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ISSUE 68 FRIDAY 15 MARCH 2014...

Welcome to Issue of 68 Manganui Notes, the e-newsletter of Manganui Ski Area and Stratford Mountain Club, and our first for 2014.

So if you caught any of the 2014 Winter Olympics action, it may have got you excited for the upcoming now is the time to think about your sliding intentions for 2014...that long weekend, the season passes to purchase, the gear that needs upgrading...winter is coming...

It was great to see the strong performances by our kiwi team at Sochi. Jossi's 4th in the half-pipe was impressive, given his troubles in the slopestyle...

Jossi Wells goes big in the pipe

...if only Byron was fit, he well could have medalled, being ranked 3rd currently. And the future looks bright with Beau-James and the youngest Jackson Wells in the system for South Korea...

Jossi Wells celebrates his performance

The Wells' brothers with Father and coach Bruce; and Jackson is developing for the next games...

With only 1 alpine skier in the team, Queenstown's 21yr old Adam Barwood, the apline events where NZ has tradiitionally been represented took on a different feel. In credit to Adam, he finished a creditable 26 out of a field of 117 in the Slalom (as well as beating the Aussie racers).
The carnage on the 2nd run, with half of the favourites crashing out, mostly on the cross-angled gates at the very top of the course, led some to describe the course, set by Ante Costelic, as the worst in Olympic history, with the setback in mens slalom as a spectacle supposedly going to take years to recover**. Sounds a bit sensational, but amongst all that a conservative approach by the Kiwi meant a higher than expected finish position.
He also skied the GS conservatively and full credit to him for finishing the courses.

Adam Barwood in the Mens Slalom

A pity in that Taranaki and SMC's Finnlay Neeson was not selected to go (Adam Barwood was selected after solid results over the 2013/14 season met the strengthened selection criteria), but with the results of our freestyle team, it is clear that the future podium places for NZ lie in the park events. Slopestyle and Half Pipe look like events that NZ can challenge the world, and hey, we already did at these Olympics...

** this from Ted Ligety..."The snow is just really bad and Ante set a really difficult, typical Ante course set, which is borderline unsportsmanlike to set those kinds of course on these kinds of hills," said Ligety, who captured gold in the giant slalom previous. "But that's how it goes. Everybody had to ski it. Not all the best guys had a chance to make it down, unfortunately."

And in the Sochi Paralympics, New Plymouth's Corey Peters continues to impress, with a 6th in his SuperG event, and more to come in the slalom events.

Our working bees kick off the weekend after WOMAD, check out the working bees schedule below and offer up your help if you can. We have plenty of work for erosion management and also work on the top tow shed flashing, as well as remedial work to the Lodge that can be done irrespective of weather...

In this issue...

GOINGS ON Around the Manganui Ski Area

2013 AGM REVIEW...

Annual Report / Financial Statements
Points in brief that Bruce Richards raised:
$116, 000 repairs on the T-bar project, hence we lost $56,652 in the net operating surplus. $25,000 of the clubs money was required to cover extra expenses on the T-Bar
Tow takings up ($52,708) on last year ($16,509).
More operating days , hence wages are up ($9,866) compared to $3,996 last year.
Lodge made a small profit ($1,305), same as 2012.
Subscriptions down ($12,288) compared to $14,528 last year, hard to decipher subscriptions and membership numbers as some of the income for the subs are affiliation members.
Fairly identical in regards to the total expenses over the last few years, just another large jump in insurance fees.
T-bar project was largely covered by the grants
Roughly speaking SMC is better off compared to other years
We prepaid for our insurance (till August 8th), therefore our
general account is up on last year thanks to the good snow falls and timings with the school holidays.
A new accounting system should be adopted to ensure ease of accounting for the Treasurer.

Presidents Report

First ever time that Rhys has never been up in a season, thanks to an injury, however Rhys was happy to see the field run like clock work.
A huge thanks must go to Justin Keenan, Iain Wilson, Mario Padrutt and Christian Padrutt for their efforts that went into the mammoth task of the T-Bar Tower project. Last time that major work was carried out on the T-Bar was 1984, so hopefully we
will get another 30 years out of it.
After eight years on the committee, Biggie has stepped down from his role of Upper Lifts, the committee thanks Biggie for his time and commitment over these years, and are certain that we will see him riding the Top Tow just as frequently as ever.
Thanks to the customer service team, Caleb, Jenni, Hope and Mikey for their commitment to getting the field ready and running each day.
Thanks to Brooke for his ability to drop everything and get up the field at the last minute. Without this kind of ability the club could surely miss out on some operating days.
Groomer died again, hopefully not too big of a task and also not too expensive.
Webcam and Website - Further development on this to ensure that there is better informations to the club members
Insurance has once again become an issue

Election of Officers

Honorary Surgeon: Dr Brent Anderson
Auditor: Roy Lithgow
Honorary Solicitor: Shane Herbert
President: Rhys Williams (returning)
Vice President: Jack Cran (returning)
Treasurer: Michelle Ellis
Secretary: Morgan Davies (returning)
Upper Lifts: Dean Raven
Newsletter/Marketing/IT: Justin Keenan (returning)
Racing & Training: Channa Perry (returning)


1. Subscriptions, Fees and Lift Passes Review
Remain status quo for the Insurance levy of $10.00
Lift tickets for Non-Members is to increase by $5.00 on all prices. The club feels that we have a more reliable power supply and are still the cheapest in the country, hence we can warrant an increase.
Remain Status quo with Season Pass costs and working party benefits
Club member raised that the committee should investigate Lodge Season Passes.
More rules along line of ski prices come late afternoon need to be investigated

2. Insurance of Lodge
Current insurance cost is $19,950.00
Coverage is:
Warrick Brown $295,000
Top Tow Shed $62,000
Machinery $174,000
Lodge $1,400,000
Till 8th August 2014 as pre-paid.
Roughly 9-10% increase per annum
We are in a snow sure collective with 18 other clubs on mountains
50/50 roughly on the idea to go uninsured
Committee through Michelles help will look out our options and make a decision.

3. Snow-Phone Usage !
Out of 26 people at the AGM roughly one third of the members still use the Snow-Phone with the rest using the website.
It was mentioned that the less the mediums, the more likely the correct information is out to the community.

4. David Thatcher Award
Background: Early president who managed to get the field electrified and also built the first lodge on the field.
The award was envisioned that it would go to an outstanding club member who had contributed to the club in a manner not necessarily sporting.
On behalf of the Stratford Mountain Club, President Rhys Williams would like to thank Justin Keenan for his contribution to the Club over the past few years in regards to his
huge efforts surrounding the funding for a number of major project. Thanks to Justin for his time and effort to SMC and the clubs development.

5. 85th Jubilee for SMC next year. Social Committee Member and Committee to investigate running a function.

Prices include GST 15% and DOC levies of 3.5%

Full Day / Half Day (12:30pm)
Adult $25 / $15
Junior (17 & under or at school) $15 / $10
Student (Tertiary I.D.) $20 / $15
Learners Tow Only $10 / $6
Top Tow Only $20 No Half Day

Full Day / Half Day (12:30pm)
Adult $45 / $35
Junior (17 & under or at school) $30 / $25
Student (Tertiary I.D.) $35 / $30
Learners Tow Only $25 / $20
Top Tow Only $25 No Half Day
Family Pass (2 Adults & 2 Juniors, all lifts) $115 / $80
Infant (under 5) Free
Super (70 years & older) Free


The autumn working bees are very important to the strength of the club, not only in getting the necessary maintenance work done by members, but also to build club spirit.
We will to publish every Thursday an email to members outlining the upcoming weekends' working bee activities and who to contact should you be willing. Your volunteer labour will be much appreciated!

Remember, a working bee qualifier is now applied to 'discounted' member season passes. Working bees are required to be completed by 31 May to qualify for the 'discounted' season pass rate, otherwise full price season pass rate applies.
1 member working bee still qualifies for 1 free nights accommodation at SMC Lodge, or 1 free days skiing, whichever you chose.

If you are keen in assisting in one of the scheduled working bees, please contact the weekend organisers as listed below. The working bee day is scheduled for Sundays, depending on availablilty/weather.

2014 Working Bee Schedule

Date (Sunday)


Contact numbers Working Bee tasks

March 23

Mario Padrutt Christian Padrutt

m 027 2700115
m 027 6926366

  • Machinery maintenance
  • T-bar mowing
March 30

Dean Raven
Rhys Williams
Chana Perry

m 022 6819469
m 027 4539627
m 027 4460196

  • Top Tow maintenance (safety fence maintenance, Meadows returns repairs, repair tow line ramp, nickel anti-seize tower pulley clamps)
  • General lower field clean up
  • T-bar mowing
April 06

Justin Keenan
Christian Padrutt
Kent Needham

m 027 248 4085
m 027 6926366
m 027 5368774

  • Webcams set up and test, Operations room computers test/set-up
  • T-bar mowing
  • General lower field clean up

April 13

Nick Farquhar
Rob Needs
Michelle Ellis

m 021 2736938
m 027 2702932
m 021 646110

  • Manganui Lodge remedial work indoors (clean out of timber from groomer shed), George's Gu apply on outdoor rubbish bin
  • T-bar mowing
  • Spring Clean Lodge, supplies etc
  • Top Tow/Access Tow maintenance
April 20 (Easter Weekend)

Murray Symons
Jack Cran
Jenni Fletcher

m 027 2232207
m 027 4318137
m 027 4449475

  • Top Tow/Access Tow maintenance
  • T-bar line half rounds on tow line install
  • Ski Patrol prep/maintenance, tidy up Patrol Room
April 27

Nick Farquhar
Mario Padrutt

m 021 2736938
m 027 2700115

  • Manganui Lodge remedial work indoors
  • General lower field clean up
  • T-bar spring boxes out, Learners tow out
May 04

Murray Symons
Dean Raven

m 027 2232207
m 022 6819469

  • Top Tow maintenance (safety fence maintenance, Meadows returns repairs, repair tow line ramp)
May 11

Chana Perry
Kent Needham

m 027 4460196
m 027 5368774

  • Electronics (webcam, computers, swipe cards systems)
  • Ski racing gear tidy up
May 18

Todd Cations-Velvin
Rhys Williams
Justin Keenan

m 027 6634014
m 027 4539627
m 027 248 4085

  • Staff and Volunteer Staff Training (tbc)
  • Webcam maintenance and test, operations computers/network set up and test
May 25

Morgan Davies

m 027 3466155

  • outstanding work from above tasks
  • Set up POS system & stock ticket office/canteen
  • Canteen pre-season work (cleaning, organisation and stock-take, till & ticket pre-season prep)
June 01 (Queen's

Chana Perry
Kent Needham

m 027 4460196
m 027 5368774

  • Set up POS system & stock ticket office/canteen
  • canteen pre-season work (till & ticket
  • Outstanding work from above tasks
June 08

  • Contingency
June 15
  • Contingency

Participation in scheduled working bees gets you ability to purchase a discounted season pass, as well as a working bee ticket. This ticket be exchanged for a lift pass, or accommodation at the Manganui Lodge, should you already hold an SMC season pass [working bee ticket is valid till the opening day of the following season].


Welcome back SMC club members. 2014 is looking really good this year with Marchs cooler weather and already a dusting on our mountain.

We have just had our first committee meeting this year and there is a lot for us to do this season.

First is setting up the working bees so all those pre-season jobs can be ticked off. This is a great way to save money on your season pass, help the club and meet fellow club members. We all have different skills to volunteer and its a matter of choosing the right working bee to get stuck into. Remember you also get a working bee ticket to have a free days skiing or nights accommodation in our wonderful ski lodge. Watch out for various project and the call for volunteers via our web-site.

Our groomer is being repaired and we hope to have it running for the start of the season.

We have new tower pads arriving soon and the blue pads will protect users from the newly reconditioned towers.

I would like to welcome Michelle Ellis as our new Club Treasurer. Michelle is a Chartered Accountant and prior Financial Controller of RAL, so we are very lucky to have her experience, skills and expertise on the team. One of Michelles first jobs is to update our subscription system, so hopefully you will see your invoice shortly without any hiccups. Please notify Michelle of any corrections required. Once you have received your subs invoice, we would really appreciate prompt payment, as the funds help us get through the maintenance period to be ready for the lifts to operate as soon as the snow arrives.

A big thank you to retiring committee member Dave Biggie Smithers who has put in countless hours keeping the Top Tow working over loads of seasons.

Our thoughts go out to Brian Velvin (Ex SMC President) and Todd Velvin (Our current Snow Safety Manager) and the family for the loss of Helen. In past years Helen was very involved in the club and contributed greatly towards its operations. It was very sad to hear of her passing.

The old snow phone will be disconnected this season and we will be sticking to our web site (to be updated during this season) and our SMC Facebook page for all ski field and snow updates and photos.

I hope to see you up the mountain this season - last year I missed the fun with a ruptured ACL from a basketball injury. This year Ill be back with a knee brace - slower but still getting down the slope.

Enjoy the rest of the fine weather, get your ski gear out and check that its all ready for action and safe for snow time.

Rhys Williams

Madwax is stocked at Kiwi Outdoors Centre and at Vertigo SH45


The SMC committee is working on:

  • Lodge entry/security system review
  • POS system investigation on-going
  • major funding applications - replacement learners tow quotes/review/funding
  • 3-year major funding - tbar drive station and goods lifts towers renewal
  • SMC 10 year plan - review and re-issue
  • groomer - fix (mechanical failure between engine and hydraulic pump, or clutch coupling failure
  • erosion protection t-bar line
  • website revamp - quotes
  • Greeves partnership - top tow/access tow (Tim Reid)
  • Rabbit control (within existing permit)
  • Rails Jib park
  • Insurance - robust discussions!
  • 85th Jubilee - social evening dinner mid-season

All Committee meeting minutes are now posted on our website; check out our SMC Members Info/Club Documents page to see what we are up to...


In2ski Sydney Australia

Snow enthusiasts can now hit the slopes year round in the heart of the city at In2ski, the first and only indoor snow sports centre in Sydney, Australia. This overview of the centre features co-founder, Winter Olympian and five-time aerial skiing world champion, Jacqui Cooper, with the In2ski team...

Manganui Ski Area named one of Taranaki region's Top Things to Do for 2014

this from Aussie travel/attractions website Experience Oz + NZ...

We received our votes from our customer base of over 50,000 people for our yearly Top 10 Things to Do poll, and Manganui Ski Area was named one of the top for the Taranaki region (see link here:

The Top 10 Things to do in Taranaki, NZ...

10. Fun Ho! Toy Museum
9. Mike's Organic Brewery
8. Heliview Flights Scenic Helicopter Tours
7. Te Popo Gardens
6. Puke Ariki Museum and Library
5. Manganui Ski Area !!!
4. Tawhiti Museum
3. Pukekura Park
2. New Plymouth Coastal Walkway
1. Mt Taranaki

below is a badge touting Manganui Ski Area as a winner...

Feature Article

January Whistler Blackcomb picture essay

So on January 14 our family headed off for 10 days at Whistler / Blackcomb.

Riding 7th Heaven, Blackcomb

Top of 7th Heaven

After a lean buid-up to their season, we arrived just after a 70cm dump, which freshened up the slopes and meant we had winter snow for the first few days. Valley Fog meant we skied high for those 1st few days.

Cat track off 7th Heaven

7th Heaven trail

With no snow forecast during our trip (bummer!), and mild mountain temperatures, there was nothing left to do but explore the pistes we could.

Off the Solar Coaster, top of Blackcomb

The piste skiing at Whistler / Blackcomb is as good as they say, and with the lean snow some lower mountain trails were restricted, however the upper mountain skiing was very good.

Top of Whistler looking back towards Blackcomb's 7th Heaven

We kept going home to what we know - high alpine above tree skiing, not too dissimilar to NZ skiing.

Because it was early season, the fields shut at 3pm, and it was pretty much dark by 4:30. 8:30am openings, so the same rules applied as to skiing here - get up the mountain early to enjoy the best conditions and lack of crowds uploading and skiing.

Blackcomb on the left, Whislter on the right, serviced by the main Whistler Village, and other smaller areas on the periphery

1st ride past our accomodation, upper village, Blackcomb

The terrain at Blackcomb Glacier and Jersey Cream express became a favourite, 7th Heaven was good but sun affected.

Jersey Cream, a run called Wishbone, Blackcomb

A Highlight was peak to peak gondola, which we rode pretty much every day.

dropping into the valley fog, heading towards Whistler

12min ride between each top mountain! It is an amazing lift and
great to access either mountain easy without having to ski to the base and upload again.

As Morgan alluded to last year - we did enjoy the more laid back atmoshere, and terrain of the Blackcomb side. Not to say Whistler doesn't have the terrain; just with the gondola from the base village accessing the top lodge (Roundhouse lodge, which is huge!), it sort of drew a different crowd. However, the terrain parks and kids zones are great at Whistler, as is the cafe, and Symphony and Harmony Bowls (each accessed by their own 6 & 4 seater expresses).
huge vertical though, think the vertical of Manganui Lodge 1260m to the summit of Taranaki 2518m, to get some idea, or the vertical from Ohakune to the top of Turoa.
Ed (Oakura Keenans)

Tree Fort, Whistler

Inukshuk, a stone figure used for mtn navigation, pretty sure these were erected for the Winter Olympics

A highlight was Blackcomb Glacier...NZ club skiers would probably lap this all day. Easy to access and a huge expanse of fall line skiing.

dropping into Blackcomb Glacier

Blackcomb Glacier exit

Whistler Village was pedestrian friendly, with plenty of food places, from budget to ritsy, and lots of retail and touristy shops. The place came alive in the weekends.
Recommendations for families? Stay close to Blackcomb (upper village), it is quieter, the resort can be easily reached by free bus circuits, and it is easier to get up the mtn than the cues at the village center gondola. Oh, and go in mid Feb! The lift operating hours will be longer, and more guarantee of fresh snow!!
Ed (Oakura Keenans)

Whstler Village by night

The olympic rings at the Olympic Plaza

If you would like to post a classified advert (buy/sell gear etc), please post it on the SMC 'Garage Sale' page of our website.


Fire & Ice Show, Whistler Blackcomb, January

See you on the hill at the workng bees!
SMC Management
copyright 2007-2014 - Stratford Mountain Club