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ISSUE 69        SATURDAY 28 JUNE 2014...

Welcome to Issue of 69 Manganui Notes, the e-newsletter of Manganui Ski Area and Stratford Mountain Club, and our 2nd for 2014.

So I was hoping to issue one of these enewsletters much earlier than now, with lots of snow news and local ski area happenings, but with the very mild lead in to our snow season we are currently experiencing ...the snow news content has been challenging, however, please keep the faith...winter IS coming...this time last year we had already been skiing the top tow (I recall skiing on the day of the All Blacks vs France Test Match at New Plymouth, on June 23)... 

The road to goodness; Monday June 23; snowline well above top of the ski area

So the latest is Ruapehu (and some other ski areas) have delayed their opening (having the same problem as us; hi level snow and not much else), meanwhile Aussie ski areas are getting a hammering over a 10 day period; unfortunately none of that is heading our way...

In this issue...

Contact Us:
06-759 4609
New Plymouth

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Kiwi Outdoors Centre
18 Ariki Street,  New Plymouth
Phone and Fax (06) 7584152


4 Mustang Dve Bell Block
New Plymouth
phone and fax (06)755 0005


GOINGS ON’ Around the Manganui Ski Area

Staff & Volunteer Staff Training Day
- Manganui Ski Area, Sunday 6th July 10am...

We have now rescheduled this for an upcoming Sunday...

Those who operate our lifts, and also those want to learn how, are required to attend the Staff Training, as part of our legal requirements under the HSE act.

Topics covered include:

  • Safety Services (general first aid response, first aid room, heli evacuations etc.)
  • Manganul Lodge security and fire systems
  • t-bar operating
  • Top Tow operating
  • use of mountain radios
  • basic avalanche accident response (avalanche response, probe lines, basic transceiver use etc.)

Ski/Board Buy/Sell/Swap review...

Ski swap went really well! Takings were $921.60, minus $285.06 for the refreshments and $50 for the hall hire leaving a profit of $586.54.
The takings for this year ($921) compare to $740 last year - so a great result.
The event was packed, despite the wet weather.
A huge thanks to those who helped on the night with setting up, taking money at the door, selling refreshments and assisting sellers and buyers - a great team effort. Particular thanks to Clive who helped out with preparation prior to the event and ensuring things went smoothly on the night.

Had a couple of suggestions for improvement of the event passed on to me by people who attended, so I will add these in with my full report to the committee.
But all in all the event continues to be very successful and a great way for people to offload gear and grab some good bargains at the same time.


Channa Perry
Jnr Ski Racing & Training Coordinator

Ski Area ready to roll...

Misty Blue...Monday arvo 23rd June, mist rolls in on the tbar

The ski area is all ready for action; the only thing we have to do is get those flash new tower pads out. Lift Inspections done, the tees are hung out ready for action, we are ready to mobilise supplies to the canteen; top tow towers and shed maintenance has been happening too.

Internet Upgrade underway

So we have decided to upgrade our on mountain internet connection with a more reliable provider. What this will mean is better reliability for our webcams (can't get much worse really!), the ability to easily add on to our existing webcams, as well as better connection for operations staff.
We also want to eventually ditch our land lines on the mountain, with VOIP (voice over internet) connection to be the phone line in. Efpos transactions are cellular.
We are investigating migration of our monitored security/fire system to VOIP line compatible as well.

The Webcams have given us grief over the years; current cam is not operational, and our 2 SMC webcams operate sporadically at present. We are working on fixing these problems so all of us can see more reliable real time images.

SMC Subscriptions due...

Your subscriptions are now due if you are an SMC Member. Not received your subs in the mail?
Then please contact our new Treasurer Michelle Ellis on 021646110.  We may have missed you, or have your contact details wrong in our updated Member database.




Last year we were able to sucessfully hold the 2 school events; this year we hope to do the same!
We have purchased trophies for the Sec Schools Teams, and for the Pri/Int Individual category winners - we hope to be able to give these out this season!

The Taranaki Secondary Schools Ski/Board Champs

Manganui Ski Area
1st suitable school day; TBA(held before the Pri/Int Schools) 
 ...held on the first suitable day of operation

by now all interested school students should have been contacted by way of school newsletter...

The event is held at the Manganui Ski area on Mt Taranaki a suitable day means adequate snow cover and fair weather.

Please refer to this event information for the latest info as it comes to hand. We will work towards having resources available from the  and whatever we can do to assist you all. The site has links to the snow report and webcam on the field…and information is posted on the Snowphone 7591119.

The SMC racing & training coordinator Channa Perry will attend, with SMC Race Coach Christina Binsbergen  to set the race course, and we will have a Ski Patrol on hand for any first aid requirements.

please contact Channa Perry phone: 027 4460196
Also contact  Mr. Richard (Titch) Turner at NPBHS for further details.

 Lift passes:
SMC will provide ONE complimentary (free) lift ticket voucher for each team manager from each school …on application to the race coordinator.
SMC will provide COMPETITORS lift tickets at members rate ($15), providing that each school get their manager to buy all competitors lift  tickets (ie organize total payment for all their schools competitors).
So, in summary, competitors and team manager will be charged member lift pass rates and parents/others who are using the lifts will be charged full price.

SMC will develop RAMS (Risk Assessment & Management Strategies) to cover area from plateau to ski field, and including field activities (e.g. racing, slopestyle)
SMC will forward general safety recommendations to be forwarded to schools regarding transport, road conditions, footwear, use of helmets, adult supervision, etc.

SMC will help with setting up of timing equipment and assistance with operating during the day.

***SMC is scheduling a boardercross event (not a slopestyle) SMC will set up the course and with parent assistance monitor the course. This event will be knockout elimination series till a final is hosted.***
Possibility of a slopestyle event with rails/boxes and a jump;if so, SMC provide will someone who could judge the event.
Possibility for some spot prizes to be given out at the end.

Practice opportunities over the holidays:
Christina Binsbergen SMC race coach will be setting up race equipment over school break if we have snow.

Taranaki Primary & Intermediate Schools Snowboard and Ski Race Day 2014 at Manganui Ski Field (Taranaki)

Channa Perry
Race & Training Coordinator
Stratford Mountain Club

Attention: Teachers or parents who are interested in their students competing in the Taranaki snowboarding and skiing competition.
Taranaki Primary and Intermediate Schools Snowboard and Ski Race Day The race day this year will be held on a suitable school day in either Term 2 or 3, with the Secondary schools taking the first suitable day. “Suitable” means adequate snow cover and fair weather. Let’s hope the mountain and the weather will once again provide this for us after a successful event last year.

Given the unpredictability of the weather, schools will need
to be ready to move at a couple of days notice.
Channa Perry, the Stratford Mountain Club Racing Coordinator, will assist schools in organising the event on behalf of the club. While a copy of this letter has been emailed to all Taranaki schools, it would be appreciated if you could all help in spreading the word. The event will take place on the Manganui Skifield as in previous years.

Competition Format:
· Intermediate Girls Ski
· Intermediate Boys Ski
· Primary Girls Ski
· Primary Boys Ski
· Open Girls Snowboard
· Open Boys Snowboard
In some previous years we have not had huge numbers participating, so schools have entered as many competitors as they have wanted to. Last year there were about 30-40 entries.
Competitors will need to be able to use the T-bar with confidence, independently, and have access to gear.
All competitors will be entitled to buy tow tickets at $15, unless you already have a season pass. There will be one complimentary pass for one official per school. Supporters will have to pay the normal prices for a lift pass unless you have a season pass.
Please ring or email as soon as possible, to the address below, if your school wishes to send a team to these races. Please include on the accompanying form Name, Gender, Class level,
Category (Skiing or Snowboarding) of students participating and a contact name (Parent Coordinator/Team Manager/Sports Coordinator) from your school for communication
Contact name: Channa Perry
Phone: 06 759 7052 (evening)
Cell: 027 446 0196
Late entries accepted on the day, but pre-registration is encouraged for planning purposes.
As it can be changeable, risky environment, we need to ensure that you try to have a ratio of at least one competent mountain adult per child during the whole day, supervising from start to finish. It is your responsibility to ensure all children are suitably
dressed, equipped and have their own food and drink supplies (or money to purchase food from the canteen). The sun leaves the mountain early in the afternoon and it can get cold
quickly, so warm weatherproof jackets, pants and hats are a must! A spare pair of gloves / mittens is a good idea in case they get wet. All competitors must wear a helmet when racing.
The mountain club does have some available to borrow. Appropriate footwear with good grip to walk around the gorge is essential. Please walk quickly round the avalanche area.
The Ski Patrol will be on duty during the event and the club facilities will be at our disposal.
Please be very clear in your communications with students/families that, while all care will be taken for the children’s safety, neither the organisers nor schools can take
responsibility for accidents that may occur either on the ski-field or in transport and walking to and from the ski-field and mountain.
Please keep an eye on the Stratford Mountain Club’s website for ongoing news and updates (members can also check email newsletters from the club)
· Or then go to the link for Manganui

I’m hopeful we can have yet another wonderful day’s skiing and boarding on our beautiful Maunga Taranaki with our upcoming snowsport stars, if the snow decides to join us!
Looking forward to hearing from you if your school is wishing to participate. Please do not hesitate to contact me on 027 446 0196 if you have any queries.

The walking track in; no snow at this stage, Monday 23rd June


Hi SMC members

So we are all set and ready to go, just add snow which has been taking it's time.
A big thanks to all who have helped over our summer working bee schedule and with approval from our yearly inspections, we now have the green light from DoC to open.
The groomer has been repaired just in time and we now have new tower pads thanks to last year's funding.

The ski swap was successful again for another year with all profit going towards helping our junior ski racing members (just a note if any old SMC ski racing jackets are hanging around you wardrobes due to your kids not racing now, please make contact with Channa and return them for our next set of junior speed racers).

Just a reminder that the primary and secondary ski and
snowboard champs could happen in term 2 or 3 when the conditions are right.
We will be in touch with your schools and announcements made on our web sites.

I apologise for our SMC web cams playing up at the moment, its the problem of new technology and old hard wear and we are in the process of investing with upgrades to sort this out over the coming weeks. Please use our Facebook site first as it is updated the quickest then our SMC website when needing ski field updates. And hopefully by the end of the year our SMC
website will also be updated.

Please if you have heard from anybody who have not received their SMC subs yet, please get them to contact Michelle at (again our accounting system has changed and some members have changed their address and forget to inform us).

So now it's all up to you to do the snow dance.

See you up the mountain soon.

Rhys Williams

Madwax is stocked at Kiwi Outdoors Centre and at Vertigo SH45



The SMC committee is working on:

  • Lodge entry/security system review
  • POS system investigation on-going
  • funding application - new quad bike

Outlander MAX DPS 500 - 2 person engine braked
Outlander MAX models are specifically constructed for riding with a passenger. The longer vehicle wheelbase delivers rocksolid stability and super predictable handling with or without a passenger.
Longer Vehicle Wheelbase
The passenger rides well in front of the rear axle for rock-solid stability and super predictable handling.
Stadium-Style Seating
The passenger rides above the driver, stadium-style, and can see down the trail.
Passenger Comfort Features
A well-padded active backrest moves with rider. Raised footrests and multi-position handholds add comfort.
Convertible Rack System
The passenger seat is removable and can be replaced with a rack-extension/ totable cargo box in just seconds – without tools. BRP offers several accessories, such as a cargo box and touring box that interface seamlessly with this system.

hopefully we can secure funding for this!

  • 3-year major funding - tbar drive station and goods lifts towers renewal 
  • SMC 10 year plan - review and re-issue
  • groomer - all fixed thanks to the Padrutts!
  • website revamp - review and quotes on-going
  • Rails for Jib park  
  • 85th Jubilee - social evening end of year or late -season

All Committee meeting minutes are posted on our website; check out our SMC Members Info/Club Documents page to see what we are up to...



Ski fields race to reinvest

Winter. Time to reach for the duvet - unless you're a snowsport enthusiast, in which case the white stuff can't come thick and fast enough.
Mt Hutt will be throwing all its resources into pulling good ski crowds this year, as it recovers from an avalanche that took out a chairlift in mid-2013. Further south, the Remarkables are halfway through a $45 million makeover. And at Turoa, new smart-gate technology should help to cut down those weekend lift lines.
Ski passes for adults vary from $95-$105, and young children ski for free at many of the fields.
With Coronet Peak, Cardrona and Mt. Hutt all now open, here's what you can expect...



Mid-season adult pass $95, kids under-10 ski free

From Christchurch, it takes 1hr 15min. A Snowman shuttle is $60 return for adults, $50 for kids.

From Methven, it's 35 minutes. The Mt Hutt Ski Bus is $20 return,
with kids under 10 free.

Mt Hutt is recovering from a nightmare season last year, which saw a massive early snow storm bury the skifield. A controlled avalanche - an attempt to make the skifield safer - then went haywire, damaging the Triple Chair chairlift and snowmaking machines.

The chairlift has been rebuilt in time for the season, and NZ Ski sales and marketing general manager Craig Douglas said the field was hoping to entice back local skiers who might have given the field a miss last year. Other new developments include the Sky High freestyle terrain park, two extra snow groomers, a revamped ticketing area, and free wi-fi. It's also one of the most kid-friendly fields, with all-day supervised programmes for children two years and up.


Opens June 28

Mid season adult pass $105, kids under five ski free

From Wanaka, it takes 35min. A return shuttle is $35 for adults and $28 for kids.

From Queenstown, it's 1hr 30min. A return shuttle is $49 for adults and $37 for kids.

With the longest vertical drop in Central Otago, Treble Cone has long been a favourite for advanced skiers and boarders - earning the title of Best New Zealand Ski Resort at last year's World Ski Awards. There's plenty of off-piste for more adventurous skiers, and this year Treble Cone has also made changes to cater for those at intermediate level.

The High Street trail that runs along the top of the field has been extended by 400 metres, providing a gentler gradient for those returning from the Saddle Basin to the Home Basin. The investment in two new $500,000 grooming machines means there will also be more groomed trails on-piste. For the kids, more little jumps and mini-rollers have been added to the kids' snow park, the Jazz Kids' Fun Terrain Trail.



Mid-season adult pass $99, kids under five ski free

From Wanaka, it takes 35min, and ranges from about $35 for a return shuttle.

From Queenstown it's an hour, and ranges from $45 for a return shuttle.

Cardrona has long been a favourite training ground for freestyle skiers and boarders, and this year it is the official sponsor of the SnowSports NZ team - so if you want to spot an Olympian, it's definitely the place to be. For those who aren't quite ready for the biggest jumps, this year there's a new terrain park especially designed for intermediate riders.

It will bring Cardrona's terrain park total to four, and will include a "triple jump line", with jumps ranging from 5m-10m. Around the mountain, several trails have been widened. Cardrona is under new ownership, with New Zealand company Real Journeys taking over in November last year. More developments are promised.



Mid-season adult pass $98, kids under 6 ski free.

From Queenstown, it takes 20min. A return shuttle from the Snow Centre is $18 per person.

The closest mountain to Queenstown, and the hub of its biggest party, the Winter Festival (June 20-29), Coronet Peak is extending the nightlife of its skifield, too. More than 100 new lights will illuminate 4km of extra night skiing trails this year, open on Friday and Saturday nights.

There's another terrain park specifically for night skiing, the auspiciously named Park after Dark, and a giant airbag placed underneath a ski jump will allow the more adventurous to go for big air without fear of being hurt. A boardercross track will also open in time for the season.


Delayed Opening

Mid-season adult pass $98, kids under 10 ski free.

From Queenstown, it takes 40 minutes. A return shuttle from the Snow Centre is $18 per person.

While the rest of the country hit the beach this summer, work was under way on a $25 million chairlift development at the Remarkables. The new Curvey Basin six-seater high-speed chairlift is 1.2km long, and will open up 20 per cent more terrain for skiers and boarders from the beginners to the black diamond chasers.

The learners' area has also been expanded, with 1.6km of new trails, and there will be 50 new snow guns to bolster the white stuff where it's needed. For those who dread the winding trip up to the skifield, 4km of the road is newly sealed this year, with the remaining 9km to be done in 2015. There are also 150 extra carparks. The foundations have been laid for a new $20m base building, also to be completed next year.


Opening Delayed

Mid-season adult pass $99, kids under-5 ski free

From Auckland, it's four hours to Whakapapa and 4hr 30mins to Turoa.

From Wellington, it's 4hr 45mins to Whakapapa and 4hr 14mins to Turoa.

Shuttles from Ohakune to Turoa and National Park to Whakapapa are around $25 return.

Smack bang in the middle of the Central Plateau, Mt Ruapehu offers two major skifields - Whakapapa on the northern, and Turoa on the southwestern. Both are popular, so the fact that new smartgate technology has been installed in both ski areas will be welcome for those who hate being stuck in lines. The skifield has invested $700,000 in the smartgate system, which will see all skiers given a snow card with an embedded chip, which they will scan to get on lifts.

Once marketed as "The Giant", Turoa has the longest vertical descent in Australiasia, at 720m, while Whakapapa boasts the country's largest beginner area. At Turoa, the $3 million Nga Wai Heke quad lift opened up 20 per cent more terrain in 2012, and this year the Yeti Childcare centre has been upgraded. There's also been a rental gear upgrade on both fields, as well as more snow guns.

- Sunday Star Times

Some High Profile skiing casualties...


Michael LeMoyne Kennedy
Michael Kennedy, 6th son of RFK, died in December 1997 in a skiing accident. He was playing football on skis with other Kennedys when he hit a tree and died because he wasn't wearing a helmet.
Mike was only 39.

Sonny Bono 1935-1998

Natasha Richardson 1963-2009


Feature Article

Helmet use on the mountain...

In light of recent events, Chris Exall looks at the discrepancies in international legislation concerning helment use on the mountain...

On 29 December 2013, Schumacher was skiing with his 14-year-old son Mick descending the Combe de Saulire below the Dent de Burgin above Méribel in the French Alps. While crossing an unsecured off-piste area between Piste Chamoix and Piste Maudit[190] he fell and hit his head on a rock, sustaining a head injury despite wearing a ski helmet. According to his physicians, Schumacher would most likely have died had he not been wearing a helmet. Schumacher was put into a medically induced coma because of having suffered a traumatic brain injury; his doctors reported on 7 March 2014, that his condition was stable. On 4 April 2014, Schumacher's agent reported that he was showing "moments of consciousness" as he was gradually withdrawn from the medically induced coma, adding to reports by relatives of "small encouraging signs" over the preceding month. In mid-June he was moved from intensive care into a rehabilitation ward. By 16 June 2014, Schumacher had regained consciousness and left Grenoble Hospital for an undisclosed location, where he will continue extended rehabilitation...

Irrespective of the outcome, Schumachers's accident will inevitably impact how participants view safety. If the outcome is positive and in a few months we see a beaming, fully recovered Schumi thanking his doctors and his helmet for his recovery, then we are likely to see a direct, tangible connection between helmet use and survival, one supported by Schumacher's medical team. Helmets will become the norm, and operators and leglislators are likely to come under increased pressure to require their use by all skiers.

Michael Schumacher

While some employers require staff to wear helmets on the mountain and it's essential in almost all competition (including your own Naki Pri/Int & Sec Schools ski/board champs!)
most leglislative framework requiring the use of helmets tends to relate to minors. There are exceptions.
On 6 November 2011, the Nova Scotia government passed the Snow Sport Helmet Act, requiring all participants to wear helmets. And although North Korea may have a fickle legal system and little alpine skiing, it has also made helmet use compulsory for all skiers and snowboarders. However, without wishing to be disrespectful to Nova Scotia or North Korea, neither is a leader in the world snowboarding industry.

In Italy, the Safety regulations for the practice of downhill and Nordic Skiing states that it is mandatory for all skiers and snowboarders under 14 to wear a helmet. A responsible adult who fails to enforce this rule is subject to a fine of up to 50Euro. Neither France nor Switzerland have specific leglislation that requires helment use by young people, although many ski schools do make wearing a helment a condition of working with a child.

Issues such as helmet use are devoted to a regional level in Austria, producing a situation where the laws differ between the 9 states. Although the details of the laws vary, Lower Austria, Upper Austria, Salzburg, Carinthia, Burgenland and Vienna all mandate helmet use for minors. However, the main skiing areas of Tyrol and Vorarlberg do not. Lower Austria was the first to introduce compulsory helmet use for minors in 2009, followed swiftly by Upper Austria. Both now require children under 15 to wear a helmet, but neighbouring Styria has no such regulation. In Carinthia, as in Salzburg, the requirement is for under 16s, rather than those under 15, to wear helmets. This leaves some interesting - and as yet untested - legal waters, as skiers cross from one state to another.

In the USA, the position is similar to Austria, with states passing their own leglislation. Perhaps fortunately there are fewer resorts where riders and skiers can cross state lines. New Jersey was the first state to pass a law requiring under 18s to wear helmets on the slopes. Those who fail to do so face a fine of US$25 for the first violation and US$100 fines thereafter. New York may follow - a bill (A5314) had been tabled that would require all skiers under 14 to wear a suitable helmet while skiing. Twice California's state leglislature has passed laws requiring children to wear helmets and twice have been vetoed by firstly Governor Schwarzenegger and latterly Governor Brown. The most recent bill required all children under 18 to wear helmets while skiing and snowboarding and would have imposed a US$25 fine on parents if minors were caught without a helmet. In vetoing SB105, Brown, a Democrat, wrote "While I appreciate the value of wearing a ski helmet, I am concerned about the continuing and seemingly inexorable transfer of authority from parents to the state. Not every human problem deserves a law."

However, in the case of children and helmets, the leglislative position may be a case of the law following public opinion, with studies suggesting that 70-90% of young people are already skiing/riding in helments. The prognosis and outcome for Michael Schumacher may produce a similar change among adults, making further leglislation less contraversial - or even necessary.

Chris Exall, Winter Sports Technology International, April edition 

So in New Zealand, there is no leglislation on ski helment use.
Each ski area has guidelines around helmet use in ski/board schools and racing training and competition, and generally encourage helmet use in their ski areas.
For example,, operators of Mt. Hutt, Coronet Peak and The Remarkables ski areas, have a Helmet Policy as part of their Employment agreement. Funding of their helmets is free of charge for a standard helmet. Their policy states that helmet use is compulsory for the following:
  • riding a snowmobile or quad bike
  • teaching clinic in the Park/Halfpipe
  • Race Training/Coaching
  • Riding Rails or Jumps
  • Testing/Forerunning a race course
  • Attending and accident Off Trail
  • Teaching of Children

and highlighly recommended for the following:

  • Teaching of adults/youths
  • Advanced or off trail teachiing
  • Off Trail skiing/riding
  • Directors, HODs while skiing or riding
  • All other skiing/riding as part of their job

For SMC our Manganui Ski Area Management Safety Manual has the following clause under Snowmobile Rules:

1. All snowmobile operators must receive training and be signed off by the training officer
2. A daily check must be made before each days operation
3. A snow user always has the right of way over the snowmobile
4. Caution shall be used at all times
5. When parking the snowmobile it must be across the fall line with engine turned off and park brake on
6. Helmets will be worn at all times
7. All procedures and policies in the snowmobile handbook must be followed
8. All faults m.ust be reported immediately to the machinery officer or mountain manager.

SMC does encourage use of Helmets by all staff and volunteer staff, though at this stage it is not mandatory



Pool Ice...the pool under the outlet gully waterfall, Monday 23rd June

See you on the hill at the first decent snowfall!
SMC Management
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