 22 SEP 2013...

Welcome to Issue of 67 Manganui Notes, the e-newsletter of Manganui Ski Area and Stratford Mountain Club, and our first for 2013.

So after a lean mid-July to mid-August, we finally got going on Saturday August 31, with a four day operating stint, the weekend skiing being most memorable, even with the top tow drive breaking down at 1pm on fathers day Sunday. We were sucessfully able to hold the Naki Pri and Sec schools ski/board champs, after not being able to host them last year; then the snow receded once more, before another top up at the end of that week (and the top tow being repaired and reinstalled - thanks to all involved) meant we were operational in the 2nd weekend of September on the Saturday, with the whole field skiing great...

At last count we have had 24 operational days, with many of those having the whole field going.

A rain event due weekend of 20-22 September is sure to put pay to our lower and upper mountain snowpack; we will then await hopefully another big southerly dump to get operational again.

The top tow did run last Sunday/Monday, and we have been doing our best to broadcast top tow operating status as we get it. Of course the nature of our operation means that the status cannot be confirmed till members access the top tow, and if not suitable (eg snow to hard, limited vis etc) and safe, we will not run.
When we know of a crew heading up, we'll keep you informed by way of facebook status and snow report...

In this issue...

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GOINGS ON’ Around the Manganui Ski Area

pre-AGM discussion...

So the SMC committee is discussing topics to be raised at the AGM.
One of those will be the on-going cost of insuring our plant and assets. Do you know that our insurance bill is currently costing us $19k per year? this is a huge overhead to the club coffers, and severely limits our ability to return any profit, which of course we would return back to the asset in the form of maintenance or upgrades, or investment in long term deposits.
The insurance premiums have doubled over the last few years.
Because of the unique location and difficult access to the Manganui Lodge (i.e. not at the road end) means our ability to market it is limited (difficult access for elderly and young).
So Manganui Lodge will take in in the order of $5k in accommodation fees on any given season, so with power maintenance etc, it is clear that the lodge returns cannot match the cost of insurance.

So SMC has some hard questions to ask regarding insuring our lodge:

  • do we want to go uninsured on our Lodge, retaining insurance on the operating plant (lifts, equipment etc)?  - halving our premium, but meaning our ability to re-insure will be very limited; also the risk of course - we do have fire/sprinkler/security systems at the lodge.
  • is there an alternative to bank say half the premium each year, thereby creating a cash asset that will build over time to offset the risk?
  • do we explore joining a consolidated fund with other NZ ski clubs (in a similar situation), whereby $ is pooled by all the clubs and able to be drawn on for claims (again cash asset building over time - legal implications will need to be finalised).
  • do we want to be able to invest $ back into the plant we have (eg top tow shed/tow upgrage, learners tow replacement, groomer replacement), or carry on as a ski club/lodge club - are we a ski club, or aere we a lodge club?
  • all recent plant and maintenance projects have been pretty much fully funded by way of community funding grants - going forward the gaming grants are going to be harder to access; we are fortunate to be able to access TSB Trust and TET for major funding grants.
  • of course the Manganui Lodge is an amazing asset, albeit one that we are struggling to afford! One only has to see the enjoyment our members with families get out of the lodge to see how amazing it is. But SMC pay a huge cost for that privelege every year.

we welcome your opinion at the upcoming AGM, end of November. date time venue to be advised.

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Pri/Int champs pics...

at the car park, getting ready for the walk to school the ski area

loading up the fox: the self sufficient Newton Girls

Nils Paebanger and Christina set up the start, Seppi looks on

Seppi rides the t-bar

Kate Newton, 5th in the Intermediate Girls, starts the course. Ray Priest starts her on her way

A Junior girl in the course

Taylor Mitchell, 2nd Junior Girls, approaches the finish


Taranaki Sec Schools Ski/Board Champs, Monday 02 Sep

So a great day on the Monday here, after the call was made the Friday before.
We understand not all students could attend, with exams and other activities; but at least the Sec Schools got to do some racing ahead of the N.I. sec schools Champs later in the month at Turoa.
Thanks to Channa, Titch Turner, Mike Summerell of TSSSA, all those who helped on the day, and of course the particpants!

Results from the STOS TSSSA 2013 Sec Schools Skiing & Snowboarding Champs held at the Manganui Ski Area on Monday 2nd September:

Junior Boys
1st) Charlie George (FDMC) 36.81s
2nd) Timi Te Ua (Spotswood) 38.82s
3rd) Cameron Sharrock (FDMC) 39.88s
4th) Jack Williams (FDMC) 40.10s
5th) Zack Distin (FDMC) 41.34s
6th) Caleb McQuay (Stratford) 41.75s
7th) Joby Hintz (NPBHS) 42.34s

Junior Girls
1st) Emma Rattenbury (NPGHS) 43.19s
2nd) Meg Parsons (Spotswood) 44.84s
3rd) Monique Clarke (Spotswood) 50.24s

Senior Boys
1st) Jack Parsons (NPBHS) 37.53s
2nd) Mackino Skelton (NPBHS) 37.79s
3rd) Jacob Kelly (NPBHS) 38.44s
4th) Wade Sutton (FDMC) 39.28s
5th) Ieuan McCloed (NPBHS) 42.55s
6th) Lachlan Brewster (Spotswood) 44.59s
7th) Danyon Hicks (Stratford) 48.65s

Senior Girls
1st) Georgia Ferris (SHGC) 38.46s
2nd) Taylor Willits (Spotswood) 39.20s
3rd) Ariana Hidey (Coastal) 44.03s
4th) Olivia Smith (Spotswood) 48.03s

Junior Boys
1st) Truman Edwards (FDMC) 27.72s
2nd) Finnley Binsbergen (Coastal) 28.17s
3rd) Dean Vickers (NPBHS) 28.51s
4th) Noah Edwards (FDMC) 28.82s
5th) Cole Hareb (FDMC) 29.74s
6th) Nick Wilson (NPBHS) 30.52s
7th) Tom Sampson (NPBHS) 31.50s
8th) Jonas Pardrutt (Stratford) 31.76s

Junior Girls
1st) Demme Simkin (NPGHS) 32.36s
2nd) Neve Pierce (SHGC) 36.98s
3rd) Hannah Coleman (SHGC) 42.25s

Senior Boys
1st) Harry Nicol (NPBHS) 28.17s
2nd) Lao Vickers (FDMC) 29.70s
3rd) Jack Anderson (NPBHS) 30.13s
4th) Riley Looker (FDMC) 31.09s

Senior Girls
1st) Meyer Neeson (SHGC) 29.05s
2nd) Lyneeche Simkin (NPGHS) 30.99s
3rd) Rebecca Busing (SHGC) 33.46s

Teams Scores
1st) FDMC  145 points       2nd) NPBHS 144 points     3rd) SHGC  95  points    4th) Spotswood 75 points     5th) Stratford 42 points    6th) NPGHS 39 points    7th) Coastal  37 points

Taranaki Pri/Int Ski/Board Champs, Tuesday 03 Sep

So this was held the day after the Sec Schools, in warmer and softer snow conditions. Real warm tshirt weather, which for the junior kids was welcome. The course held up well considering the temperature, with a modification to the line at the bottom to allow for the groomer, which had broken down the night before, while Brooke was attempting to groom the course for us.

Great to see 40+ children of all ages participating, and the kids sure got plenty of pride completing the course.

Thanks to Christina for course set up and management, Ray Priest starter, Jonno at the finish, and Channa for her management of both days events.

On the back of these great events, SMC committee have decided to donate winners trophies; sec schools teams trophy, and individual trophies for int/jun winners (as no team competition at pri/int level). Look for these to be competed for next year!

Placings (please refer to SMC website Jnr Ski Racing page for full results):
Intermediate Boys Skiing
Surname First Name School Best Time Place
Padrutt Moritz Bell Block 28.25 1
Padrutt Gian Matapu 28.41 2
Binsbergen Lenny Coastal Taranaki 28.61 3

Intermediate Girls Skiing
Mitchell Poppy Oakura 29.73 1
Keenan Tessa Oakura 33.92 2
Padrutt Francesca Matapu 35.61

Primary Boys Skiing
Mitchell Jack Oakura 32.69 1
Johnston Adam Oakura 33.17 2
Wilson Ben Oakura  33.26 3

Primary Girls Skiing
Padrutt Julia Bell Block 31.74 1
Mitchell Taylor Oakura 33.38 2
Hintz Keeva Ngaere 34.88 3

Boys Snowboard Open
Ruakere Tai FDMC 38.60 1
Binsbergen Lenny Coastal Taranaki 40.88 2
Matuku Liam Highlands 44.64 3

Christina Binsbergen setting up the timing gear

the pre-event briefing, Christina and Channa brief competitors and supporters


Moritz Padrutt, 1st Intermediate Boys

Lenny Binsbergen, 3rd Intermediate Boys

Daniel Cleland, 4th Intermediate boys, explodes through the timing wand

an intermediate boy charges at the start

Poppy Mitchell, 1st Intermediate Girls

Poppy in the course

Tessa Keenan, 2nd Intermediate Girls

Tai Ruakere, 1st open snowboard (in great SMC issue helmet!)

Lenny Binsbergen, 2nd open snowboard

N.I Pri/Int Ski Champs, Whakapapa Aug 26-30

the week got off to a dubious start, with practice day in basically whiteout,wet conditions. The Tuesday was a magic day at Whakapapa's Valley, with all 4 GS courses hosting over 400 kids. Amazing to see this many competitors, and it all ran really well thanks to volunteers, course managers, and support parents
SMC were asked if we could lend our race timing gear, and with this in use, the speed of the competition, with 3oo4 courses having timing gear, was evident. SMC received a donation for the jnr ski racing coffers (our gear is on loan once more for the NI sec schools ski champs).
From Wednesday the weather deteriorated, with postponement Wednesday, followed by cancellation Thursday, meaning that the scheduled dual slalom was not held this year. Thursday we still managed to get some 'practice' in at Turoa with  the kids lapping the small terrain park most of the day, in a great snowy weather day.
All in all a great week, and with strong juniors numbers in the Taranaki area (and lots of them SMC families!), Taranaki Schools will no doubt be well represented in the coming years.

North Island Primary School Ski Champs
Primary Team Results
place school points (38 teams)
1 Dio1 77
2 Kristin Mixed 1 75
3 Saint Kentigern Boys 2 75
16 Oakura Snowbirds 44
(Mitchell Poppy, Wilson Ben, Keenan Tessa, White Lachie, Page Rachel)
17 Combined Coastal Taranaki 44
(Padrutt Julia, Binsbergen Lenny, Padrutt Moritz, Trowbridge Elly)

Junior Teams Results (44 teams)
1 Vicky Ave Reds 76
2 Hilltop Junior 75
3 Ponsonby Blue 74
20 Oakura Flyers 45
(White Robbie, Johnston Adam, Mitchell Jack, Mitchell Taylor, Keenan Theo)

SURNAME FIRST NAME SCHOOL / TEAM No. Team No. Points place (69 entrants)
Wikohika Tui Raetihi 1 Junior 61 20 1st
Hughes Jet Raglan Rockets 1 Junior 54 18 2nd
Gea Pascal Lynmore Boarders 1 Junior 58 16 3rd
Raumati Reef Oakura 2 Senior 28 12 =5th
Ferris Felix Oakura 1 Senior 3 4 =30th

SNOWBOARD GS teams results - 2013
Raglan Rockets 1st (18 teams)
Oakura 12th for full results.

Robbie White in the jnr boys course, Team manager (and Mother!) Claire looks on and snaps some action pics

Robbie White heading towards the finish

Adam Johnston, jnr boys (in SMC jacket!)

Theo Keenan, jnr boys

For further information please contact
our Racing and Training coordinator
Channa Perry, or our Coach Christina Binsbergen


Wow - a year ago we were hope to hear back if we was successful for the funding to the T-Bar refurbishment programme. Lucky us that TSB Community Trust and Taranaki Electrical Trust again supported another SMC project that future proofs skiing on Mt Taranaki for the next generation. A big thank you to all involved in the project.

The SMC Club AGM is being arranged for November, we will advertise the date time and location as soon as it is confirmed.  We welcome new additional members to our committee and look forward to receiving nominations.

Thank you all again for supporting our club - our awesome asset - Taranaki's only skifield.

Rhys Williams

Madwax is stocked at Kiwi Outdoors Centre and at Vertigo SH45



The SMC committee is working on:

  • Lodge entry/security system review
  • POS system investigation on-going
  • major funding applications - replacement learners tow, tbar tower pads 
  • top tow rope - replacement rope purchased! delivery is imminent, 21 Sep.
  • SMC 10 year plan - review and re-issue
  • auto coffee machine for the canteen, options.
  • top tow refurbishment discussions (been 20years since last retrofit)
  • groomer - fix (mechanical failure between engine and hydraulic pump, or clutch coupling failure
  • John Coplestone Water Quality Report (report all good) - training on looking after our water supply
  • Naki pri/int & sec schools ski/board champs, de-brief
  • AGM prep - key topics - insurance, snowphone do we need it/do many people still use it?
  • Ski patrol , pain relief - more resticted access storage
  • Warrick Brown operations floor - change of locks






Feature Article


Saturday 31 August - mint!


view of the top of the top tow, over Manganui Lodge, Sunday 01 Sep...

Brooke and Grover set up the top safety, Sunday 01 Sep

The view out from up top, Sunday 01 Sep

Glenn Brebner has a rest (takes a call at 1680m), Sunday 01 Sep

Mt Taranaki peak comes into view among the clouds, Sunday 01 Sep

SMC Life Member Peter Quinn, still showing great race form well into his 70's, has a run through the jnr race course (left up after completion of the racing, for those who wanted to run it), Tuesday 03 Sep

If you would like to post a classified advert (buy/sell gear etc), please post it on the SMC  'Garage Sale' page of our website.


Brooke Fletcher, our Mountain Manager, taking time out entertaining Granddaughter Alice, Tuesday 03 Sep

See you on the hill at the next operating period!
SMC Management
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